Improper cylinder assembly and long-term use, concrete mixing plant pneumatic actuator (cylinder) is prone to internal and external leakage the insufficient output force and the action is not smooth, buffer adverse effects, piston rod and cylinder head damage and failure phenomenon.Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:portable cement mixer,concrete block making machine,etc. We will provide you with the best product and service. Cylinder inside and outside leakage is generally installed eccentric due to the piston rod, inadequate supply of lubricants, seals and seal rings worn or damaged cylinder impurities and Rod injuries caused. So, when the cylinder inside and outside leak, you should re-adjust the center of the piston rod, in order to ensure the concentricity of the piston rod and cylinder; should always check the reliability lubricator, to ensure the implementation of the components oiled; When the sealing signs of wear or damage ring and seal ring shall be promptly replaced; cylinder memory impurities should be promptly removed; injuries on the piston rod should be renewed. Concrete mixing plant cylinder output force and the action is not smooth, due to piston or piston rod is stuck, poor lubrication, insufficient gas supply or cylinder causes of condensate and impurities. In this regard, it should adjust the center of the piston rod; Check lubricator is reliable; supply line is clogged. When cylinders memory condensate and impurities, should be promptly removed. The buffering effect concrete mixing stations cylinder is bad cement mixer for sale, generally due to buffer seals due to wear or damage adjustment screw. In this case, you should replace the seals and adjusting screw. Concrete mixing plant cylinder piston rod and cylinder head damage is generally caused by the piston rod…

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