There are three different sociologists who each have their ain different theories. Emile Durkheim, Max Weber and Karl Marx each had used their theories and use it to religion. Durkheim was the laminitis if functionalism and spent a bulk of this clip analyzing faith. He had found many different beliefs in many different societies. Durkheim ‘s research lead to a book being written in 1912 it was called The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life. The word “ simple ” was a signifier of Australian faith that seemed to involvement him the most ; they are the 1s who use the totemism system. That ‘s what leads to him composing the book. This book is the best adult male known survey on sociology and faith.

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Emile Durkheim had found that many people from different societies separated spiritual symbols, Objects and different rites as a modus operandi in faiths. These objects or symbols are really sacred. All of the sacred objects in these societies are to divide all the profane objects from the sanctity objects. Some even have beliefs that these objects have particular powers.

Emile Durkheim had found that many from different societies separated spiritual symbols, objects and different rites as a regular day-to-day base modus operandi in faiths. Durkheim deined faith as “ incorporate system if beliefs and patterns comparatively to sacred things ( Schaefer, Richard, p.316 ) . Durkheim had argued the faiths are ne’er a concern and merely beliefs was a concern every bit good as milieus of rites and the ceremonials on portion of group trusters, who strengthen and develop a sense of group leading. Durkheim believes that all rites are necessary to convey members together of spiritual groups. This besides allows many to acquire off from all dull minutes in day-to-day lives and take them into a more interesting and exciting experience. The ceremonials and all sacred rites are really of import for observing the most of import yearss such as matrimonies, births or birthdays, deceases, etc.

Emile Durkheim ‘s theory on faith is a typical illustration of how functionalists determine sociologist events. Durkheim has a position that people see faith as if they contribute to society and their wellness as it helps to go on the society. Religion maps to assist maintain society together by carrying them to back up common beliefs or values on a day-to-day regular footing.

Emile Durkheim had a anticipation that the influence of faith would easy diminish as society alterations. Durkheim had a belief that as a scientific discipline developed in society, it would

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finally replace all the spiritual ceremonials and rites and no 1 would give as much attending to it. Durkheim Besides had a position that the construct of “ God ” was about to go

extinct. He thought society would increase with the promoting of civil Religion. Civil faith is a civil jubilation, parades, nationalism, etc, that takes topographic points of the churches and their services. Durkheim believed that if the traditional faiths continued, it would merely be a mean to continue societal order. Durkheim ‘s theories and decisions were based on a really few illustrations.

Max Weber was a sociologist who did large surveies on faith all around the universe. He had high criterions large involvements when it came to faith. Max Weber did surveies from Christianity, Ancient Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Max Weber had examined what the impact of Christianity on western civilizations and thought in “ the Protestant cultural and the spirit of capitalist economy ” , in which was a book written in 1904.

Max Weber had a intent to his research. The intent was to observe the faiths consequence on societal alterations. An illustration is that in Protestantism, he saw roots of capitalist economy, in the east faiths, he saw barriers to capitalist economy. Another illustration is that the Hinduism has high degrees of spirituals by seeking to get away the dull life. This type of religious does non supply itself to

disbursement or doing money. Harmonizing to Max Weber, Christianity is a Salvation Religion ( Schaefer, Richard, 2008 ) , which means that anyone can be saved when they have converted to certain beliefs or certain moral codifications. Christian life plays a large function in the “ Grace of God ” when person sins. The redemption faiths such as Christians are really active and necessitate a nonstop attempt against transgressing and negativeness in the society.

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Karl Marx was sociologist who was non a spiritual individual at all. He ne’er did any bug surveies on faith. Karl Marx had positions on sociology of faith that was from the nineteenth century philosophers and writers, this includes Ludwig Feuerbach. He wrote the book “ The kernel of

Christian religion ” in 1841. Ludwig had a position that people who do non understand the society use their ain culturally norms and/or values into detached characters, as in liquors, devils, Gods, or angels. Ludwig ‘s theory is that after the worlds had came to recognize that they had proposed their ain separate values into faith, that they can all utilize their values in the universe alternatively of in the hereafter.

Karl Marx had a position on faith that it teaches worlds to accept their life or their function in life. He one time said that faith is “ opium of the people ” ( Karl Marx ) . No affair how difficult life could be or what person went through, he thought faith was the instruction on homo ‘s lives. Religion usage to be considered a prohibit in societal alteration and that it taught people disheartenment of authorization. It turned peoples off from the “ existent universe ” and the universe ‘s deficiency of justness, and warranting solutions for wealth and power for people who are privileged and giving prominence wagess that are still to come.

Peoples are under premises that Marx had no good positions on faith, but non all of the premises are true. He had a position that faith is a dedicated topographic point for people to travel to acquire off from the jobs in life. Marx had a anticipation that one twenty-four hours the traditions of faith would melt off.

Durkheim and Marx both felt and viewed faith as a contemplation of society. Marx Wb was non spiritual and saw a difference between spiritual values and economic values. Every one of

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these sociologists positions still stand today and there are still states who do rites and have values when it comes to faith. There are so many different sorts of faith from what there usage to be. Every different sort of faith has their ain beliefs on faith and how they view

the word of “ God ” . From Durkheim, Weber and Marx, I believe that they have helped made people to come out of their shells and believe in whatever faith they feel is right. Although there is merely one true word from God, there have been many faiths who have formed and they will ever hold their ain beliefs in what they feel or think what may or may non be right. Either manner, these three sociologists have helped do society grow with faith and assist many people to concentrate on their ain beliefs.

Over 85 per centum of the universe ‘s population is into some sort of faith ( Schaefer, Richard, p.320 ) . So that means merely 15 per centum is not spiritual. The faiths have grown since the positions of the 3 sociologists. Christianity is the biggest faith in the universe today ; the 2nd top faith is Islam. Religion in Durkheim ‘s words, gives people purpose to their lives. Religion can besides convey people together in clip of crisis, such as a decease or a nuptials. Another clip faith brought us together was on September 11, 2001, when the terrorists attacked the twin towers. There was a worship service that was held and the figure of people that attended was hideous and it was the most that the U.S. had seen in increasing Numberss when it came to faith. Every faith wanted to honour all the guiltless people that had died in that tragic panic onslaught. These sorts of services help people who portion the same features, acquire to adhere together. It does non count of race or cultural background, in faith there is no judgment.

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In the United States, faith struggles have increased dramatically. It is non a violent struggle, but it ‘s a struggle where tenseness builds between groups or even states. Many faiths clash because of the different beliefs. For illustration, the Christians and Islam ‘s will ever collide because they each have different spiritual beliefs. The constituents of faith are Beliefs, Rituals, and experience. Religious Beliefs are statements to which members of a peculiar faith adhere ( Schaefer, R, p.324 ) . Religious Rituals are patterns required or expected of members of religion. ( Schaefer, R. p. 325 ) . Religious experience refers to the feeling or perceptual experience of being in direct contact with the ultimate world, such as a Godhead being, or of being overcome with spiritual emotion ( Schaefer. P.326 ) . A spiritual experience for illustration is a Christian that is “ Born Again ” . It is a committedness to Jesus and to turn 1s life about. Almost 42 per centum of Americans claim that they are born once more. Religious Beliefs can merely be a belief of life after decease for a faith. A Ritual is person who says grace after repasts or holding a minute of silence at person ‘s decease.

There are many different types of faiths and many different rites that people may make, but no affair what these can convey people together when its needed the most. There is a big organized faith that is non linked with the authorities or province and they are called denomination. These groups have truly big populations and have certain beliefs, but they do non label themselves as any certain type of faith. SO based on what I ‘ve learned, there will ever be different types of faiths and people will ever hold their ain beliefs. But when our state is in demand the most, it will ever unify us as one and will ever stand strong as a state.

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