I will be available to all students and knows which students need extra assistance and provide the support where needed for that individual student/s. Instead of teaching on a particular topic every day, I want students to explore and experiment often so they can form their own ideas while connecting the new knowledge to previous knowledge. As my educational philosophy evolves, I learn more and more about what type of teacher I want to become. Technology is an instrument that can be used to help me achieve that ultimate goal in my future classroom because it is such a broad, educational and worldwide tool.

As an effective teacher I will use creativity and experiment with new and exciting ideas. I will be organised and able to maintain a well-ordered environment which will captivate and reach all students; it’ll be done in a kind, fair, flexible and consistent way with the delivery of warmth, accessibility, enthusiasm, professional sense of humour, knowledge of curriculum standards and effective communication. Respecting all students and their culture/diversity and encourage students to perform at their best.

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As a teacher my classroom rules and procedures will help students to know what is expected from them and how the students can help themselves. Communicating with kids is really important. You’ve got to find out about them, show them you’re interested. You’ve also got to teach them how to be communicative. That’s how we learn and that’s how I learnt; by being communicative. Use humor, spontaneously, in a tasteful manner. I’ll be working closely with each unique individual student, to recognise their weaknesses & strengths.

As a teacher I will create a positive environment in the classroom where all students are included and valued, and where they are encouraged to learn at their particular level of ability. Demonstrate levels of positive feedback, whether praise or rewards, and provide a work-oriented atmosphere where students regularly rise to intellectual challenges. My effective teaching will provide structure for classroom time, giving appropriate amounts of challenging but focused work and keeping the lesson at a productive pace.

I’ll be the best role model for my students and also role modelling & encourage individual ethics. It’s important to be constantly learning, being side by side of the issues and understanding all the things that are going on. As a teacher I’ll have wide and varied responsibilities including: * Teaching students of different ages and abilities * Preparing lessons and teaching materials * Marking and assessing work * Organising displays in the classroom * Liaising with non-teaching staff such as teacher aides and therapists * Discussing student progress with parents and guardians working with colleagues and in professional teams * organising excursions, school performances and sporting events * supervising extra curricula activities and * attending meetings and professional development activities In my future classroom respect will be an important part of relationship building. In an environment of mutual respect, classroom management becomes easier. Students feel important and cared for, leading to greater attentiveness and accountability. Using consistent and reliable classroom procedures and routines; clearly communicating expectations for learning.

Provide a safe and orderly environment, both physically and emotionally, and then students can achieve their potential. Students learn best if they are in a classroom where they feel safe and confident. Make sure that you give all students chances to participate in class. Try to increase the amount of time you wait between asking a student a question and moving on by either answering the question yourself or calling on another student. Give students hints and clues to help them succeed in class. Tell students directly that you believe that they have the ability to do well.

Your belief in them will inspire their success. I the teacher will lead her/his students by setting examples like never giving up, keep trying, believing in yourself, good study habits, listening well and being open to new ideas. The best example and leadership skill they can give their students is to show them that no one is “right” all the time. Show and teach students that everyone makes mistakes and that you can learn from those mistakes. Finding the key to understanding each and every student’s way of learning is of critical importance.

Keeping self-esteem high in students is equally important. A good teacher knows how to lead students into feeling self confident and equal, not only to the task of learning. Demonstrate my commitment to students and the profession and is self-confident, poised and personally in control of situations. Having a healthy self-image. Encourages students to look at themselves in a positive manner, careful to honor the self-respect of the students, while encouraging them to develop a positive self-concept

My ultimate goal is to be a passionate and positive teacher with a very basic objective, and that is to teach students how to broaden students’ horizons by becoming lifelong learners and connecting their experiences in the classroom to the outside real world. A great teacher is one a student remembers and cherishes forever. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their students; this will be my goal to work towards to be that teacher.

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