If I have to pick the perfect admission essay question, it would be “What is my projected career path and what do I intend to do to make this a reality?” I have chosen this two interrelated questions because the responses that can be elicited from these would determine my personality and my future plans which are the essential elements to disclose in getting admission to any educational institution. More so, because of this, school administrators or the admission department of the school can gauge my interests in my projected career as well as my commitment to accomplish this goal. After this, they can determine whether I am fit to join their organization and if I have what it takes to flourish in their learning environment.

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After several years of devoting my time in finishing my secondary education, I have developed a fascination for (area of interest). Knowing at this early point in my life the profession that I want to be in the future had immensely helped in formulating ways on how to attain this objective. I believe that studying (area of interest) in college and gaining some experiences in this field would equip me with the necessary knowledge and training that can give me a competitive edge when I enter the real world. Moreover, by having a set goal in my plan, it can make the realization of my dreams trouble-free because of the strategies and career map that I have laid out. Since I am fully aware of the things that I must accomplish, it is just a matter of maintaining a strong willed mindset and intense passion to successfully carry out and eventually accomplish my ultimate goal.

Giving me an opportunity to immerse myself into your prestigious institution and joining the ranks of your skillful and well-knowledgeable assembly of students, would really support the attainment of my dreams and goals on life.

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