The differences between the competences of the two amusement Parkss are really important to admit. Ocean Park has its nucleus competences in nature and wildlife. This is really different from Disneyland. Ocean Park puts the accent on instruction and wildlife, therefore uniting instruction and an amusement park into their nucleus competence. Where the amusement park gives the visitants an chance to see wild animate beings and beautiful scenery up near, which is a existent rareness in urban Hong Kong. Ocean Park is besides extremely affected by the Chinese civilization as they actively include Chinese festivals such as the Chinese New Year. Besides this they have seasonal vacation subjects of Halloween, Easter vacation, summer vacation, Christmas, appealing towards more visitants. Hence, giving them competences that can non me imitated or obtained by others.


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Ocean Park posses vary of resources at their usage. These resources are assets that build the amusement park. These resources can be looked in two facets, resources that are touchable and resources that are intangible. Tangible resources are physical resources such as the wildlife, location of amusement park, employees and disposal. The intangible are all the non-physical facets that are present in Ocean Park. Examples of this are the image of the amusement park, disposal leading, daily direction rules, and cognition and experience of the work force. It is of import that these resources are built so that they can be recognised as a set of alone resources. The combination of the wildlife experience and the non-physical assets, Ocean Park has alone resources.

Besides this, it is of import to advert that Ocean Park gives the option of holding buying the SmartFun Annual Pass ( Ocean Park ) . This will give the holder of such a card limitless admittance to Ocean Park and all of its attractive forces. Besides giving price reduction on nutrient monetary values and keepsakes, every bit good as receive price reductions at Ocean Park ‘s concern spouses, which are legion museums and Hong Kong Publishers. The ground for adverting this is that, this is something Disneyworld does non offer. The thought behind the SmartFun Annual Pass is that the holders might be accompanied by new visitants, and as the visitants will non be paying entrance they are expected to pass money in others parts of the amusement park and hence encouragement gross beyond the admittance fees.

Strategic picks

Market cleavage

Business Level Strategy

It is of import to place how Ocean Park can vie successfully in the market that they reside in. Therefore it is of import to hold a expression at the concern degree scheme. For this we make the usage of the Strategy Clock ( Cliff Bowman, 1995 ) theoretical account to place the bases of competitory scheme for Ocean Park.


The Strategy Clock theoretical account gives us an indicant of competitory scheme options. We would chiefly put Ocean Park on the option no. 2 “ Low Monetary value ” . The ground for this is that Ocean Park must obtain a low-price scheme ( which they besides intend to harmonizing to the instance ) , in order to derive competitory advantage by holding cost-leadership. This is chiefly looking upon the possible visitants that Ocean Park will hold, as they are recognized as really sensitive towards the monetary value. However, it can besides be argued that Ocean Park should be closer to a intercrossed scheme. The ground for this is that it is a scheme that looks upon holding a low cost base and reinvestment in distinction. This is critical for Ocean Park to recognize, as it is their competences that must be differentiated in order to pull more visitants, therefore addition competitory advantage. But this must be done on a low cost base. Differentiation as a business-level scheme ( figure 4 ) is non an option because this scheme chooses monetary value premium as a pricing scheme, and Ocean Park can non afford this.

In order to accomplish competitory advantage by utilizing the above mentioned schemes, so it is of import that Ocean Park continue to distinguish themselves by utilizing the competences and capablenesss that they have, to derive more consciousness and an experience that other amusement Parkss can non offer. The monetary value issue is of import, as the Chinese consumers are really sensitive sing the monetary value, so hence the a monetary value advantage must be present at all times to accomplish competitory advantage. So therefore admittance to Ocean Park must be cheaper so admittance to Disneyland. As the chief clients are from Hong Kong and Chinese mainland, it is of import to work towards their best involvement. Therefore the monetary value is an issue, every bit good as the thoughts and subjects that Ocean Park comes up with. They must be appealing and worthwhile for the visitants. Last but non the least, the negative feedback from animate being right organisations must be sorted out, as it is direct negative imperativeness dealingss for the most of import facet of the Ocean Park, its wildlife and nature. Merely so can they prosecute with competitory advantage and derive more market portion.

Corporate Level Strategy

A corporate degree scheme is a strategic determination degree at corporate degree, chiefly sing variegation into a new merchandise or geographic markets. The most of import facet of corporate degree scheme is to recognize the strategic waies you as a company want to prosecute. For this we introduce the Ansoff Matrix ( Ansoff 1988 ) .

In the matrix above, there are four different waies that can be taken, market incursion, merchandise development, market development and variegation. We would confer with Ocean Park to underscore on the bing market and looking upon the “ merchandises ” that they presently offer, and possibly even look upon new “ merchandises ” that they can offer.

Market Penetration

This way will enable Ocean Park to remain in the current market that they are in and offer the same existing merchandises that they offer at the minute. This will enable Ocean Park to construct on its bing scheme competences and capablenesss without embarking into chartless district ( Johnson, Scholes, Whittington 2009 ) . This is an obvious scheme as it gives Ocean Park the opportunity to turn, to perforate the market, and that is precisely what they require, to derive more market portion. In order to make this, they will hold to be more aggressive if they wish to perforate the market. A more aggressive pricing scheme is a perfect facet to look at. They can besides be more proactive and develop their current subjects and rides more sharply, therefore puting more in their existing merchandises that they can offer, this can ensue in Ocean Park being more appealing and hence pulling more visitants. However a restraint of the market incursion way is that it can easy ensue in the rival retaliating. If Ocean Park starts to actively seek aggressive options to perforate the market, this can easy trip Disneyland to revenge so that they can support their market portion.

Consolidation is an facet that is besides present under the first option, Market incursion. However, it does non back up the thought of growing. Consolidation is where Ocean Park can concentrate on supporting their market portion with their current merchandises. In order to non turn and still obtain the same sum of market portion, Ocean Park will hold to look at distinction schemes, nevertheless this is non recommended as growing is critical in order to vie with Disneyland. The last option is besides downsizing or divestment ( Johnson, Scholes, Whittington 2009 ) . This is non an option as this will ensue in the ruin of Ocean Park.

Merchandise Development

This option is besides really interesting for Ocean Park. This gives them the option to shack in the same market, but to develop their merchandise line with new merchandises in order to appeal towards a greater consumer base. This nevertheless, requires a great trade of invention. This will be required by Ocean Park, to be more advanced in specifying and developing new drives, constructs of hotels and eating houses and new engineerings such as 3D and 4D. This will decidedly appeal to more people ; hence a possible market portion is possible.

Market Development

If merchandise development is seen to be excessively dearly-won one other option is to utilize the same merchandise line but introduce it in a new market. It is required that new sections must be identified, in order to come in an full new market. This could be an option, nevertheless, it seems difficult that the same merchandises will be able to appeal towards newer sections in the Hong Kong country. A new geographical location can be considered, in Ocean Park ‘s instance it will hold to be a new state. This will necessitate a successful internationalization scheme. However, this is non recommended, as this will necessitate monolithic capital investing and usage of clip and resources. Therefore growing in the bing market is recommended.


This will take Ocean Market off from both its current merchandises and market. This is hence non an option at all. This will necessitate a new construct and a new market ; therefore the administration Ocean Park will non be any longer. Therefore viing against Disneyland will non be an option, as you will go forth the market wholly and give your market portion to Disneyland.

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