It is based upon the data compiled on this website that we will peak into the financiers of Arizona Senator John McCain. In the 2010 election year cycle, McCain raised a whopping twenty-one million dollars. The amount raised by McCain was roughly seventeen million dollars over the national average of four million. Such a substantial difference hints to his veteran ability to develop ties with the people in Arizona, politicians, and industry leaders. Of the money raised, McCain received his largest contribution of one million from the retirement industry, all of which came from individuals.

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This statistic possibly highlights his closeness to the elderly community in Arizona. Second on his list of industry contributers was real estate, and third was lawyers and law firms. While McCain may like to present himself as a man of the common folk, all three of McCain’s top industry contributors disclose his connection with an middle and upper class. Finally, an interesting leading industry contributer to McCain was “Pro-Israel,” which donated one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Suffice it to say that such a contribution alludes to what type of foreign policy alinements the Senator holds.

McCain’s expenditures show him supplying the Country First PAC with nearly three million dollars. This political action committee is meant to work for republican causes. Supposedly, the PAC is dedicated to defining Republican ideals, such as economic opportunity, limited government, and national security. In short, the PAC, started by McCain himself serves the purpose of electing Republican candidates who adhere to such “Republican” values. Although only brief, analyzation of McCain’s campaign contributions reveals a substantial amount about the politicians allegiances and community ties.

Simply from glancing at the chart I was able to conclude, community and industry ties, constituency demographics, foreign policy ties, and much more. The website of OpenSecrets. org proves invaluable as it divulges credible information about politicians. Politicians, who to many Americans are perceived as shadowy, secret holding, and cunning figures. The website serves the purpose of demystifying our politicians by providing actual facts on who is funding them. Jon Kyl, the other senator of Arizona, will be the second politician subject to analyzation.

The fundraising profile of Jon Kyl is modest in comparison to that of McCain’s. While McCain raised twenty-five million dollars, Kyl, managed a comparatively humble one million dollars in the 2007 to 2012 cycle. The majority of this money came from PAC contributions and large individual contributions. The Top contributor for Kyl was Citigroup Inc and the top industry contributor came from Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals. Jon Kyl’s fundraising history shows that in his career he has raised twenty-five million dollars, the amount McCain raised in one election cycle.

Furthermore, his personal financial history shows that nearly seventy percent of that money was contributed by individuals. While my personal analysis is admittedly lacking, from looking at the data I would presume that Senator Jon Kyl is a politician closer to the people. I would also assume that, in comparison to Kyl, McCain is much more of a political figurehead. The assumption is based upon the premise that large donations come with “strings attached. ” Thus, the more money a politician makes, the more is expected from him or her. This is a largely held opinion by the general public and judging by the data viewed, holds some merit.

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