Please see the attachment and its four sheets. STEP 1 Check in: The examination of the charts will reveal the following improvements. The customer at the time of reservation is required to fill in the credit card details and expected check in times. These are required fields and a reservation is not booked until these details are entered. With reservation the details automatically get entered into the customer data store. The policy is to keep a segment of the rooms ready and keep the ‘expected check in’ rooms ready at least two hours before the expected check in time.

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When the guest arrives his identification details and credit card details are verified and he is speeded up to his ready room. If a customer walks in he is first offered the segment of the ready rooms and if he selects any one of these he does a speeded up check in and is taken to his chosen room in less than the mandatory 4 minutes. Another improvement is that if there are no rooms available then the customer is informed of the forthcoming availabilities that may be just a few hours away giving him an opportunity to make a booking. STEP 2

The on command service will be available 24 hours every day of the week for check outs and the customer will be encouraged to use it. In case the customer does not use it, and walks to the reception, then the bellboy will automatically requisition the valet pick up car for the guest. Even if the guest goes to the reception, there will be a high-speed ‘command service’ backed check out service for the customer. STEP 3 The service selected for improvement is the audio/video equipment. There are several guests that insists on a computer based music system so that they can download internet based music and even burn CDs on a computer.

For this we have made arrangements with Desk Top Inc. They will ascertain the requirements of the customer, make a quotation, deliver the hardware/software and get the receipt signed by the customer. In case the customer needs the normal DVD players and a choice of software, the hotel will provide these from its own stock and charge the customary rentals. This arrangement has obviated the need for the hotel to keep an expensive selection of computers and back up staff. STEP 4 The control charts show that the check in process time has now been reduced and under the four minute limit.

As is required in control charts we have taken readings for seven customers. For the check out process, the steps above has been able to keep all the check outs under the two minutes limit; These limits will be exceeded in two cases, one in case of check in when the customer walks in and rejects the ready rooms and selects a ‘yet to be prepared’ room. There will be extra time for cleaning up the room. And in case of check outs, when there is a customer who has concerns about his bill and makes queries about the individual items on his bill. This may take more time than the mandatory two minutes.. . Bottom of Form

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