The Gospel, which is the good intelligence, is limited to the four canonical Gospels that appear in the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. All four canonical Gospels are made up of certain elements: narratives about Jesus ‘ life ; aggregations of Jesus ‘ expressions ; instructions ; and histories about Jesus ‘ struggle with governments. Besides His passion ; His decease ; and Resurrection. The canonical Gospels have been grouped together in the New Testament separated from assorted letters and other texts. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called Synoptic Gospels because they give similar histories of the life and ministry of Jesus. While the Synoptic Gospels present Jesus as therapist who cast out liquors, told fables and performed miracles, John represents Him as an embodiment of the ageless word, and as a Light that shines into a dark universe.


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Matthew, a revenue enhancement aggregator, whose family name was Levi, wrote a Gospel to the Jews where he presented Jesus as their male monarch, the Messiah that they were waiting for.

Miller in his book entitled Questions of Faith, pointed out that: ‘Matthew is the most Judaic of the four Gospels. ‘ He states farther that ‘it is a perfect nexus between the Old and the New Testament, the Old Testament predicts the coming of a Jesus and Matthew reports His reaching. ‘ Matthew quotes Old Testament prophecies about Jesus ‘ birth, Matt.1:23, this can besides be found in Isa.14:7, approximately John the Baptist fixing the manner for Jesus, Matthew 3:3, which can besides be found in Isa.40:3, and Jesus get downing His Galilean ministry, Matthew 4:16, and Isa.9:2. The cardinal point in Matthew ‘s Gospel is that Jesus is the Messiah God has promised to direct to Israel, to salvage His people and govern them in peace. But the Jews misunderstood God ‘s promise because they thought of the Messiah merely in political footings. From the beginning of Jesus ‘ ministry Matthew showed Him as one who came to stand for the Kingdom of God, and non to reconstruct the earthly land as many would hold thought. Even though He was condemned to decease, He remains king, and was winning after His Resurrection.


Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels about Jesus written to the Romans. The agony of Jesus is Mark ‘s particular accent. There are merely 16 chapters in this short Gospel. Mark portrays Jesus as one who is ever in subjugation to the will of His Father, by learning, prophesying and mending ( Mark 1: 21-45 ) . Mark jumps right into the baptism of Jesus that launched Him into His ministry. He farther states that Jesus picked 12 adherents to follow him and larn from Him ( Mark 1: 9-20 ) . With Mark we discover Jesus as the Son of Man, while Matthew nowadayss us from the start with the canonized Lord celebrated in His community. King in his book titled The New Testament, states the undermentioned: ‘the first chapter of Mark leaves us rather out of breath as it comes to it ‘s terminal. ‘ He continues by stating: ‘if we have been seeking to maintain up with Jesus as we watched Him traveling, instruction and hurtling out devils, so there comes a major trial: the extremely contagious disease of Hansen’s disease. ‘ Because this was the intent that Jesus came to carry through hence, He could non be contaminated by any such diseases. He ministered to the demands of others even at the point of decease. In Mark 10:45, which is the cardinal poetry in Mark ‘s Gospel he declares as follows: ‘for the Son of Man came non to be served, but to function, and to gave His life a ransom for many. ‘


Luke ‘wrote a Gospel to the Greeks ‘ carefully established the perfect humanity of the Son of adult male Jesus Christ. He emphasizes His birth and His early life before traveling into His ministry. At the beginning of his Gospel, Luke writes that he sought to make the same as those who have taken the undertaking to put down an orderly history of the events that have been fulfilled among us, merely as they were handed on to us by those who from the beginning who were eyewitnesses and retainers of the Lord, ( Luke1:1-2 ) . Swinburne in his book entitled Who was God? writes: ‘Luke was claiming to compose a fundamentally historical work, so he must hold understood Mark ‘s Gospel from which he took some of his stuff, as a fundamentally historical work. ‘ He states farther that: ‘this provides good ground to say that Matthew understood Mark in the same manner, and so, in utilizing stuff from Mark, Matthew was besides seeking to compose a fundamentally historical work. ‘ Groves suggests that: ‘all four Gospels agreed in wide lineation on the characteristics of the calling of Jesus, and besides preface their histories of Jesus ‘ ministry with the prophetic figure of John the Baptist in the Judaean wilderness. ‘ Luke expresses his intent in composing to his unknown inquirer Theophilus as: ‘to write an orderly history for you, most first-class Theophilus, so that you may cognize the truth refering the things about which you have been instructed ‘ ( Luke1:3-4 ) . The most celebrated poetry in Luke is ( Luke 19:10 ) , ‘for the Son of Man has come to seek and to salvage that which was lost. ‘


Unlike any of the other three Gospel authors, John is driven by a individual end: to turn out that Jesus is the godly Son of God. Jesus ‘ instructions and marks are carefully selected to assist readers to come to a decision. When we read the other three Gospels they all have similar chapters indicating to a complete image of the life and work of Jesus. Matthew begins his Gospel with Jesus ‘ birth ; Mark begins with Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist ; while Luke takes us back to the birth of John the Baptist as the 1 who prepares the manner for Jesus. John who is symbolized by an bird of Jove, did non present Jesus in footings of clip, topographic point, or by His human ascendant, but placed Him as the ageless Word bing from the beginning of creative activity ( John1:1 ) . In John 1: 2-3, John makes it much clearer by stating that ‘all things came into being through the Word, and nil would be without Him. ‘ John announces two major subjects, two words he uses twice every bit frequently as the other Gospels. Here he states that life is found in the Word, ( John1:4 ) . Stretching it farther to John 3: 16, where he states ‘because God so loved the universe, He gave His Son, so we should non die but have ageless life. ‘ His life is besides the visible radiation of all people, ( John1:4 ) . The presence of the Word is Jesus the Light coming into a dark universe. Burridge states that: ‘John ‘s extraordinary claim, which no dualist would make bold contemplate, is that the Godhead Word, the true Light, has come into the universe. ‘ He further provinces that ‘for the Dualist, God exists in superb visible radiation in the universe above, while we live in darkness of created affair, hence God can hold nil to make with the physical degree. ‘ First John separates the Word as the Light ( John 1:9 ) , from John the Baptist whom many idea was the light, but was merely a contemplation and a informant of the visible radiation ( John1: 7-8 ) . John pointed out that the true Bread, ( John 6:32-33 ) , the true vine, ( John 15:1 ) , and the true manner, John 14: has come into the universe.


While John ‘s Gospel relates several of Jesus ‘ miracles, he ne’er called them miracles as the other three Gospels did. His adherents believed in Him when He performed the first mark at the nuptials at Cana ( John 2: -11 ) . Others believe in Him besides because of His marks ( John 7:31 ) , and 10: 41 ) . There are seven marks that Jesus performed in the book of John, these are: changing H2O into vino ( 2: -1-11 ) , mending the Lord ‘s boy ( 4:46-54 ) , mending the paralysed adult male ( 5:1-15 ) , feeding the five 1000 ( 6: 1-14 ) , walking on the H2O ( 6:16-21 ) , giving sight to the blind adult male ( 9:1-7 ) , and raising Lazarus from the dead, ( 11:17-24 ) . Emil Bock suggests that: ‘the changing of H2O into vino, which the Gospel describes as the first of the seven marks, is non merely to be traced back to Christ, but grows out of a enigma that operated between the psyche of Jesus and his female parent. ‘ Even though Jesus ‘ clip was non yet to the full come for Him to began His ministry ( John 2: 4 ) , Yet Mary knew that Jesus has the power invested in Him that could alter the impossible into possible. This was what causes her to state to the retainers, ‘whatever He said to make, make it. ‘

3 C. Conclusion

Each of the four Gospels seeks to state us the narrative of the life and work of Jesus, and what He taught during His three old ages of ministry. His life was like a roving instructor which led Him to state ‘the Son of Man has nowhere to put His caput. ‘ The Synoptic Gospels all have things in common, John differs a small by taking Jesus from the really beginning of creative activity. John pointed out that Jesus ‘ life and work did non merely get down after His baptism, but was from the beginning of creative activity.

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