Tourism is regarded as one of the fastest turning industry in the universe, transforming into a mean of development for several states, including many Small Island Developing states ( SIDS ) like Mauritius ( UNWTO, 2011 ) . Indeed has the Travel and Tourism industry brings many positive impacts in Mauritius but the fact that alongside with these advantages, other factors like clime alteration, Pollution and effects of touristry patterns have besides created a hot issue in the Tourism sphere today. The negative impacts of touristry activities has resulted in an increasing demand of “ green finish, intending finish where there are seeable attempts of protecting and prolonging the environment by covering with issues like C emanations, bio diverseness preservation, resources use, H2O supply and waste direction. It can be said that the touristry and the environment sustainability construct are visibly going natural spouses.

The Hotel industry in peculiar has late received much attending, with consciousness of the negative impact that are holding on the environment ( Kasim, 2004 ) . Negative impacts include the extended sum of wash that hotels do on a day-to-day footing, the usage of disposable merchandises, heated swimming pools, and the usage of strong cleansing merchandises by housekeeping sections ( Gustin & A ; Weaver, 1996 ) . Some negative impacts include the extended sum of wash that hotels do on a day-to-day footing, the usage of disposable merchandises, heated swimming pools, and the usage of strong cleansing merchandises by housekeeping sections ( Gustin & A ; Weaver, 1996 ) . These impacts have urged many hotels to alter or modify their patterns so they are cognizant that this will non merely assist to prolong the environment but will besides be advantageous to the hotel besides in the long tally. By making and practising environment friendly patterns, hotels gain positive promotion, client trueness, therefore a definite competitory border over rivals. ( Guskin & A ; Weaver, 1996 )

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The addition concern of environment issues is surely holding an impact of hotel choice by visitants. A study by the U.K. ‘s Devon County Council in 2009 shows that 54 % of respondents truly see environment issues before they book a trip to a peculiar finish. Further the study besides shows that 82 % of them were willing to paid more to remain in a green hotel which provides green services and cordial reception. Indeed therefore study gives an thought of tourer ‘s attitude about green hotel and green patterns. In Mauritius many hotels like Beachcomber in Trou aux biches are traveling green. Although there have been research workers in green hotel in Mauritius, one major spread exists in respects to green hotel. researches have been largely carried out at organisational degree. However, there has non been any research yet so as to enable us to cognize what attitude the visitants are holding about these green hotels in our island.

The chief intent of this survey is therefore to research the point of positions and attitude of foreign visitants towards the green hotels in Mauritius.

The aims of the survey therefore encompass:

To measure the visitant ‘s attitude towards green hotels

To measure of import factors taking into consideration by green visitants

To place factors that visitants would hold like to see in Mauritius green hotels

Literature Review

Hotel Choice

Nowadays clients no longer accept merely linen and towel reuse plans as being adequate green patterns in the green hotel construct. They expect more from green hotels and required their patterns to be even more socio-environmentally responsible. They consider factors that are taking to energy efficiency, a proper waste division, procurance, and H2O preservation ( Heisterkamp, 2009 ; Wolff, 2008 ) . Several researches have been conducted by utilizing several methods to analyze hotel choice and attributes that considered by travellers ( Dolnicar, 2002 ) . Past research has focused on the importance of properties in choosing a hotel ( Ananth, DeMicco, Moreo, & A ; Howey, 1992 ; Callan & A ; Bowman, 2000 ; Clow, Garretson, & A ; Kurtz, 1994 ; Cobanoglu, Corbaci, Moreo, & A ; Ekinci, 2003 ; Dolnicar, 2002 ; Griffen, Shea & A ; Weaver, 1996 ; Lewis, 1984 ; Lewis, 1985 ; Lockyer, 2002 ; Lockyer, 2005 ; McCleary, Weaver & A ; Hutchinson, 1993 ; Saleh & A ; Ryan, 1992 ; Schaefer, Selum & A ; Margavio, 1995 ; Tsaur & A ; Tzend, 1995 ; Weaver & A ; Oh, 1993 )

Green Research within the Hospitality Industry

To understand who stays at green hotels every bit good as the beliefs consumers have about what a green hotel is and what they offer ; a definition of what a green hotel must foremost be discussed. Green hotels are environmentally friendly housing installations which employ direction that participate in and originate environmentally sustainable 10 plans. Plans such as watersaving techniques, energy decrease, and waste consolidation are often used within green hotels ( Green Hotel Association [ GHA ] , 2008 )

Reasons Hotels go Green

Operating costs. A major ground as to why many hotels are traveling green is that environmental patterns can well cut down the operating costs of the hotel. “ It has been good documented in several surveies that economic benefits can be gained through implementing environmental enterprises ( Graci & A ; Dodds, 2008 ) . For illustration, New Zealand ‘s Hyatt Regency International Hotel installed an energy salvaging plan based on room tenancy. In many hotels, when a invitee leaves their room, all energy utilizing contraptions shut off, excepting necessary contraptions such as iceboxs and dismay redstem storksbills. This pattern entirely saves the hotel batch of money each twelvemonth ( Alexander, 2002 ) . Another benefit to cut downing operating costs is gaining a higher output per client. The Marriott located in College Park, Maryland is grounds of this as it “ uses 30 % less electricity than a comparable belongings ( DeLollis, 2007 ) . The College Park Marriott can therefore salvage 30 per centum on its energy measures, every bit good as output a higher return per client than their rivals who charge similar rates and do non hold energy salvaging techniques in topographic point ( DeLollis, 2007 ) . Using statistics provided by the United States Green Building Council ( USGBC ) Butler ( 2008 ) was able to cipher how much hotels would hold to raise their mean day-to-day rate ( ADR ) to reflect a comparable underside line when compared to hotels ‘ energy nest eggs Harmonizing to Butler ( 2008 ) a limited service hotel that employed energy salvaging techniques that resulted in 30-50 per centum energy nest eggs.

Competitive advantage

It is going really hard to cover with ferocious competition presents. Green hotels create a competitory advantage for themselves by pulling and retaining their employees. Employee turnover is one of the biggest jobs and disbursals within the hotel industry. However, surveies have shown that environmentally witting hotels have greater employee trueness. A Canadian survey reported that employees are “ far more likely to place with an employer whose rules and patterns are in melody with current tendencies ( Graci & A ; Dodds, 2008 ) . Environmental enterprises have shown to be a valuable manner to make passion and promote squad work to accomplish a cardinal end ( Graci & A ; Dodds, 2008 ) . Team work must be inspired from the top down in a hotel. The Orchard Garden ‘s general director, Stefan Muhle, said “ you merely ca n’t direct out a memo, ( Dicum, 2007 ) “ All the staff have to be included forepart to endorse. Their bosom has to be in it ( Dicum, 2007 ) . Each staff member needs to be educated in what the hotel is making to accomplish sustainability ends so they can non merely take part, but besides answer guest inquiries ( Dicum, 2007 ) . By educating staff members, including them, maintaining them informed and disputing them to accomplish ends, direction of green hotels excites their staff and allows them to place with their organisation ; which leads to take down turnover rates. Lower turnover rates in bend save the hotel disbursals involved with recruiting, hiring, and developing new employees. The competitory advantages realized by green hotels do non halt with retaining employees ; consumers do seek out green hotels. Green hotels are going progressively popular due to the current environmental crisis that is happening worldwide. Green hotels are few and far between across non merely the United States, but besides the universe. Therefore, traveling green makes each belongings unique, and moreover creates a competitory advantage. “ Sustainable competitory advantage exists with the ownership or a valuable resource that allows the organisations to execute better or more efficient than their rivals ( Graci & A ; Dodds, 2008, p. 256 ) . The Cedar House Sport Hotel, for illustration, has gardens on the roof of their hotel. The gardens pull local birds and insects for invitees to detect, which in bend attracts more invitees. However, the gardens besides serve another intent, as they cool the hotel during the summer months ( Dicum, 2007 ) .

In a survey of 445 travellers surveyed in three U.S. airdromes ( Atlanta, Dulles, and National ) , Gustin and Weaver ( 1996 ) found the bulk of their survey ‘s respondents displayed positive attitudes towards hotels offering environmental schemes. Respondents were asked to bespeak how the offering of assorted environmental schemes would impact their determination to remain at a peculiar hotel offering the enterprises. Schemes examined included: recycling bins, shampoo dispensers, soap dispensers, efficient visible radiations, ice chest temperature in the corridors, warmer temperature in the corridors, visible radiations off, non altering sheets, non altering towels, no polystyrene froth, automatic spigots, low flow showerheads, recycled paper booklets, recycled paper for in room shows, and environmental schemes.

Three variables, non altering towels daily, the installing of automatic spigots, and the installing of low flow showerheads, were the lone three environmental enterprises that did non derive a bulk feeling from respondents in respects to the likelihood they would remain in a hotel offering such environmental schemes. Seventy-one per centum of respondents besides stated that they would be “ highly likely ‘ or ‘likely ( Gustin & A ; Weaver,2008 ) to remain in a hotel supplying environmental enterprises ( Gustin & A ; Weaver, 1996 ) . By take parting in green attempts, single hotels can make a positive company image that can besides ensue in a competitory advantage for non merely their hotel but besides the parent trade name ( Graci & A ; Dodds, 2008 ) . For illustration, invitees who frequent Starwood ‘s Element in America hotel may seek out other Starwood belongingss in other locations because they appreciate their environmental attempt put away with the Element. In Europe, there is strong grounds that consumers consider the environment in taking a vacation location harmonizing to the consequences of the 2000 FEMATOUR ( Honey, 2002 ) . The FEMATOUR, or feasibleness and market survey for a European Eco-label for tourer adjustments, was used to find if a market existed for eco-labeled tourer adjustments and how executable the market was to entree ( Consultancy and Research for Environmental Management, 2000 ) .

Consumer demand

The demand for green hotels across the universe proves to be reasonably consistent as shown in a figure of surveies. The figure of people willing to seek out environmentally friendly hotels is comparatively low in comparing to the hotel industry as whole. However, environmentally witting consumers create an increasing demand for the green hotel niche. A survey conducted in India which surveyed Indian housing consumers about their attitudes towards green patterns in the housing industry showed that 22 per centum of the respondents seek out environmental belongingss ( Manaktola & A ; Jauhari, 2007 ) . In the United States, 43,000,000 travellers are environmentally concerned ( “ Greening ‘ your travel experience, 1998 ) . Gustin and Weaver ( 1996 ) found that 73.7 per centum of respondents considered themselves “ environmentally witting consumers ; while 54.3 per centum idea of themselves as “ environmentally witting travellers.

In a survey of Swedish and Polish hotelkeepers and the influence of geo-political, economic, and socio-cultural contexts of their states on environmental attitudes, in both Sweden and Poland, client demand ranked 2nd among seven classs as grounds hotels implement environmental patterns ( Bohdanowicz, 2006 ) . The hotel ‘s principle for using environmental patterns were: cut downing operating costs, increased consumer demand for environmental patterns, decreasing environmental impacts of the hotel, bettering the image of the hotel, environmental patterns could be used as a selling plus, recommendations from direction and handiness of professional advice was increasing ( Bohdanowicz, 2006 ) .The consumer involvement in environmental enterprises creates a sensible mark market and a niche for hotels to carry through. For illustration, the Colony Hotel located in Maine found that their tenancy increased by one 4th when they began positioning themselves as a green hotel ( Shaw, 2000 ) .

Barriers to Environmental Commitment in the Hotel Industry

The words “ sustainability “ green and “ environmental have been attached to several touristry merchandises and finishs, particularly as portion of selling schemes and enfranchisement plans, nevertheless how “ sustainable or “ green or “ environmentally committed a touristry merchandise or finish is has non ever been clear. Sustainability is now seen as a cant, instead than an action program ( Henderson 2007 ) . In the last decennary, a figure of environmental enterprises have been implemented by enlightened touristry industry associations, hotel companies and single installations. A figure of environmental guidelines have been developed by assorted touristry organisations, such as the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the International Hotel Environment Initiative ( IHEI ) ( Bohdanowicz, 2005 ) . Hotel companies are besides fixing their ain action programs and developing plans in environmental protection ( Bohdanowicz 2005 ) . The Inter-Continental Hotels Group and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts have been noted as leaders in environmental committedness in the touristry industry.

Yet despite the fact that most operators acknowledge the importance of the environment to their concern, environmental patterns are non widespread in this industry ( Anguera et al. 2000 ; Pryce 2001 ) . This can be aoˆ„?ributed to a figure of grounds. The construct of a green hotel is non easy grasped by many installation operators, as this industry bases its concern on sensed luxury, luxury and magnificence ( Iwanowski and Rushmore 1994 ) . There are besides hindering factors such as cost and the complex, varied construction of the industry that hinder the ability of single companies to do paces towards being environmentally commioˆ„?ed ( Graci 2008 ; Henderson 2007 ; Anguera et al. 2000 ; Pryce 2001 ) . Not to advert that the deficiency of information and the demand to portion best patterns have besides acted as an hindrance ( Graci 2008 ) . The deficiency of authorities

ordinances on the touristry industry and the focal point on voluntary enterprises have resulted in low regulative force per unit areas ( Anguera et al. 2000 ; Pryce 2001 ) . In this industry, there is besides a important figure of little and medium- sized hotels that do non see the benefit, cost or otherwise of implementing environmental enterprises ( Pryce 2001 ) . Finally, client demand for green

hotel installations has non been strong plenty ( Pryce 2001 ) . For these grounds, there is a spread between aoˆ„?itude and action in the hotel industry ( Iwanowski and Rushmore 1994 ; Anguera et al. 2000 ; Pryce 2001 ) .

Research Methodology

Customers ‘ perceptual experience on Green hotel has non truly beeen studien in the past until late ( Lee et al. 2010 ) . This chapter therefore lays accent on research instrument design, trying technique, pilot survey and aggregation.

Sample size

This survey focuses on researching tourer attitudes and behavior towards green hotels in Mauritius.

Original paper study

A paper study, that is a questionnaire, was set up and which were further divided into seven subdivisions. Section A

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