Research Report University Tuition Fees Santa Monica College Instructor Name Business 32 April 31st , 2013 Statement of the Problem United States of America offers one of the best educations in the world. Many International students as well as U. S residents seek for such a great successful career. However, after graduation from college they face the real reality to afford money to get to a known University such as USC, UCLA, and LMU. Purpose and Scope of Work The purpose of our research is to explain how difficult for students to get to a known University after graduation from College.

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During the research, we will study deeply the barriers that International and Residents students find to afford a reputable University. We also will discuss why students do not get loans from banks or scholarships from schools or government. Our information will be based from resourceful and trustful websites or databases libraries. We will try to get to the bank source to know exactly why students are afraid to get a loan. Sources and Methods of Data Collection Our collection of Data’s will rely on live interviews with bankers, librarians, professors and also students who got loans the past few years.

Another way to collect information is to build a questionnaires that we will distribute to students to know their opinions that will allow us to calculate statistics. Our last source, it will be internet as well as data library source. In the research, we won’t stop to ask concerned people, we will involve anyone who has the intention to speak truly about the problems that students face to get to University. As far as we are concerned (international students) we all seek for better education for a better future.

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