Before doing consecutive dive discursions into this subject, it will be appropriate to specify the term “ divinity ” and from at that place cognize who a theologian truly is.Theology comes from the Grecian word theologia which is derived from theos, intending God, and Logis significance vocalizations, expressions. Grecian A theologia was used with the significance “ discourse on God ” in the 4th century BC by Plato inA ( The Republic ) , Book two, ch18.Some Latin Christian writers such as ( Tertullian ) and ( Augustine ) defines it to merely intend “ concluding or treatment about the Deity ” . ( City of God Book VIII “ De divinitate rationem sive sermonem ” ) .

The nature of Christian divinity evolves round three features. All divinities ought to be.

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1 Position: In the sense that any disclosure, existent or otherwise, finds its look in the context and thought signifiers off some particular and contingent, A cultural tradition. ( Maurice Wiles 1992 ) .

2 Parabolic: To state that a divinity is parabolic is to remember the particular grade of indirectness with which any linguistic communication refers to the Godhead or to the transcendent. Theology ne’er hence lays claim to being the one right description of God in relation to the universe. ( Maurice Wiles 1992 ) .

3 Probationary: To state that a Theology is probationary is to pull attending to the new cognition about the universe that is continually coming to visible radiation that affects our theological apprehension.

Theology is probationary because it ever needs alteration.

Practical divinity therefore is the holistic attack in the instruction and acquisition of divinity. It is praying and populating the Kingdom in 1s context.

The Bible fundamentally is the major arm for a theologian because in it is embedded, the entirety of Almightiness of God.

However, practical divinity should reflect the five P ‘s viz. :

1. Progressing: that is traveling in, transforming, get downing, at one topographic point and leads on to another.

2. Particular: which focuses on specific events A and state of affairss A instead than general thoughts and theories.

3. Potent/Prophetic: which is seeking to cognize and be God ‘s truth, meditated through Bible, disclosure for this peculiar state of affairs.

4. Practical: significance rooted in the here and now and resulted in defined action.

One other basic tool or method a theologist could do usage if is experience, whether spiritual or personal. It has often been noted that spiritual experience is alone, different from mundane experience. Rudolf Otto ( 1923 ) describes spiritual experience as the “ entirely other ” . Paul Pruyser ( 1968 ) suggests faith involves “ serious ” beliefs, feelings ; it offers alterations, attitudes and behavior. Religious experience is really alone for each person. Religion may try to enforce a uniformity of philosophy or actions upon their followings. It is really overpowering and overmastering. A It has historical, psychological, mystical, ethical, sociological, ritual, cultural and philosophical dimensions, Religious experience is really private, has elements of conditions, sentiments and claims to supernatural.

Looking at the Holy Scriptures popularly known as the Bible, the Holy Bibles were originally given in a historical context.

The Bibles singularity is that, it is historically and culturally conditioned, yet the Bible i.e. the word of God is the of all time Living Word.

The first undertaking of the theologist in utilizing the Holy Scripture is to happen out what the text originally meant. A This undertaking is called exegesis.

Second, the theologian must larn to hear that same significance in assortment of new ways in different context of his twenty-four hours.

Protestants have high position of Bible and low position of tradition, compared to their Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. However the theologist should bear in head that tradition existed before the New Testament. So, to hold a really low position of tradition is both unhistorical and profane. Low position of tradition implies that the Holy Spirit relaxed after the last page of the Bible had been written.

No responsible theologist should deny that ground has no topographic point in divinity. There are bounds nevertheless to the usage of ground, yet it is every bit of import in divinity.

Experience is really of import becauseA we canA merely aptly speak about what we have experienced. Theology is self-expression and self-criticism of community ‘s beliefs.

Apart from the above, a theologist could see the impression of tenet and authorization. ( Dogma and authorization in the Church by Archbishop Stylianos of Australia ) .

The term “ tenet ” comes from the verb “ doko ” intending “ I think ” and this word is known to be pre-Christian beginning.

Its cogency depends straight upon the trust-worthiness and competency of the authorization which pronounced it, for which ground it is connected to it, ( a peculiar jurisprudence giver, a province or authorities etc ) . With the debut of the term into the vocabulary and life of the Christian church, its significance became richer, and therefore bit by bit developed important distinctions. ( N. Xexalcis, Forward to Orthodox Dogmatics, Athens 1993.p.167 onwards ) .

Dogma signifies, so, a general recognized learning “ decreed ” by the leaders of the Christian community under the counsel of the Holy spirit who, harmonizing to the Lord promises to stay everlastingly in the church, taking her “ unto all truth ” ( The Bible, John 16:13 ) .

Authority: This quality is nevertheless abused. One should observe that in the Holy Bible,

Matthew 7:28-29 exactly, what surprised the crowds most about Jesus ‘ instruction, was that he spoke with authorization, Therefore a good theologian/preacher/minister of God sounds forth with certainty non because he is infallible, but because God speaks through Him, doing claims on peoples ‘ lives, declaring the truth with daring, taking A brave bases where others cower in fright. ( Kevin DeYoung, DeYoung, Restless and Reformed ) .

Experience suggests that the ability to prolong should be considered in the really early phases of a fresh look of a church. Sustainability includes discipleship and worship, both of which are crucially relevant. ( )

For illustration, healthy adherents will take duty and utilize their gifts, turn into leading functions and give liberally ( including money ) and do other adherents in all of which will help sustainability.

Henry Venn and Rufus Anderson, 19th century missional strategians emphasizes on edifice on the “ three self ‘s ” that is:

A. self-financing,

B. self regulating,

C. self-reproducing,

And a 4th 1 that has merely been added late,

D. self-theologizing.

A sustainable venture will develop a “ Local Theology ” that responds to its context.

A theologian should exert some step of freewill. Harmonizing to Islamic philosophy, freewill is the chief factor for adult male ‘s answerability in his/her life throughout life. All actions taken by adult male ‘s freewill are said to be counted on the Day of Judgement. Theologians of the Catholic Church universally embrace the thought of freewill, the construct of freewill is besides really of import in the Oriental Orthodox churches. Everyone is regarded as holding free pick, and as to what step he or she will follow his or her scruples or haughtiness. These two, holding been appointed for each single consequences and the more one follows 1s scruples, the more it brings good consequences, and the more one follows on haughtiness, the more it brings one bad consequences.

( Watt. Montgomery. Freewill and Predestination in Early Islam.A Luzac and Co. London 1948 ) .

It could be pointed out at this junction that every curate is to be a theologian. However of import the things he does, -preaching, shepherding, administrating, evangelising etc ) . The theologist is besides meant to be capable of thought and questioning. ( agitation in the Ministry by Seward Hiltner ) .

He may and should besides pay attending to the idea and enquiry of others who may be gifted and huge in cognition more than him. But no affair how great their expertise, he is non to follow it slavishly as if he does non cognize ground why. Thus his ministry includes theologising as an active procedure.

This construct of church leading is alone to Christianity ; and the accent on it is alone to Protestantism. He is non expected to sit passively and go forth the reading of the Bible to others.

Another quality one must non bury to advert is that of committedness and service to life. This committedness and service to life arises out of a holistic position of life together with a traditional sense of fear which sees God ‘s Spirit as active. ( Jonathan Yun -Ka Tan, Theologizing at the service of Life. Paper No 108 )

A theologist does non seek to see fullness by bring forthing out of his ain resources all there is in certain affairs. A treatment designed to cover the whole universe is non wholly spontaneous.

The theologist does n’t hold the resources-say in scriptural texts or church teachings- to render adequately informed judgements refering them. The theologian therefore depends upon other wonts of enquiry and upon other subjects for cognition refering such affairs. ( Kathryn Tanner ) .

The theologists of specific concern is non so much to find what is related to God, e.g. the tallness of the skies, their indispensable natures e.t.c, but how all things are related to God, a relation that theologian feels competent to discourse in visible radiation of the Biblical informant, doctrinal dictums, church instructions and the spiritual patterns of Christians ( Kathryn Tanner – Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School ) .

A good theologist should possess veracity, ( Kevin DeYoung – university reformed Church ) who besides said that it is of more important quality. Without this, his sermon is non faithful. Harmonizing to him a seminary pupil or put senior or a new curate may non be the most talented behind the dais, but so long as he says what is true and scriptural.

Besides lucidity is of great importance. In theologising, or prophesying in his or her local church, a theologian or curate must first state the truth, but if he says what is true but does n’t state it for people to understand, it is n’t deserving much. ( Kevin De Young, The Indispensable Qualities of Good Preaching ) ..Clarity nevertheless does n’t needfully intend that the fold must retrieve your points, but they should cognize what the text was approximately and what you were seeking to state.

Theology belongs to the church, and so any theologian divorced from the church is a bad theologist, nevertheless superb or knowing, ( Fernando Gros, What Makes A Good Theologian ) .

Furthermore, a good theologist has a good appreciation of Gospel values, and would make anything to see one evildoer repent or one broken life healed.

A good theologist is marked with humbleness and sunniness, cognizing how far short of the enigma of God and God ( Fernando Gros ) .

A theologian demand non be a mastermind, but he must convey to his local church some of the undermentioned personal qualities.

1 He must hold a love of acquisition and an insatiate thirst for the philosophies of the Bibles. He must besides be disciplined. ( Allen Mickle. March 24,2011 & lt ; the Qualities Of A Theologian ) .

2 The Theologian must possess a holy fondness towards God.

David in the book of Psalms 25:14 says ” The secret of the Lord is for those who fear

Him, and He will do them cognize His compact. “ Secret ” here depicting familiarity and confidentiality, in factA the New International version ( NIV ) , puts it in this manner “ The Lord confides in those who fear Him ” . A holy fondness for God is a necessity for understanding Gods written will and therefore good for theologising. ( Rolland Mcune, A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity, Vol 1 ( Allen Park, MI: Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary,2009.pp31-34.

Good: It is about impossible to believe about goodness in the abstract. In the Bibles, goodness ever involves peculiar ways of behaving. Because God is good, He is good to His people. If a theologian exhibits goodness, he behaves decently to his fold. The goodness a theologian exhibits, shows itself in moral qualities, notably kindness etc. A wise swayer or so anyone who wants to obey God, needs the wisdom to state good from evil. Those who serve God will “ seek good, non evil, Hate immorality, Love good. ( Amos5:14-15 ) .

Good has ne’er been a affair of outward behavior entirely. It instead comes from within.

The general scriptural words for “ good/goodness ” include this thought of right behavior, although the thought is frequently expressed by agencies of a more specific term like “ upright/uprightness ” or “ righteous/righteousness ” ( Bible Study, Bakers Evangelical Dictionary ) .

It should be added at this occasion nevertheless that the wellness of the church depends upon its curates working as faithful theologians-teaching, sermon, supporting and using the great philosophies of the truth. ( Dr R. Albert Mower Jnr, The Pastor As Theologian. )

Theology as an academic subject that has been more associated with the university instead than the church.

We may set up at this point that a theologian can be likened to a curate or a curate of God in his or her local church. And from Gods point of position, every curate is an senior and every senior has a pastoral bosom, ( ) . Y7777 inquiries and Answers ) .

Harmonizing to Carson ( For the Love of God, vol1 ) Crossway 1998 ) Nov2, he identifies by and large the cardinal duties / responsibilities ofA a theologists a curate in his or her local church.

These includes the followers: Apart from the general responsibility of prophesying the Gospel to his/her flock, a theologist is seen as the shepherd to his flock, ( the fold ) .It hence follows that he must feed them ( with the word of God on a regular basis ) , support his flock, Guide them, train them. This it should be pointed out is of extreme importance. Castigation when a Sheep ( a member of his fold ) errs.

The theologian by and large is an superintendent and must possess the quality of answerability. Though heA isA the leader but must ever bear in head that he is non merely accountable to his fold but to God Almighty.

Dever in his article ( The Deliberate Church ( Cross manner 2005 pgs 89-95 ) besides identifies another important responsibility. He is to guard his flock from false instructors and false instructions.

He acknowledges the 4 P ‘s, which are prophesying, supplication, personal discipleship relationships and forbearance. Extreme forbearance is truly needed.

Many Christians believe that the curate should be an decision maker for the church. They fail to recognize that God did non give every curate the religious gift of disposal.

A theologian must be a great people individual, an first-class decision maker for the church and an effectual counselor, every bit good as a great sermonizer.

He must possess love for his people. the greatest precedence of the pastor/minister/theologian in his /herA local church is to be the greatest expresser of love, which is expressed in his supplication for the fold and his changeless instruction and sermon of the word of God to them. ( ) . ( Bible Questions and Answers ) .

He besides has a duty “ to take part in community oecumenic, and inter spiritual concerns and to take the fold to go so involved ” . This points to the demand to give themselves beyond the walls of their ain local churches. ( Susan Padezanin, Job Description of the Pastor ) .

As they discharge their duties, theologists have the right to moral support from the church. Though they must besides anticipate and even welcome nonsubjective unfavorable judgment of their work. ( Misunderstandings between Bishops and theologists. ) -posted by Bridget accessed on 7th April 2011 ) .

Closely related to the above right is the right of the theologian to a good repute. In instances of difference, the theologist has the right to anticipate entree to a just procedure, protecting both substantial and procedural rights.

Although theologists teach in really different ways, ways different from the bishops, however, the place of each can go the mark of ailments and charges which have no substance or virtue.

The theologian must possess theological expertness, discretion and pastoral sensitiveness.

Last, the theologian/minister must possess the preparedness and willingness to forgive. Martin Seligman has emphasized the benefits of forgiveness in his best seller “ Authentic Happiness ” ( 2003 ) .One can non get away been hurt by a fellow homo being, the issue of forgiveness as a virtuousness can non be over emphatic.

IfA forgiveness is a virtuousness, its goodness inherent in it ‘s been good in itself non because it helps us to take less nerve-racking, more effectual lives, increasing our satisfaction about the yesteryear.

Conclusively, the undertaking of theologising by a theologist goes beyond the usage of the Holy Bible, tradition, experience etc. To be a good theologist, certain basic human qualities merely like every other profession demand to be embedded in the individual of the person and to formalize his professionalism and be on top of his job. ,



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