I believe that having hard task is good way for students to practice at home; however, some students get more benefit from other activity or attitude. Self-esteem is one way to be successes other than hard assignment. In this essay, “Grade and Self-Esteem”, Randy Moore argues that the major reason for students’ failures is that teachers more care about students’ self- esteem other than academic performance. He points out that teachers tends to lowers their standards so that all students can meet them and also teachers can avoid feeling bad about students get failed grades.

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In addition, the author states that this self-esteem lets education to grade inflation and students are lack of important skills because teachers lowers their grading standard. I agree with author at these points. However, self-esteem plays an indispensable factor in students’ learning and studying as well. From my personal experience, self-esteem is an important element to success in my school life rather than having hard assignment. For example, I withdrew from Accounting 301 (the basic Accounting major course) on my first semester at SFSU because of the lack of self-esteem.

We were having all the difficult and challenge assignment after every Accounting class. I spend so much time studying that I don’t have a change to learn anything else. So that the pressure to get good grades from all of my courses that I was taking which diminished my enthusiasm. I had sleepless nights all the time throughout the semester and didn’t eat well. I was always thinking that I would fail this course. As a result, I drew the course in the mid-semester.

Furthermore, because the teacher is not only assign difficult homework, but he also keep stuff students with information and forced students to memorize all the definition using Accounting term even I didn’t understand what they mean, so that I forget everything when I was taking exams. In the article, “What True Education Should Do”, author states that “The job of teaching is not to stuff them and then seal them up, but to help them open and reveal the riches within. ” Harris explains that teachers should not treat students as sausage case to stuff information, knowledge, and skills into students.

They should cultivate students, and help them to bring out the knowledge with students, but not just stuff them. After I withdrew the course, I went to SFSU library everyday and ask for help from the classmate who got an A. She told me that self-esteem is one of the essential factors to success not only school life but also our future career, but no doing hard assignment. Even though she is not an expert, she’s GPA is around 3. 9 and she just share her experience with me and hope we pass the class. I got a B + finally when I retook Account 301 last semester because of my self- esteem.

I was always believed that I would pass that class and I study hard as well, so that my score was getting better and better. As a result, some students who have high self-esteem are more willing to succeed at school. Thus, having difficult homework is not just one way to study a little well, but self-esteem cannot be left out in education. In the article “What True Education Should Do”, the author Harris explains that education should elicit knowledge out of what is in students’ mind but not just stuff in information into students.

As an example that Harris given, a slave boy are able to show geometry that he has already known in his mind without a day of schooling. It is not necessary to have a difficult assignment to judge the benefit from students. On the other hand, Harris points out that a college student who spends so much time on studying that he does not have a chance to learn anything. It distinctly shows that having hard assignment to students make students lose the opportunity to accept new knowledge outside of this class.

From these two examples we know that even thought having more and hard task, students cannot be more knowledgeable while without a day of schooling, the slave boy was able to show geometry. Therefore, simulating critical thinking plays an important role on education. Despite of the face that having difficult is not an only important factor to judge schools, it plays an important role in students. One of the effective educations should be assign hard school works which help students to learn better and make critical thinking. Grades are one of the efficacious results of assigning hard homework.

First of all, grades area significant part of education since they help to evaluate students’ quality of school work. If students do not have the strength of work, they will be eliminated by the society. In conclude, more education can make a big difference in your life and your family’s. It can open doors for you to have opportunity in your life. Therefore, it is very important that how teachers educate students and what students receive. In my opinion, having difficult task plays certain importance in education; however, it is not the only important factor for students to be considered.

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