INTRODUCTION “Prevention is better than cure“
Prevention of infection of any kind is an integral part of nursing care delivery in any setting to reduce risk of mortality and mobility among patients andcare gives at all levels. Basic principles of infection prevention are simple andinclude maintenance of personal enviournment hygiene particularly hand washing,technique of gowning, gloving and use of mask etc. Sepsis is an invasive infection of the body that is spread by the bloodstream.Newborns who develop sepsis become clinically ill. Many bacteria and viruses produce sepsis in newborns. Early-onset sepsis is a blood infection that occursbefore the seventh 18 day of life. Late-onset sepsis occurs at or after the seventhday of life. Neonatal sepsis remains as an important cause of mortality and mobilityamong infants in developing countries accountancy for 30-50% of total deaths eachyear. In India infant mortality rate is still high compared to developed countries.One million newborn infants die every year because of neonatal infections and50% of infants deaths occurs during the first four weeks of life due to the neonatalsepsis Two third of the babies in our country are born at home and are at higherrisk of developing Sepsis, Babies born in hospital may also develop infection athome after getting discharged from the hospital. The common source of infections are unhygienic practice during delivery indark dirty room, cord cut with any available sharp instrument and the babywrapped in old dirty cloths and other practices that increases the risk of infectioninclude harmful application to the cord. W.H.O in its studies stated that 1/3 neonatal deaths occurs due to impropercare or due to infection for example, Pneumonia, tetanus, Neonatal…

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