This paper is written to function three chief intents: foremost, to hold an overview of Genesee Grande Hotel work force, 2nd, to analyze the issues that the hotels human resource director is confronting and 3rd, to supply some recommendations for the Genesee Grande Hotel to better their human resource direction. Please note that because of confidentiality ground, name of the hotel every bit good as the Human Resource Office ‘s name has been changed. The Numberss and per centums in this paper were provided by the Human Resource Officer through a private interview but the informations that I received were really limited. Other facets of the hotel might come from my experience and observation while working at that place in 2011.

About Genesee Grande Hotel

The Genesee Grande Hotel ‘s repute as one of the Prime Minister hotels in Syracuse is earned by supplying epicurean room and high client services.The Genesee Grande Hotel is a luxury hotel with 159 suites, located in the bosom of Syracuse ‘s historic University Hill vicinity. The hotel is an ideal topographic point for concern trips every bit good as household holiday, meetings, conventions, etc. Location is the hotel ‘s strongest point ; it is located about five stat mis from Hancock International, ten proceedingss from Syracuse ‘s business district, Syracuse Medical composites, the acting humanistic disciplines composite, and two interstate main road systems.

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The Genesee Grande Hotel is under the direction of the Woodbine Group, based in Syracuse, NY. When it ‘s first opened, it was named the Genesee Grande Inn. In 2004, the Genesee Grande has completed a 10 million dollar redevelopment which divided the hotel into two edifices: the Genesee ( old edifice ) and the Mayflower ( new edifice ) and officially called the Genesee Grande Hotel. The hotel provides two types of standard invitee suites and four types of luxury suites, the monetary value for each room scope from $ 200 for standard room to $ 600 for the Jacuzzi Suite. Beside invitee suites and suites, the Genesee Grande Hotel is place of the celebrated 1060 Restaurant that can sit up to 60 invitees. The hotel besides provides installations for nuptials, meetings and conventions with several conference suites runing in different sizes that can suit from 100 to 200 invitees. There are besides two little dining room can suit 20 to 30 invitees each for private parties or little group meetings.

Harmonizing to the organisation chart below, the General Manager is in charge of the full concern operation and six chief sections: Room Department, Food and Beverage Department, Gross saless & A ; Marketing Department, Revenue Department, Engineer Department and Administration Department. Each of the section has its ain director who overlooks the operation of that section.

General Manager

F & A ; B Manager

Human Resource Manager

Gross Manager

Gross saless & A ; Marketing Manager

Room Manager

Chief of Engineer

Restaurant Supervisor

Providing Supervisor

Housekeeping Supervisor

Front Office Supervisor




Guest Services

Food Smugglers



Overview of the work force in Genesee Grande Hotel

The entire work force of the Genesee Grande Hotel is 127 employees divided in 3 chief classs:

– Regular: Employees have passed the provisional period and qualified to go lasting employees of the hotel ( can be full clip or portion clip ) , so the employees will subscribe a labour contract with a term of six months to three old ages and eligible for the hotel ‘s benefits.

– Temp: a place which is established to react to a impermanent increased work load, can be short term ( six months ) or long term ( six months or more, but non to transcend two old ages )

– Seasonal worker: place which recurs during high work or volume demands typically associated with an established work agenda ( can be full or portion clip ) . Assignment will be of a short continuance ( non to transcend five back-to-back months ) and occurs during the same clip periods from twelvemonth to twelvemonth.

Out of 127 employees, the figure of male employee is 52, which 41 % of the entire work force while the female employees are 75 accounted for 59 % entire employees. Male employees chiefly concentrate in divisions such as: security, care, and kitchen. Female employees concentrate in forepart desk, catering and housework divisions.

The labour force in Genesee Grande Hotel has a reasonably high degree of instruction: 50 % of the entire work force graduated with hotel/ cordial reception major. 10.5 % of the employees hold a Master grade and 55.5 % alumnus with a unmarried man grade. Gross saless & A ; selling, gross and human resource section employees have the highest degree of instruction due to the nature of their work which requires of import concern determination devising. Employees in housework, care and kitchen are non required to hold high degree of instruction ; nevertheless, the hotel has been seeking to better the cognition and accomplishments for these staffs through preparation since they are sometimes required to hold direct contact with clients.

The mean age of the hotel staff is high compared to the nature of the occupation ( 32.6 old ages ) . However, this might be a good advantage for the hotel since those employees are high-skilled and have long old ages of experiences working in client service industry. The hotel besides has many award winning chefs in many local cookery competitions which created a good repute for the hotel ‘s eating house to pull clients.

Employees are assigned to work with a clear timetable and sensible displacements which depend on each section. For illustration, the Front Office is required to work 24/24h ; a on the job twenty-four hours is divides into three displacements, eight hours each: 7am to 3pm, 3pm to 11pm and 11pm to 7pm. The Food and Beverage section is required to work two displacements: 7am to 3pm and 3pm to 11pm. Each staff has thirty proceedingss lunch interruption and 15 proceedingss short interruption for every four hours. Other sections work the regular concern hr, usually from 8am to 5pm.

In general, the distribution of labour in Genesee Grande Hotel has been successful illustrated by clear and sensible timetable and labour efficiency in each section. The sections are able to work comparatively good, encounter really few jobs related to the direction and construction of the work.

Human Resource Issues in Genesee Grande Hotel

One of the most of import sections of any hotel staff is human resource direction. Proper human resource direction can do a large difference between a truly good run hotel and a ailing tally hotel. Even though the human resource system in Genesee Grande Hotel is running comparatively good, there are still some defects that they need to decide. High turnover is the toughest challenge that the Genesee Grande Hotel is confronting. More than 50 % of hotel employees in Genesee Grande quit their occupations within six months of being hired. This job has many relationships with employees ‘ occupation satisfaction and the wage rate at the hotel. The invariably high turnover rate in the hotel has great impact on the operation and finally influences the public presentation of the hotel.

Employee turnover is one of the cardinal issues in the universe ‘s cordial reception. The cordial reception industry is internationally considered as the sector with the highest turnover at both hourly and managerial degrees. Surveies have shown that the mean turnover degree among non-management hotel employees in the United States is approximately 50 % , and about 25 % for direction staff. Harmonizing to the research conducted by the American Hotel and Motel Association, estimations of mean one-year employee turnover scope from around 60 to 300 % . Employee turnover costs in the hotel are really high and significantly impact the fiscal public presentation of the organisation. Compromised service quality and productiveness, direct and indirect cost involved to replace bygone employees, lower morale and decreased profitableness are some of the possible results of turnover.

Although the estimated costs of turnover vary from organisation to organisation, it has been known to hold a great negative impact on the organisation ‘s fiscal. Direct costs include recruitment, choice, and new hire ‘s preparation which cost clip and disbursal. Indirect costs include things such as increased work loads and overtime disbursals for other employees, every bit good as reduced productiveness associated with low employee morale. The nucleus merchandise of the cordial reception industry is the overall clients ‘ experience. Employees in hotels are important because they are largely of import to the development of the hotels ; employees ‘ attitudes and behaviours play a critical function in the quality of work. In this respect, employees are chiefly responsible for supplying a sustainable competitory advantage for the hotels. With such human-intensive service nature, high employee turnover would take to assorted negative results for the hotel. Therefore, success of the hotel depends on pull offing and retaining employees.

There is batch of grounds behind the staff turnover in the sector. There are many surveies has been conducted to happen the causes of employee turnover and many of them have found a relationship between high turnover and occupation satisfaction. Harmonizing to Mrs. X, the hotel ‘s HR Officer, when she conducted the issue interview, 50 % of the employees said they quit the occupation because of occupation satisfaction while 30 % stated that they are displease with the hotel ‘s wage rate, the other 20 % was combined of several other factors such as low motive, interpersonal relationship, stressaˆ¦

Job satisfaction is in respect to a individual ‘s feelings or state-of-mind sing the nature of their work. Job satisfaction can be influenced by a assortment of factors, for illustration, the quality of one ‘s relationship with their supervisor, the quality of the physical environment in which they work, grade of fulfilment in their work, etc. The satisfied workers will be more productive and remain with the organisation longer, in the other manus, disgruntled workers will be less productive and will hold more inclination to discontinue the work in between. Research besides indicates that a high degree of occupation satisfaction does hold a positive impact is cut downing turnover, absenteeism, tardiness accidents, grudges and work stoppages. The measuring of occupation satisfaction has become an of import issue in cordial reception because this industry requires a great interaction between the frontline employees and the single client and because quality perceptual experiences are evaluated largely on the footing of the public presentation of intangible standards. Consequently, the extent to which employees are satisfied with what they are responsible for may straight act upon the degree of client satisfaction with the hotel ‘s services.

Some research workers has pointed out that the higher an employee ‘s educational degree, the more likely these were to be dissatisfaction. This was explained on the footing that employees with a higher educational background would anticipate more in footings of fiscal compensation, benefits, and supervising than the 1s with a lower educational background. This theory might explicate why the turnover rate in the Genesee Grande was instead high since the hotel ‘s employees have high degree of instruction across the organisation. To be successful in a competitory market, it is of import that human resource directors know how their employees feel at work and what they want. The sum of attempt that an employee expends toward carry throughing the hotel ‘s ends depends on whether the employee believes that this attempt will take to the satisfaction of his or her ain demands and desires. Genesee Grande Hotel can increase positive results by measuring occupation satisfaction such as employee public presentation and satisfaction, and may besides diminish employee turnover. Investigating the employee or employee ‘s value-perception can help in directors edifice and making work environments that help them to accomplish high degrees of employee satisfaction. The intent of look intoing employee occupation satisfaction is a measure toward making a healthy relationship between employees and employers.

Low wage and hapless compensation and benefits bundle are other of import factors that affect the turnover rate in Genesee Grande Hotel. Pay can be a factor in determinations to remain or go forth for employees. Data suggest that dissatisfaction with wage can be a cardinal factor in turnovers. Many surveies have advocated that the cordial reception industry tends to pay its employees less than other industries. Pay rates in the Genesee Grande Hotel are frequently around the lower limit pay, doing it hard for employees to back up themselves with one occupation. Many employees in housework and catering section have more than two occupations, which can hold a negative consequence on their productiveness every bit good as public presentation at the Genesee Grande. Organization needs to understand that most people work for a life. It is rational that employees demand an appropriate degree of pay and wage for their work and attempt. Once the employees perceive that their employers can non offer their expected degree of wage, they may go forth the organisation. Employees tend to go forth the company when a viing company has a better wage offer, because cordial reception accomplishments are by and large movable from one employer to another. The ends of pay and salary plans in the organisation are to pull and maintain qualified employees, provide equal wage for equal work, reward good public presentation, control labour costs. Overall, better wage rate is supposed to take to satisfied employees who are productive and committed to the organisation.

Compensation and benefits play an of import function in retaining the employees in an organisation. Employees will stress more to the compensation and benefits that provide by the organisation or company because they contribute their times, attempts, endowments and they wish to acquire better return in compensation and benefits. The compensation and benefits bundle for the employees is an exchange value between the employer and employee. If an organisation ‘s base wage and benefit bundle is non in line with other organisations in the same industry, employees will go forth to prosecute better chances. The employees contribute their attempts in order to appreciate the compensation and benefits bundle that offered by the employers. Compensation and benefits include wage received straight as hard currency ( for illustration: base, virtue, incentivesaˆ¦ ) and indirectly as benefits ( for illustration: wellness insurance, dental insurance, membershipsaˆ¦ ) . Employees frequently desire to acquire a just compensation and benefits bundle for their ain outlook because it will straight act upon on employees ‘ occupation satisfaction. In the interim, this factor will take to employees ‘ turnover if they thought they did n’t merit outlook returns.

Even though hotel industry is known to hold the highest employee ‘s turnover rate, human resource director should non see high turnover as it ‘s unmanageable. Research workers indicate that turnover is a map of direction, to some extent, and hence some companies can make better. The best manner to get down is for the organisation to understand the causes of turnover.

Recommendations for the Genesee Grande Hotel

Human resource direction is a really of import facet of any concern, including the hotel industry. After all, the human factor is a great contribute to the endurance every bit good as development of the hotel. The work of good human resource direction has direct impact on occupation satisfaction of employees, which creates coherence between the employees and organisation. Through larning about the province of human resource direction at the Genesee Grande Hotel, we can see that there are still many defects need to be addressed in order to better the quality of the hotel ‘s human resource facet. In an intense competitory market, Genesee Grande Hotel needs to happen effectual steps to work out the defects that the hotel is confronting, and acknowledge the development tendency of human resource to accomplish the better public presentation in the industry. Understanding the factors impacting staff turnover and occupation satisfaction will be utile for the organisation, in order to pull off and keep the possible employees within the organisation and lessening employee turnover rate which will be dearly-won to the organisation as whole. Directors can cut down their turnover rates by happening solutions to the common grounds turnover is high. Increased focal point in the enlisting procedure, employee compensation and benefits bundles, and supplying calling promotion are some of the constructs that can assist in retaining employees.

Here are some recommendations for the Genesee Grande Hotel ‘s human resource director in order to take down turnover in the hotel:

Hiring the right people from the start is the individual best manner to cut down employee turnover. Behavioral based interviewing and competence showing goes a long manner in finding personality, work manner and possible lucifer and success within the organisation. Interview campaigners carefully, non merely to guarantee they have the right accomplishments but besides that they fit good with the company civilization, directors and colleagues. Make certain you describe the occupation every bit accurately as possible so campaigners will cognize what is expected from them. Misconceptions sing the occupation duties and work environment are one of the major causes of employee turnover.

The hotel would be able to retain and pull well-qualified and gifted forces if they can offer wages that would be competitory. This would perchance decide the job of employees go forthing based on low wages. Employers should besides offer attractive benefit bundles. There are many employees who are non cognizant of the benefits that are provided to them in their compensation bundle. Human resource director should do a note of what all benefits other organisations are supplying, which may pull their current employees. In add-on, companies need to measure and modify their publicity policies in a just manner which would enable publicities for campaigners merely on the footing of employee public presentation. The hotel should besides see offering voluntary benefits such as dental, long-run attention and life insurance to employees.

In add-on, supplying calling promotion chances is critical for keeping, particularly for those employees who are career oriented and are in the early or in-between phases of their callings. Whenever possible, provide chances within the company for cross-training and calling patterned advance. Employees are seeking to develop themselves, and offering that chance to them may supply the satisfaction and stableness they are seeking. Ensure that occupation gaps are posted and that there are no barriers to reassigning to new places. Career development treatments should be held at least yearly as portion of the public presentation direction procedure or whenever the employee requests it. An employee has to take the enterprise and have their calling development program, but the medium size like Genesee Grande Hotel should promote its development.

Directors frequently overlook how of import a positive work environment is for employees, and how far meaningful acknowledgment and congratulations from directors can travel to accomplish that. Awards, acknowledgment and congratulations might merely be the individual most cost-efficient manner to keep a happy, productive work force. Employer should acknowledge employee success. It is of import to allow the employees know that their work does non travel unnoticed. Employees are more willing to remain with a company if they feel a sense of pride and success in their work. When employees meet or win the organisation ‘s outlooks, show grasp for a occupation good done. Types of acknowledgment can run from a simple “ thank you for a occupation good done, ” to a plaque, to fiscal inducements.

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