Strategies for Building Effective Relationships
The process of leadership is extremely important for every organization as it is with this organization. Once college was completed I started working at my uncles firm where I became the product development project leader. In this position I was responsible for coming up with solutions with the current organizational problems. Also, coming up with new product ideas and managing the product development are my major responsibilities. Due to no improvement in the standard product of the company, the firm is facing a great fall down in revenue earnings.
The lack of ideas is also another cause of the problem since no one is leading the product development team. I should lead my team in order to solve these problems and for leading a team, one needs to possess leadership skills. In defining leadership we can say that it is the process of influencing a group of people to enlist solutions and support for their venture in achieving a common goal. To become a leader, I need to possess a wide variety of leadership qualities.
The very first understanding of the needs of the jobs responsibilities is important. This is the only way to build confidence in my team members. My constant interaction with the team shall be helpful in creating the trust. This process will also assist in the creation of product development planning. There are many other skills that I will need to possess to make full use of the team member’s. The experience of working in the manufacturing process during my time in college and sharing that knowledge from the experience with my team as well as the company too will make me a stronger leader for the organization. The sharing this information, their attitudes will positively develop and they will be able to use their skills with improvement for the betterment of the company.
As the project leader, my goal will be to enhance the current product line and to increase the revenues for company. Effective…

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