April Harris BA223 – CRN 31138 Marketing Plan Assignment Two (MP2) – Customer Profile Consumer Businesses B2C I have a day spa called Bella Sante, which means “beautiful health. ” We cater to busy women who have demanding jobs and/or family life and need a place where they can go to completely relax and will walk away knowing that we went above and beyond to ensure their experience was exceptional. We offer a variety of services using special products and provide childcare for mothers who do not have the time or ability to find a babysitter. Describe the demographic profile of your customer.

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The demographic profile of my clients would be well educated, professional women who have limited time to spend on themselves due to their demanding jobs and/or family life. The ages of my clients would vary between 25 and 45 with the average age being 31-33. They would most likely be considered middle-class, with their household income beginning around $50,000 and up to $100,000 per year. Describe the geographic reach of your product or service. My spa would be located within the inner part of the city and my clients would most likely either live or work there in the city so the location would be convenient for their busy schedules.

In regards to advertising, due to their busy schedules, they probably do not watch a lot of television or do not want to spend a lot of time to researching other spas in the area. Therefore, location and the outer appearance of the business would be very important. It will need to be located in a position where people will walk by and notice us because the design of our storefront would be distinctive and appealing so that when people see our business, they recognize it as a place of relaxation. Radio would be a good opportunity to get a person attention so that we come to mind when they are looking into finding a spa.

Radio is a good way to reach those who do not watch a lot of television because they listen while they are driving or often at their workplace. Another great way to advertise and reach our customers would be to offer specials and new products and services. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of social networking and by creating a mailing list in order to reach potential customers, as well as current clients. This is a great way to advertise these specials and keep them informed about when they are being offered.

We can also utilize this form of communication by alerting them when we create new products and services. Describe the psychographics (lifestyle) of your customer. The two Tapestry segmentations that would best describe my clients would be Segment 04, the Boomburbs and Segment 16, Enterprising Professionals. I believe these segments best describe my clients because they live busy lives, are concerned about their health and appearances, and are highly active. They need a place to go where they can relax and rejuvenate.

The services that we offer can meet these needs and the products that we use are specially designed to improve the quality and appearance of your skin. Our massages relieve stress and tension and our hair and nail services boosts our clients self-esteem by improving their overall appearance. Segment 04: Boomburbs The newest additions to the suburbs, Boomburbs communities are home to younger families who live a busy, upscale lifestyle. The median age is 33. 8 years. This market has the highest population growth at 4. 6 percent annually—more than four times the national figure.

The median home value is $308,700, and most households have two earners and two vehicles. This is the top market for households to own projection TVs, MP3 players, scanners, and laser printers as well as owning or leasing full-sized SUVs. It is the second-ranked market for owning flat-screen or plasma TVs, video game systems, and digital camcorders as well as owning or leasing minivans. Family vacations are a top priority. Popular vacation destinations are Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida. For exercise, residents play tennis and golf, ski, and jog. Segment 16: Enterprising Professionals

This fast-growing market is home to young, educated, working professionals, with a median age of 32. 4 years. Single or married, they prefer newer neighborhoods with townhomes or apartments. The median household income is $66,000. The Enterprising Professionals segment is ranked second of all the Community Tapestry markets for labor force participation, at 75 percent. Their lifestyle reflects their youth, mobility, and growing consumer clout. Residents rely on cell phones and PCs to stay in touch. They use the Internet to find their next job or home, track their investments, and shop.

They own the latest electronic gadgets. Leisure activities include yoga, playing Frisbee and football, jogging, going to the movies, and attending horse races and basketball games. These residents also travel frequently, both domestically and overseas. Explain why you think your above description is accurate. I believe that the above description is accurate because it explains the type of person that I imagined would be my ideal client. The lifestyles that they live, what their expectations are, what they value most, their income levels, the type of family life they have, and what is important to them in life.

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