Let us cognize who God is before we try to happen HIM. The best manner to cognize God is to foremost cognize ain existent ego, thereby making capablenesss in us to recognize kernel of God. Next, we have to pull our attending towards God through supplication, speculation and changeless recollection. Having drawn attending towards God, it is non adequate unless we adopt those virtuousnesss that bring us close to God. To seek God is to experience HIS kernel at every case of life as our philosopher, friend and comrade. This close connexion with God brings different position and significance to life. Life becomes enriched with composure, peace and ageless cloud nine. The hunt of God is in kernel a re-discovery of ain ego.

There are two dimensions of our being ; one is organic structure consciousness that believes and treats self as offprint from other people. Body consciousness develops self-importance, desires and aspirations which are good as long these remain within a peculiar bound. However, people are frequently found to prosecute themselves in mercenary chase and lose focal point in life. People engage in competition with others to turn out their distinguishable being. Peoples believe organic structure consciousness as existent ego, but on farther realisation, it is apparent that this organic structure consciousness is merely a impermanent stage of existent kernel that lies within. The other facet of our being is interior consciousness ( psyche ) connected to the space beginning which is God. Assorted grounds suggest that the organic structure has this unseeable force ( psyche ) that makes bosom to crush, limbs to travel and lungs to take a breath. This existent consciousness draws its kernel from its Godhead which is God. The existent apprehension of God and connexion with HIM is well-founded merely on recognizing our religious kernel.

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A deep significance of life is derived from this interior consciousness ( psyche ) that draws close connexion with God. The more we think about this kernel lying within us, the closer we become to this godly power. This idea energizes us to believe good about others. Religious Values develop from this interior consciousness ( psyche ) . Everyone is religious in kernel ; hence something which is the desire of psyche ought to be met. It talks of this critical facet of being which is frequently ignored in penchant to routine and everyday demands. The more we delve on this issue, the better we feel the kernel of God.

God has created us ; HIS kernel is lying within us. Alternatively of seeking God exterior and handling HIM as person different, it is better to seek HIM within. This requires particular capableness as our centripetal variety meats will merely look outside ; they will non assist us to see within. These centripetal variety meats look for enjoyment and pleasance from external environment. We have to first convey control on centripetal variety meats so that it does let us to look within. Our head needs to be calmed and outward distractive ideas have to be curbed. Prayer and speculation can be helpful to convey composure of head and pull its attending inward. How can a individual recognize his interior consciousness when head is directed towards so many things? Prayer is a manner to retrieve God. It is non merely to reassure you about your connexion with God but to cognize your existent ego. By regular supplication, you try to pass on with God and believe that HE is listening to you. In this mode, you try to get all Godhead like qualities.

God is a godly energy, ageless and all pervading. It is the infinite force that is ubiquitous. Inner consciousness ( psyche ) is a flicker of this Godhead energy. The kernel of God lies in recognizing this infinite energy. It will be excessively foolish to believe of God as finite. All his actions point towards God being infinite. Our psyche is besides a flicker of that infinite energy. Mentally, we have to comprehend God as a pure infinite beginning of energy. Then it does non do sense to seek God in heaven. How can person who is infinite remain at one topographic point and non at the other topographic point? How can God be with one individual and non with other individual? How can God be outside us but non within us? This logically tells that God is both within you and besides outside you. He is everyplace. As God is within you ; seek to happen HIM in your being. Assorted religious literatures suggest that the best manner to happen God is within you.

Both supplication and speculation have profound impact on developing close connexion with God. During supplication, head focal point on this Godhead power and we remain thankful, loving and in peace during those minutes. Religious kernel is already within us, but through supplication we activate and make it to go portion of our thought and belief. How can a individual who is in memory of God, detest person and dainty him with discourtesy. How can a individual who is in love of God remain insensitive to the agonies of other individual as all others belong to the individual beginning, God? This realisation does come to a individual who brings close connexion with God through supplication, speculation or changeless recollection. Meditation is to cut down external perturbations by quieting head while as supplication is to pull attending towards God through fruitful communicating. The impact of all these is found to be similar as they create a scintillating feeling that God is with us, listening to us and steering us. We remain forgetful of terminal consequences as God is to take attention of us.

Prayer is most effectual agencies to acquire connected with God and pull our attending to the approvals we receive from HIM. Prayer creates a soothing consequence to mind, as it stops for the minute worrying about assorted things, but feel connect to HIS Godhead. Naturally, supplication helps to develop good ideas. It purifies a individual and makes him capable to love God and his creative activities. Prayer is utile to experience presence of God and convey consciousness that HE will take attention of us. Prayer reminds us of the virtuousnesss of God. Staying in supplication is to admit that we love God and all other people who have been created by God. By continuously praying for person whom we have non seen but felt, we believe in God and look for his grace. This belief that God likes good action keeps us on right way despite troubles.

Staying connected with God makes us to stay aligned with interior egos. We are able to recognize the full potency by staying connected with others through the force of love and compassion. When we feel that God is within us, we look to inner consciousness for counsel that prompts us to stay on right way. We look to HIM for aid that provides hope and makes us to sail through the hard times with less hurting.

The most effectual agencies to seek God is to develop his virtuousnesss within you. If we have to happen person, it requires that we think about that individual and look what entreaties to that individual. Here we wish to happen God, but are non to the full cognizant about HIS likings. As parents, we like our kids to love and like each other. We will non wish to see our kid who creates jobs for his or her siblings. Parents do non know apart between kids. Likewise, God will wish us to bring forth love for all other human existences, dainty everyone with attention, non to bring forth hatred and other negative emotions. We will experience the kernel of God merely when we bring experiencing of love within us. God is already within as HE is in all other creative activities. Therefore, happening God means to retrieve HIM.

God is infinite Godhead energy which is love. It will non be incorrect to state that Love is God and God is Love. We besides get glance of this Godhead energy every now and so. Prayer is the most elusive mode to pull attending towards God. Bringing God in our kingdom of thought and acquiring attached to HIM and experiencing HIS presence in our actions and workss is manner to happen God. This broader vision of life that comes to people who feel kernel of God helps in acquiring rid of many negative inclinations. It develops abundant reservoir of love towards all other people. Many negative feelings get subdued. Life is filled with long term felicity and ageless peace.

Our love for others is manifestation of deity. We can happen God through changeless recollection and love. Prayer is the first measure to do a individual to develop changeless recollection. After, one hr of supplication daily, the head becomes more focussed towards God. It prepares a individual to believe of God non merely during supplication but besides in the staying period. During twenty-four hours clip when a individual feels non engaged in any activity, his attending will automatically travel towards God. Earlier, head could hold been busy making batch of emphasis scenarios believing about personal additions, mercenary chases and terminal consequences. However, through sincere supplication, we equip mind to travel deep into God consciousness and its cloud nine. This is changeless recollection that is practical agencies to seek God. A individual who develops changeless recollection of God observes HIS kernel at every minute. This is the phase when ego self-importance wholly vanishes and you become wholly merged in the God consciousness. Knowledge about God is non sufficient. It is the experience that can take us to happen HIM. If we pursue with religion and hunt HIM within, we will experience HIS kernel. Finding God in this manner will decide assorted jobs of non this life but of assorted lives afterlife.

Having realized that the best manner to happen God is within, we will experience HIM everyplace, in times of enjoyment and troubles, in our idea procedure and actions, while interacting with others and when entirely, in dreams and aspirations. HE will be with us and we will detect interior duologue all the clip with HIM ; it will maintain us on right way, all our frights and concerns will be HIS. We look to all other people as contemplation of God ; feeling of love flows towards others. In the class of happening God, we get the ability of traveling within and deriving entree to the Bliss from our psyche. The other manner to happen God outside may frequently be misdirecting.

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