One of the most distressing societal issues that affect the lives of many Americans is the menace and the world itself of being left homeless. Homelessness. aside from the want of shelter as a basic human demand. besides connotes the want of other things including the one’s self-respect and self-pride. Arguably. homelessness is a non merely a sedate political and economic job but besides a profoundly moral and ethical one. Hence. the authorities and the private sector must do concrete attempts to implement steps to relieve. if non wholly eliminate. homelessness as an increasing phenomenon.

The earnestness of homelessness as a job is illustrated in the consequences of a recent authorities survey which reveals that about 744. 000 Americans are stateless. ( Associated Press. 2007 ) The survey. which was conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. is an attempt at set uping a baseline figure for the figure of persons and households populating on the streets and in impermanent shelters provided by the authorities.

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However. the consequences of the survey point out that the figures could be higher as stateless people are normally nomadic. which makes it highly hard to set up the exact Numberss of stateless Americans. Undoubtedly. homelessness is a complex issue with political and economic underpinnings. In his essay “On Dumpster Diving. ” Eighner ( 1993 ) describes non merely his experience with holding to literally populate off the refuse other people throw out because what small money he earned was spent on paying the rent.

( p. 713 ) This was before he eventually became another homeless individual on the streets of America after he could non pay the rent any longer. Thus. homelessness reflects non merely the deficiency of low-cost lodging that drives people to unrecorded people on the streets but besides the glowering inadequacy of bing support and occupation chances to supply life rewards that would enable persons and households to populate nice lives. Consequently. homelessness besides produces or contributes to other wide-ranging jobs.

Bing deprived of one’s place clearly has a profound impact on the physical. psychological. and emotional status non merely of persons but full households who have no permanent or equal shelter. Eighner ( 1993 ) illustrates the perturbing effects of holding to populate off the streets by demoing how one is finally compelled to follow survival mechanisms. including larning how to eat safely from nutrient scavenged from Dumpsters. ( p. 713-717 ) He notes that literally eating nutrient from refuse exposes an person to heightened hazard of geting diseases or even decease.

More significantly. homelessness conditions the single mind in a province of changeless want. taking to the standardization of experiences and populating conditions below acceptable human criterions. Eighner ( 1993 ) relates that being homeless and holding to “live off the garbage of others” ( p. 713 ) at first leads to feelings of “disgust and self-loathing” ( p. 718 ) but finally becomes a normal manner of gaining a life or a repast for many stateless people.

Clearly. homelessness is non merely a political but a moral and ethical issue that should be addressed. Homelessness is an indicant of American society’s failure at supplying a nice life for many Americans. Furthermore. it is a stating mark of the important instability in wealth distribution is characterized by the flush and uneconomical life style of the former and the inability of the latter to derive entree to basic societal services such as nice lodging. nutrient. and support.

Therefore. the authorities must acknowledge the engagement jobs that result in and lend to the perverse state of affairs of many American people in order to come up with antiphonal and appropriate political solution to homelessness and other jobs.

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