Identity; Avatar the Movie Identity, what makes you different from everyone, what makes you special and irreplaceable. Avatar, the high grossing film of 2009, produced by James Cameron, portrayed the theme; identity exceptionally, demonstrating how outsiders force their way into your culture, identity, and religion. Jake, the protagonist of this film displayed the identity of a Na’vi simply by being one of them and learning their culture instead of destroying it and teaching them their culture.

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The colonel wanted to use force to take over, destroying their spiritual trees and holy land which was part of the nation’s identity. The Na’vi fought back for their identity, something that they were proud of, something they didn’t want to give up so easily. The humans also wanted to teach the Na’vi human language and human culture, instead of acknowledging theirs. They forced their way into the Omaticaya nation without permission and started acting like it belonged to them. This explains how identity is important, and how discrimination erases your identity.

Jake started having a romantic relationship with Neytiri, the daughter of the leader of the Omaticayans. He starts realizing the identity of himself, as a Na’vi, he realized how rich their culture was. By abandoning his own race, the humans, he swore to defend his new family, his new identity, the Na’vi. Jake held on to his new identity, never letting go as he braced himself, for the final fight. Society plays a big role on your identity, and it is up to yourself to care for it.

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