Lutherans belong to a community of religion that commences with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Their religion is centered on the individual and the work of Jesus Christ and they believe that the Son of God became a human being to endure and decease for the wickednesss of the universe so that whoever believes in Him will non die but have everlasting life. Harmonizing to Wikipedia, “ Lutheranism identifies with the divinity of Martin Luther. Luther ‘s attempts to reform divinity and the pattern of the church launched the Protestant Reformation ( an effort to reform the Catholic Church ) ” ( Butalis, 2004, p. 164 ) . Luther ‘s Hagiographas spread the thoughts of the Reformation beyond the ability of the authorities and church. Church is really cardinal to Christian life and growing, it is a topographic point for God ‘s people to garner and idolize the Lord ‘s Word. The members are all evildoers inquiring for God ‘s grace and semen for the hearing and executing of God ‘s Word. The church is used as a topographic point of family for those who have been resurrected to God by Christ and is besides called a community with other trusters. Harmonizing to writer Gary Ferraro, “ powerful societal bonds are frequently created among people who portion the experiences of spiritual beliefs, patterns, and rites ” ( Ferraro, 2008, p. 346 ) .

Lutherans have two Sacraments: baptism and Communion. Through the Sacraments they believe God comes to them, they do non travel to god. Lutherans believe that through baptism, a individual is born into the Kingdom of God and becomes an inheritor of redemption. Baptism is the entry rite into the Christian religion. It is an act instituted by God, performed utilizing H2O in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, while the baptized is united with Christ. Baptism is literally and symbolically non merely cleansing, but besides deceasing and lifting once more with Christ. “ Harmonizing to tradition, that dates back to about the twelvemonth 200, patrons or godparents are present at baptism and do a vow to continue the Christian instruction and life of the baptized ” ( Achtemeier, 2010, p. 91 ) .

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“ Holy Communion, besides called Eucharist, is a re-enactment of the Last Supper, the concluding repast that Jesus shared with his adherents before his apprehension and crucifixion. During the Last Supper he gave them staff of life, stating, “ This is my organic structure ” , and vino, stating, “ This is my blood ” ( Silone, 1937 ) . With the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the community of the church is fed with the Body and Blood of Christ. The sacrament of Holy Communion is a hoarded wealth that is received in religion. Through the feeding and imbibing of the staff of life and vino, the community experiences love, forgiveness and righteousness and recalls the salvaging Acts of the Apostless of God through his Word. This sacrament ‘s accent is on God ‘s action instead than the strength of religion.

“ Sacramental manduction and baptism are spiritual rites that are stylized and normally insistent Acts of the Apostless that take topographic point at a set clip and location. They most ever involve the usage of symbolic objects, words, and actions. At the bosom of these experiences is a sequence of traditional ritual Acts of the Apostless that symbolically represent facets of the life, instructions, and the decease of Jesus ” ( O’Neil, 2004 ) . Communion and baptisms normally occur in the church, this allows for an knowing separation between the non-sacred and the sacred, leting the sacred Acts of the Apostless to be enhanced for the trusters.

What Lutherans do: worship

Lutheran worship is Christ-centered, non man-centered. Divine Service is a phrase used to depict Lutheran worship. Divine Service means a clip “ put apart ” , it is a holy clip to be set apart from the remainder – a clip to pass with the Lord. There are two chief parts of the Divine Service: the announcement of the Word of God ( the discourse ) and the jubilation of the Lord ‘s Supper ( Communion ) . Lutherans stand, bow or kneel at different points in the service to show devotedness to God. Congregational vocalizing of anthem with the Divine Service has ever been a trademark of Lutheran worship. Many Lutheran churches will hold alters, tapers, pictures, statues, stained-glass Windowss, processional crosses, streamers, and other signifiers of ornament to impart beauty, self-respect and fear to the service. The chief symbol of the Christian faith is the cross. “ A symbol is something that stands for something else ” ( Ferraro, 2008, p. 29 ) . The cross is both a mark of Christ himself and of the religion of Christians. The devising of a mark of the cross may be an act of one ‘s profession of religion, portion of a supplication, a dedication, or a blessing.

What Lutherans think:

Lutherans think that the Bible is the most of import manner that God and his presence have been revealed to humanity. They believe that the Bible Bibles are the written Word of God and are used as a usher for their religion and pattern. The Bible is the narrative of God ‘s interaction with worlds through the apprehension of the Judaic people with the Old Testament and through God ‘s ain disclosure with the New Testament. The Bible consists of the author ‘s emotion, their ain testament of sentiments and experiences, cultural hindrance and penchant. The human testimony and authorship in the Bible describe the civilization of the clip and are limited by civilization, traditional rites and their universe position.

Religion is a system of beliefs that includes the worship of supernatural forces or existences. Religious beliefs can give form and significance to one ‘s position of the universe by giving a sense of order in what they might see as a helter-skelter life on Earth. Harmonizing to Ferraro, “ faith has two classs of map: societal and psychological ” ( 2008, p. 344 ) . It seems like life confronts us with so much bad intelligence in today ‘s universe, and faith can assist face and explicate decease and alleviate frights and anxiousnesss about the terra incognita, which helps carry through psychological demands. “ Religion tends to keep societal order by promoting socially acceptable behaviour and detering socially inappropriate behaviour ” ( Ferraro, 2008, p. 345 ) . The Ten Commandments serve as a usher to assist distinguish between what is right and incorrect. Through them some of the load of determination devising can be lifted from our shoulders in hard state of affairss because they guide us what cognizing what is right and incorrect. Religions helps carry through societal demands by supplying a footing for conventional intent and personal appraisal that can assist transport on societal brotherhood. A uniformity of beliefs can assist convey people together and reenforce group coherency. “ Another societal map of faith is the function it plays in cut downing emphasis and defeats that frequently lead to societal struggle ” ( Ferraro, 2008, p. 345 ) .


I was raised into the Lutheran faith by my parents. Some people think that kids should be taught about all faiths so that they can take a faith when they are old plenty to. I ‘ve heard others speaking about how different faiths are incorrect because they have different beliefs. I was raised that every bit long as you went to church and learned about God you were making the right thing. “ This procedure of geting civilization after we are born is socialization ” ( Ferraro, 2008, p 31 ) . My parents ne’er thought other faiths were incorrect every bit long as they followed the Bible. Most people retain the faith or belief system they were born into. While there are many different subcultures of faith, Lutheranism is the 1 I have chosen to take part in. I think being portion of a faith has motivated me to be a good individual and has helped me do life picks and go who I am today.

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