1. Brian is a perfectionist when it comes to school. Merely one time has he got any class under an “A” . Brian’s parents but a ton of force per unit area on Brian to execute exceptionally in school. 2. Brian is profiled as a swot. After he got an “F” on a store undertaking he brought a gun into school to kill himself. However. the gun went off while in Brian’s cabinet so he was given a detainment. 3. Brian shows a signifier of Denial in that when he got the bad class he wasn’t able to accept it and was traveling to kill himself. 4. A ) I feel that I could swear Brian because he seems like an honest. trusty child. B ) If Brian was at CBA I don’t think we would be friends because we don’t have many common involvements but it’s possible we might be if we had a batch of categories because Brian is a nice child. C ) On Monday I think Brian will be friends with everyone but Clare. By the terminal of the twelvemonth I think he will hold had a batch of scholarship offers. In 20 old ages I think he will hold a household and a great occupation.


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1. Andy is a really competitory individual who wants to be accepted by his male parent. In fact the ground he’s so competitory is his male parent who pushes him to be the absolute best in sports. 2. Andy is profiled as a athlete. One twenty-four hours in the cabinet room Andy was taping his articulatio genus and a smaller weaker child was acquiring undressed a few cabinets down. Andy idea of his male parent ever speaking about how he was so bad in school so Andy beats the child up and tapes is butt together so he gets detainment. 3. Andy uses arrested development as a defence mechanism by taking his choler and emphasis out by utilizing physical force on another smaller child. 4. A ) I don’t think I could swear Andy because emphasis cause’s him to make dense things. B ) If Andy was at CBA I think we would be friends because we are both involved in athleticss. However. we might non be because he seems a small Wyrd to me. C ) I think on Monday Andy will still hang out with his normal group but besides talk to the remainder of his detainment couples. By the terminal of the twelvemonth I think Andy will be traveling to college to wrestle. In 20 old ages I think Andy will hold a household of his ain. he won’t be speaking to his male parent. and he’ll have a bad articulatio genus.


1. John has a really outgoing but sometimes average personality. The manner he is treated at his ain house is what causes toilet to come across harsh and average sometimes. 2. John is profiled as a Trouble maker/ Criminal. He pulled the fire dismay in school and that’s his ground for being in detainment. 3. Like Andy. John besides uses arrested development as a defence mechanism. For illustration when the rule takes him out of the room he acts like a small child and knocks books and documents all over the floor. John has no 1 to train him and state him non to make this. I really wouldn’t be surprised if John’s parents did when they got huffy. 4. A ) I don’t think I could swear toilet with things such as school work but I do believe he would be a individual it’s Oklahoma to state things excessively. B ) If John went to CBA I think I would desire to be friends with him because he’s really amusing. However. we might non be friends because we have different involvements. C ) I think John will travel back to school on Monday and do problem as usual but I besides think him and Clare will hold some kind of a relationship. At the terminal of the twelvemonth I think John will go forth his place and acquire a occupation and populating topographic point of his ain. In 20 old ages I think John will hold a married woman and a low income occupation.

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