One inquiry that about people may inquire is, “ Is there such thing as absolute truth? How do we find whether something is true or false? ” Christians know how to reply these inquiries, and that is that there is such thing as absolute truth. Absolute Truth is merely the impression that there is a truth or a set of truths that apply to everyone, and is dependent on the individual, clip and location by which the statements are said. Besides, with absolute truth it is non a affair of sentiment. For illustration, if I am sitting in a room with my sister and she thinks it is hot, and I disagree we have to see what is hot. Bing hot is an sentiment and non a proposed truth about the existent temperature of the room. What we must recognize about this is that the temperature of the room itself is the absolute truth. There are definitely sentiments about the temperature and how it feels, but the absolute truth is the existent temperature of the room.

The subjective theory of truth is besides called relativism. This theory claims that cognition of truth is comparative to each and every individual. Relativists claim that something can be “ true for you, but non for me. ” One individual can claim that their proposition is true, while another individual will state that same proposition is false, and they will hold that they are both right. Normally the Relativists fall apart in the kingdom of Morality. An illustration to turn out the bunk of relativism and the cogency of absolute truth is discoursing the actions that Hitler showed and how he lived. If person does non believe in absolute truth, you can inquire him or her if they think what Hitler did was right. Relativists would so react with stating that Hitler ‘s actions were “ true for him ” so it must hold been okay. Covering with this you now knows that the relativist is wholly immoral. No 1 in his or her right head should state that colza, and slaying 1000s, and 1000s of guiltless people is right, because it was “ true for them. ” If the relativist believes that colza and slaying is incorrect, so they are stating that it is incorrect to everyone, in every civilization and location ; this is an absolute truth. So as you can see relativism is wholly self-defeating. If person claims, “ all truth is comparative ” does n’t that so fall under the definition of an absolute truth? If a relativist tells you that truth is comparative, you can get the better of their statement by stating, “ Is that perfectly true? ” Now the relativist is left stuck. If he says that relativism in perfectly true, so he as rejected relativism because relativists much deny any construct of absolute truth. Once they say that something is good or evil, right or incorrect for all people, so they have made an absolute statement. Pluralism is a class of relativism.

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The word pluralism is used to denote that every faith is true. It ‘s impossible for person to believe that two different faiths are true because those faiths evidently have different ethical motives, and different beliefs ; hence they have to belie one another. For illustration, a Buddhist believes in reincarnation, and a Christian believes in redemption, heaven and snake pit. So how could these two correspond to one another? ( Hardy, Chapter 3 )

Should we be disbelieving about everything?

You need to be disbelieving when seeking to make a decision, but one time you have reached the decision you should n’t be disbelieving, you should set your religion in that decision. For illustration, if your friend told you that there are two Supreme beings, you should n’t believe that right off, you should be disbelieving about it. But one time you know and come to the decision that there is merely one God, that when you should replace being disbelieving, with holding religion. If we were disbelieving about EVERYTHING we would n’t believe anything. We would be agnostic. We have to hold a belief and have faith that God exist. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says, “ All Scripture is God-breathed and is utile for learning, call on the carpeting, rectifying and preparation in righteousness, so that the adult male of God may be exhaustively equipped for every good work. ” We should non be dubious or disbelieving about God, his being, and his properties. God tells us through his word who he is, if we were dubious about everything we would n’t be able to allow travel and let ourselves to believe the word of God. 1 Peter 3:15, “ Always be prepared to give an reply to anyone who as you to give the ground for the hope that you have. But do this with gradualness and regard. ” We must ever be prepared as Christians to explicate what we believe and WHY we believe it. If we were disbelieving about God, we would n’t be able to be prepared to give ground for why we believe what we do.

3.I do n’t believe that there is a God, is at that place any cogent evidence that He exists?

There are three really of import statements on Gods being, the Teleological Argument, the Cosmological Argument and the Moral Argument. Many times in our attempts to turn out that God exists, there will ever be people who do n’t understand how the universe was created. Some believe we were merely placed here, and so many people deny Supreme beings being because of their belief on development. The teleological statement logically states, “ If there is a design to the universe, so there must be a interior decorator. There is a design to the universe. Therefore, there must be a interior decorator. ” For something to hold been created, there had to hold been a Godhead. “ Nature does non make, nature randomizes, and intelligence organizes. ” For illustration, a ticker is do up of of course happening stuff, but merely an intelligent agent can form the parts so that they fit together to execute a map that serves its intent. ( Henson, Christian Theology, 3 ) The teleological statement asserts that the universe groundss excessively much complexness for it to all go on by random opportunity. Our organic structures are besides excessively complex in order for there to be no interior decorator. ‘Cells and variety meats contain mutualist parts that must be at the same time for life to last. How much can you take away from a cell before it can no longer map? ” ( Henson, Christian Theology, 3 ) Life is excessively specified and complex for everything to hold merely happened by opportunity. God must hold created it all. The existence is a design, we are a design, everything in life has a design, and hence, you must cognize and believe that there is a interior decorator. This statement reveals that God must be intelligent, and he must hold a will. He must hold infinite cognition and power over all his creative activity.

The 2nd statement is the Moral Argument. The Moral Law Argument stems from the truth that each one of us senses that there is a right manner that adult male ought to act. The moral statement asks, “ By what criterion are we to judge these actions? ” If person responds with stating that this criterion is subjective and an sentiment, so there is non standard at all. If it is based on an sentiment, so each individual would hold different claims for what is right and incorrect and this would ensue in relativism. There is a true reply to the inquiry, and that is that there is a moral jurisprudence, given by an intelligent being. “ If there is an absolute moral jurisprudence, so there must be a lawmaker. There is an absolute moral jurisprudence. Therefore, there must be a lawmaker. ” “ There is a manner worlds ought to act, which means there is manner worlds are supposed to act. This means there are behavioural criterions that worlds are intended to fallow, intending there is a program and a intent for human behaviour. Therefore worlds are designed to act a certain manner by an intelligent interior decorator, hence, there IS a moral jurisprudence giver. “ ( Henson, moral jurisprudence package ) Harmonizing to this jurisprudence, every individual is born with an apprehension of right and incorrect. For illustration, everyone understands that killing an guiltless individual is incorrect and everyone understands that assisting a injury individual is right. Where did this internal apprehension of right and incorrect semen from? Harmonizing to the moral jurisprudence statement, this understanding comes from God. He put it into the Black Marias of every individual. Without God, morality would be impossible, and this reveals that God must hold moral flawlessness. The 3rd statement is the Cosmologic Argument. This statement states, “ Everything that has a beginning has a cause. The existence has a beginning. Therefore, the existence has a cause. Therefore, the cause of the existence must be causeless and outside of the existence. It can non be limited by clip, infinite, or affair. ” The universe could non be on its ain so at that place must hold been a first cause that brought it into being. And that cause is God.

4. Is the Bible simply fabulous narratives?

Our foundation of Christianity and all of our beginnings is found in the Bible. When supporting the historicity and the inerrancy ( Gods word without mistake ) of the bible, there are three attacks that Christians will utilize. These attacks are the Bibliographical Approach, the Internal Evidence, and the External Evidence. “ The Bibliographical attack brings to illume the manuscript ( a handwritten transcript of the original work ) grounds for Gods word. ” ( Hardy 125 ) The battle with this attack is that bookmans do n’t hold the “ original autographs from the divine authors of the bible. The original Hagiographas may hold been messed up through all the transit, but “ the deficiency of original does non extinguish the chance of happening what the original said. “ ( Hardy 125 )

The internal grounds trades with two statements, in this attack you will see “ that the authors of the New Testament were eyewitnesses to the events in the New Testament and that the authors wrote their words down during the age of other eyewitnesses. Luke 1:1-3, “ Many have undertaken to pull up an history of the things that have been fulfilled among us, merely as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and retainers of the word. Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good besides to me to compose an orderly history for you. ” Luke “ who wrote the book of Luke and Acts says that he gathered eyewitness testimony and carefully investigated everything. ” ( Hank Hanegraaff ) All of the narratives in the Bible were told from eyewitnesses, they were merely made up, they really came from informants, told in item. “ Those who claim that the Gospels are myth neglect to take the inside informations into history, the Gospels were written as elaborate eyewitness histories, non myth. ” ( Hardy 130 ) When reasoning the historicity of God, it is of import to demo that “ these apostles wrote early, if the New Testament was written after the first century, so it merely was excessively late to be authored by the apostles. ” “ If the Bible were written any subsequently, there would be clip for myth to develop and be added to the text ” Because the New Testament was written and everything in the Bible was written when there were eyewitnesses everything would hold had to hold been true.

The external grounds is another beginning for the Bibles historical grounds. The early church male parents and the findings in archeology are two external beginnings of grounds. “ The Hagiographas from the early church male parents from the first four centuries support the claim that the Bible is accurate. ” ( Hardy 133 ) “ If you destroyed every Bible in the universe, we would still retrace virtually the whole Book from citations from the early male parents. ” ( Norman Geisler ) Almost the full Bible can be acquired from their Hagiographas. This can demo that the Bible is consistent and we have an accurate transcript of what was originally written.

In John 10:35, Jesus tells us, “ The Bible can non be broken. ” God ‘s word is without mistake, it is God breathed, and he inspired the writers ; everything was under his perfect word. “ If God is perfect so God ‘s Word must be perfect. God is perfect. Therefore God ‘s Word must be perfect. ” ( Hardy 135 ) So if the bible contains mistake, and God is perfect, so God must non be the writer of the bible. In His Word, he tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16, “ All Scripture is God-breathed and is utile for learning, call on the carpeting, rectifying and preparation in righteousness. ” Since God is perfect, and the Bible is “ God breathed ” this bible must be accurate, it holds no mistake. But merely holds the truth about the being of God, and the truth to all the inquiries we may hold about Him.

5. Why must God be an infinite being? Why ca n’t at that place be multiple Gods, and why ca n’t God be limited ( free thought, finite Godism, maltheism ) ? ( No verses-use logic! )

If God were non infinite, he would non be God. He must be able to make all things. Polytheism merely believes that there are many finite Supreme beings that exist in the universe and have some power over it. If these battalions of Supreme beings were all spaces, they would hold to be the same being. If two things are wholly infinite, they do non differ in being, and if they do non differ so they are the same. There can non be multiple Gods, it is impossible. If all the Gods are dependent on one another than nil can go God. If you are a polytheist, so it is impossible for you to hold a rigorous set moral criterion by which you can judge what is right and what is incorrect. For illustration, if one of the god things that lying is bad, and the other God you believe in says that “ lying is non bad ” so there is no absolute truth. ( Hardy 80 ) Your Supreme beings would be conflicting, and so they could n’t hold a moral criterion, polytheism as you can see ties in with relativism. The biggest job with polytheism trades with explicating the beginning of the existence. Christians believe that there is one space being who created the Earth. God was non caused so he ne’er had a beginning ; he created everything, he was non created. I polytheism they believe that all their Gods are finite, if they are finite so they must hold had a beginning, they must hold been created. “ If nature created these Gods, so why non worship nature? ” ( Hardy 80 ) They merely can non explicate the beginning or the existence.

In Deism, the freethinker argues that God does non be ; yet the divinity does non interfere with his creative activity. They believe that God does non interfere with the events of the universe, and there are no miracles, and he was limited to affecting himself with his ain creative activity. This worldview merely can non be. “ If God is unable to be a portion of his ain creative activity so he in non infinite, If God does non hold the power do act in His ain creative activity and can non execute miracles than God is non almighty, and if he is non all powerful, he is non infinite. ” ( Hardy 78 ) If God is non active here, so he does non care about us, and he is non omnibevolent. Deism wholly limits God. God must hold all of his properties to be God. If he lacks one of them so he is non infinite.

Finite Godism believes that God is per se limited in his nature. “ To a finite Godist, God may be Omni benevolent but non almighty. To another God may be almighty but non all-knowing. ” ( Hardy 80 ) If this is true than God is non an limitless being. They believe that the existence is ageless, but they put bounds on God. They believe that He can non destruct it, he did non make the existence, he organized it. The job with Finite Godism is that if God is finite in any manner, than this leads to a God who is capable of altering and who needs a Godhead. “ If a criterion changes it ca n’t genuinely be an effectual criterion, and if the moral criterion alterations so truth alterations and so absolute truth does n’t be. ” ( Hardy pg. 81 ) If God is finite, so he needs a cause and if God needs a cause than he is non God.

Maltheism is merely saying that ‘God is evil. ” God can non be evil ; God is good all the clip. He is perfect, and can non transgress. God does let evil things to go on, but he is non evil. He is all loving, so he would non be God Since God is loving and has shown his love through his Acts of the Apostless He must be all loving. God has no possible, He merely is. So he IS all loving.

6. How do you cognize that the space being you believe in is the God of the Bible? ( Bible poetries required -Use them to demo the infinite nature of God and his properties. )

John 1:1 merely answers the inquiry refering out infinite God being the God in the bible by stating, “ In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. He was with God in the beginning. ” God, our Godhead, is the word. The word was with him in the beginning ; we have all the replies to all inquiries right in the bible that God breathed. The lone space being created it, it is his, and he has given it to us so that we can understand his Godhead nature, his intent and being, and what he inspired to all of his creative activity. “ The cosmogonic statement provinces, everything that has a beginning has a cause, the existence has a beginning, hence, the existence has a cause. Thus the cause of the existence must be causeless and outside of the existence. “ The Godhead of clip, infinite, and affair can non be limited by clip, infinite or affair. ” ( Henson, Christian Theology, 2 ) God has one nature. His nature can non be divided, he can non be limited, and he must be all loving, all knowing and almighty. He must be changeless, without alteration. Psalm 102:27- ” But you remain the same, and your old ages will ne’er stop. ” He is an almighty God, and can make anything that is logically possible. Job 42:1-2, “ The Job replied to the LORD: I know that you can make all things ; no program of yours can be thwarted. ” God claims throughout the bible that He has power and control over all of his creative activity. His perfect attributes that make him who he is, is all given to us through the Bible, which he has breathed. He knows every move we make, every idea we perceive, and every word we speak, God is Omniscient. Psalm 139 ; 1-4, “ I O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise ; you perceive my ideas from afar. You discern my traveling out and my lying down ; you are familiar with all my ways. ” God speaks these words to us through the bible and through his voice.

God is besides holy, he is personal, and he is all loving. If he is holy “ he is absolute flawlessness and must be separated from imperfectness. Psalm 18:30, “ As for God, his manner is perfect ; the word of the LORD is flawless, He is a shield for all who take safety in him. ” God must be perfect, the Bible tells us that all Gods ways are perfect, nil about him can be any thing other than flawless. For God to be infinite, he must besides be omnibenevolent. Love is an unconditioned positive. He must love all, all the clip. His love ne’er fails, nor alterations. It is ageless and it is perfect. Exodus 34:6-7, “ And he passed in forepart of Moses, proclaiming, ‘The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, decelerate to anger, abounding in love and fidelity, keeping love to 1000s, and forgiving evil, rebellion and sinaˆ¦ ” The Bible besides says in 1st John 4:8, “ He that does non love does non cognize God ; for God is love. ” Another one of Gods attributes that make him who is he is his righteousness. A absolutely righteous being can non perpetrate immorality. It is impossible for God to perpetrate any wrongs. Although God is non evil, he must penalize those who sin because God is merely. In Psalm 9:7-8, the word says, “ The LORD reigns everlastingly ; he has established his throne for judgement, He will judge the universe in righteousness ; he will regulate the peoples with justness. ” Gods many properties are what make him perfect, and the lone space being. We know organize his word that he is the 1 and merely true and perfect God. With the many properties and the perfect nature that he reveals through the bible, we have no alibi to non believe that he is anything else but infinite. To sum up everything, Romans 1:20 says, “ For since the creative activity of the universe God ‘s unseeable qualities-his ageless power and godly nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that work forces are without alibi. ”

7. If there is a God and He is almighty, omnibenevolent, and omniscient, why is at that place evil? I mean, if he created everything, so did n’t he make evil?

“ If an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibeneficient God is responsible for the universe as we know it, so how do Christians explicate evil? ” ( Paul Kurtz ) A batch of times in our life that God has created for us, we suffer from hurting, from decease, from illness and from evil. Many people, even some Christians struggle with believing there is a God when there is all this wickedness and agony in the universe. Often times when you talk with person who has had so many calamities happen in their life, God is the 1 they blame. They ask, “ if God is all-good, omniscient and almighty, so why does evil be? If God wants the best for us, and has the power to give us the best universe, so why does n’t he make it? ” ( Hardy 104 ) This is what the non-believer statement looks like, “ If God existed as an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient being, so evil can non be in his creative activity. Evil does non be in his creative activity. Therefore, God does non be as an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and all-knowing being. ” ( Hardy 104 ) For the non-believer they believe that if God is non almighty, so he does non hold the power do destruct the immorality in the universe, and if God is n’t all-knowing so he is unable to cognize all the evil Acts of the Apostless that are taking topographic point in the universe. If God is non omnibenevolent so he does non ever seek the good in people. For them God must miss one of these properties for there to be a ground for immorality in the universe.

The existent inquiries most Christians will be asked is, “ Did God make evil? ” The job that the non-believer has is this: “ If God created everything, so did n’t he make evil as good? ” The solution to this inquiry is that wickedness is non a thing. ‘Sin in general is the province where a given thing is losing what it is expected and designed to hold ” ( pg 105 ) We were given life by our Godhead and now because he gave us free will, and because of the actions we choose to take, evil is committed The word want is used to depict immorality. “ When something is deprived of what it was given by the Godhead so in this respects, it is evil ” ( Hardy 106 ) God did non mean for the universe to be evil, he did non deliberately make it. But what he did make was give us free will. It is perfectly impossible for something to be wholly evil. “ If something is deprived from good so is does n’t even be. ” So when non-believer or even Christians turn their dorsum on God because they do n’t believe that an all-loving, almighty, and omniscient God would make evil, you will reply with this ; evil is non a “ thing ” it is a want of a thing. Our infinite God did non make immorality, he created a perfect universe in his perfect image, but it was broken because of his creative activity, us.

Another inquiry people struggle with in seeking to understand why there is evil in the universe is this. “ Why did God let immorality to go on? For if God is almighty, could n’t God hold created a topographic point were we would n’t hold make n’t evil? ” Everything in Gods nature is perfect, he makes perfectly no errors. Our Godhead, who makes no errors, gave his creative activity free pick. This means you have the freedom to either make right or incorrect. “ If a thing is free to be good, it is besides free to be bad. ” ( C.S Lewis ) So when people ask why so did God give us liberate will? “ Free will, though it makes evil possible, is besides the lone thing that makes possible any love or goodness, or joy worth holding, ” ( C.S Lewis ) By giving us free will, God allowed a door to be opened for immorality to go on, nevertheless, we are the 1s who really commit the evil Acts of the Apostless. God is non the 1 to fault!

If God is almighty, why ca n’t he destruct evil? Worlds are full of wickedness and humanity is filled with evil because of pick, so if all immorality was destroyed, humanity would be destroyed as good. God tells us in Romans 3:23, ” for all have sinned and fall short of the glorification of God. ” God is our lone justice, he will penalize those who sin, but he will besides forgive those who ask because he is an all-loving God. He has given us free will, so we have the freedom to turn our dorsum and commit immorality, or we can take that freedom and turn towards him. God desires for us to utilize that free will and populate a unrecorded through him, but he will besides forgive and assist the 1s who do n’t. Romans 5:3-4, “ but we besides rejoice in our agonies, because we know now that agonies produce doggedness ; doggedness, character, and character, hope. ” We gain doggedness by agonies, so, there are some good things that come out from immorality. If there were n’t any bad, where would the good be? God is perfect, all his ways and programs are perfect, it is because of us that there is evil, non because of our God.

8. The lone possible account of our being is natural choice.

Natural Selection is non the lone account of our being. Development is a series of minor alterations that happen over a long period of clip ; the job with development is that they are stating one species can germinate into another, but we have ne’er seen this occur. Natural choice means endurance of the fittest. Natural Selection is something that really happened. The job we have is when we are speaking about natural choice and development together. Natural choice works with both creative activity and development. We ca n’t govern out natural choice cause we have seen it go on. If development is true so generation 1 is non actual. There is no cogent evidence for macroevolution, we agree with microevolution but non macro. Natural Selection is acceptable in any other theistic faith, but it blatantly objects the Christianity philosophy. Besides if development is true, so there is no significance to life and no intent for why we are here. There is no cogent evidence for macroevolution, we agree with microevolution but non macro. Natural Selection is acceptable in any other theistic faith, but it blatantly objects the Christianity philosophy. Besides if development is true, so there is no significance to life and no intent for why we are here.

In order for us to state N is non the lone possible account we have to confute development. By confuting development, we can utilize and look at irreducible complexness. “ Cells and variety meats contain mutualist parts that must be at the same time in order for life to last. ” ( Henson, Christian Theology, 3 ) Our organic structure is an irreducible complex machine. If you were to take away one portion of a cell, the cell would interrupt down and our organic structure would n’t be able to work. Based on our old statements we know they following. One there is a God, two he created us. If God created us so it had to be a particular creative activity for us, we must hold been made in the image of God, God could n’t hold created us utilizing development because it rejects God ‘s word and takes God out of the creative activity equation. God had to hold created us.

9. What makes Jesus so different? What did he state that was so alone? ( Bible poetries required )

There are so many things that make Jesus different. His alone properties are something that no 1 will of all time be able to hold. Jesus is almighty, he is all loving, and he is all cognizing. That entirely makes his so different from adult male. He can command anything in his power, he gave his life so we could be forgiven, and he knows every idea and every move that we make. Jesus is besides the lone manner to the Father ; there is non other manner to redemption. Acts 4:12 says, “ Redemption is found in no 1 else, for there is no other name under Eden given to work forces by which we must be saved. ” Jesus was born of a virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was resurrected, he was sent to decease on the cross, and he rose from the dead three yearss subsequently. John 10:17-18, the Word says, “ The ground my Father loves me is that I lay down my life-only to take it up once more. No 1 takes it from me, but I lay it down of my ain agreement. I have authorization to put it down and authorization to take it up once more. This bid I received from my Father. ” When Christ was alive he has said that he was traveling to come back to life in three yearss when he said in John 2:19, “ Destroy this temple, and I will raise it once more in three yearss. ” What is so improbably alone about Jesus is that he is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

John 17: 1,3,5, “ I Jesus spoke these things ; and raising up His eyes to heaven, He saidaˆ¦This is ageless life, that they may cognize You, the lone true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sentaˆ¦Now, Father, laud Me together with Yourself, with the glorification which I has with You before the universe was. ” “ The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are equal, they are equal in being. All three are every bit God, they portion the same godly nature. ” ( Henson, Christian Theology # 2 ) We believe in one God who exists everlastingly in three individuals. Jesus is to the full God and to the full adult male. Jesus is one individual and has two natures ; human and Godhead. “ He was of the godly nature, but besides had the indispensable properties and qualities of a human. ” ( Hardy 144 ) The nazarene is the Father, “ He is the caput, writer, Godhead and contriver. He is the Son of God, “ The image, word, and look of God. ” And He is the Holy Spirit, “ He applies the will of God. He causes the will to attest. He convicts people of their wickedness and applies redemption to trusters. Providence and miracles are the work of the Holy Spirit. ” ( Henson, Christian Theology, # 2 ) 2 Corinthians 13:14 says, “ The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the family of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. ” He is alone in so many ways, we will ne’er be able to understand, but we need to appreciate and love, and award with all of our Black Marias.

10. Why do Christians believe that there are three Supreme beings in one? Is n’t this Polytheism? ( Use a few poetries hereaˆ¦ )

We do non believe that there are three Gods. We believe that there is one God who exists in three individuals. “ If we believe that three wholly separate Supreme beings are really one God, so we would be beliing everything. ” ( Hardy 141 ) This would fall into polytheism. Polytheists believe that there are many finite Gods that exists, but we believe that there is ONE space God that exists. Jesus is to the full God and to the full adult male and He is one individual with two natures. He is human and Godhead. All three individuals play a different function, the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 8:6 says, “ yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live ; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live. ” This explains the integrity of God. “ The Bible clearly describes God as ONE being ” ( Hardy 145 ) Polytheist believe that their many Gods all play different functions. Like I said Christians believe there is ONE God in three individuals. The Father is the Godhead and the caput ; the Son is the “ go-between between God and adult male. ” The Holy Spirit “ knows the innermost ideas of God, and if the spirit knows the innermost ideas of God, so he must be God. ” ( Hardy pg 149 ) 1 Corinthians 2:10-11, “ but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. aˆ?The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who among work forces knows the ideas of a adult male except the adult male ‘s spirit within him? In the same manner no 1 knows the ideas of God except the Spirit of God. ” So the Word gives us grounds that all three individuals play different functions, but they are all every bit God. “ They are all of the same substance. ” ( Henson, Christian Theology ) Our ONE God is infinite, and if he were n’t so he would n’t be God. There must be ONE God. So as you can see, the three can be really confusing, but you are able to cognize that we do Not believe that there are three Gods. We worship ONE God. We worship the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

11. What does a individual have to make to go a Christian? Why is it necessary? Could n’t you merely be “ good ” and acquire into heaven? ( Bible poetries required )

In order for a individual to go a Christian you must squeal Jesus Christ as your Godhead and Jesus. You must give your whole bosom to him, ask him for forgives and allow him be what you worship. Often clip ‘s people say they are Christians because they go to church, or their parents are Christians. But truly it is non about what you do and what your parents believe, it much come from your bosom. You must cognize and believe with all your bosom that he is your King, you savior, and your Lord, and most significantly one time you have accepted him, you must populate like him! John 3:16 says, “ For God so loved the universe that he gave his 1 and merely Son, that whoever believes in him shall non die but have ageless life. ” God gave his boy, so we could hold life, and so our boies can be forgiven, He wants us to cognize him as our Jesus, and believe in him so we can hold ageless life with him. If you do non believe in him, or let him to devour your bosom, you will non hold ageless life with him. We are all evildoers and do non merit his love and his grace. Even as Christians we sin mundane. So sin is n’t what makes us different from non-Christians. The difference is the function that Jesus Christ plays in our lives. The difference is our Black Marias and what we believe and know to be true. And the difference is that we will hold ageless life in Eden with Him.

Besides many people believe that making good plants will convey us redemption with God. The thought that we can make plants to acquire to hold ageless life is non anyplace is Gods word. “ Our works no affair how good, can non wholly take the wickedness that has infected our lives. ” ( Hardy 167 ) Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “ For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this non from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by plants, so that no 1 can tout. ” We are non saved through our plants ; we are saved by God through His grace. Therefore, we must honour him, give him thanks, and give him praise, and understand that we owe Him everything. We must understand that no 1 can salvage us and carry through our Black Marias like God can. In order to populate in infinity with God, we can non travel through anyone else other than Jesus Christ. John 14:6 says, “ Jesus answered, “ I am the manner and the truth and the life. No 1 comes to the Father except through me. ” We must be more than willing, and tidal bore, and desperate to hold a relationship with God. “ Through his life, decease, and Resurrection, we can be assured that if we believe in him, we will pass infinity with God. ” ( Hardy 168 ) If you want to go a Christian, pray to God and inquire him to come into your bosom and consume every portion of your life. Confess Him as your Lord and Savior, and you will be rewarded with an ageless life with Him.

12. Where are you at in your religious journey?

My Journey with Christ has been an astonishing one, and has changed my life and who I am wholly. Having Jesus in my life has made me larn to love more profoundly, live more passionately, see more clearly, and appreciate and the unsmooth times, and they blessings in my life so much more. I know that holding Christ as the centre of my life will take me to topographic points and chances that I would n’t hold been able to see without him. He has been my strength and my Jesus, my bosom and my life of all time since eight-grade when I asked him to take control of my being, and alter my life wholly. Turning up I ne’er had a stable household life. I did n’t hold a Christ like “ father figure ” in my place ; I did n’t hold person to take me spiritually. The unsmooth times I experienced with my Dad turning up, and seeing how he treated my ma and us made me experience entirely, and because of the behaviour in my place I would oppugn God many times, and inquire Him why could n’t he mend my household. I felt like God was n’t present in my life. I was so despairing to experience loved and protected. I wanted person to force me to be a better individual. I wanted to be saved, and to be lifted up from the storm I was populating in. In 8th class at blowy spread I gave my life to Christ. That dark I was seeking to depict to my friends what had merely happened and I said, “ There is a difference between cognizing God and experiencing God, and tonight I felt Him ” I knew that He had his manus on my bosom and I knew that God was everlastingly cemented in life. Becoming a Christian did non alter my Dad and my household, but what it did alteration was my response to it. I had become so much stronger and was able to cognize and understand that I can swear God, and know that He knows what He ‘s making, I knew that God does n’t do errors, and He will non give us more than we can bear. Looking back, and even what im sing today, it seems like my life got more ambitious when I became a Christian. God gave me more obstructions, more enticements, and more tests. But I knew through all this I was n’t entirely. It was decidedly a trial of my religion.

In high school that is where my relationship with Christ changed. For the first few old ages of high school I allowed relationships, male childs, and difficult times take control of my life. And it surely led me on a way off from God. When my parents got a divorce, I felt like I wasted so much supplication, and all the darks praying and shouting myself to kip, imploring for God to alter by household, I felt like it was all thrown back at me. I began to arise a batch, and I used things I should n’t hold as an flight from the injury I felt mundane. I wanted to experience numb all the clip, so alcohol surely did that for me. The brainsick thing about it was that it ne’er helped. It made me experience more hurting, more emptiness, and more entirely than of all time. I eventually was ready for another alteration. I went to church one Sunday, and the discourse was approximately, “ God non demoing up. ” That discourse moved me in so many ways. My curate stressed to us that God is ever watching. He knows your every move, and he ever wants you to fall back in His weaponries. He will ne’er turn his dorsum on you, but Man seems to ever turn his dorsum on Him when life gets difficult. That Sunday I re-dedicated my life to Christ. Everything I did from there on out was so different, my friends, my relationships, my actions, my ideas, everything changed. Although I lost a batch of friends after that I understood that they were maintaining me off from Christ. They twenty-four hours I re-dedicated my life to Him I read this devotedness, “ I am almighty, and I am fixing you for something important in My ageless program, Do n’t be afraid to woolgather large merely because of past letdowns. Remember, it was n’t your religion in ME that failed you ; it was your religion in people that caused the hurting of broken dreams. I am your King and I can make anything you ask in My name. Ask Me, obey Me, and seek Me with your bosom, head and strength. And so watch My promises to you come to go through in my perfect clip. ” ( His Princess ) God has blessed me with people in my life to assist me turn in my relationship with Christ and for that I am everlastingly grateful.

Now in the following four old ages, I will be able take the cognition I have gained and utilize it throughout my journey in college so that I can portion Christ with others, and be a informant for him. ( THANK YOU HARDY! ) I understand that in college there will be many enticements, but Christ will force me through, He will ne’er neglect me. I will guard my bosom, my pureness, and my strength at all cost. My relationship with Christ grows every individual twenty-four hours of my life and that will go on everlastingly. James 1:3-4 says, “ For when your religion is tested, your endurance has a opportunity to turn. So allow it turn, for when our endurance is to the full developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything. ” I know that my relationship with Christ can get the better of anything, it will acquire me through any test and convey me more dreams and more approvals that I could of all time conceive of. For the following four old ages I am traveling to do certain I am so involved with Christ in college by acquiring involved in campus ministry and lodging to the RIGHT CROWD! I know and pray that my relationship with him will be the strongest through the enticements and the challenges. For the following four old ages I plan to analyze really hard in my dance and my art, and know that I am traveling to laud Christ through all of it. Every measure I take in my life and in my journey I pray that those stairss will be one measure closer to Christ each twenty-four hours. I know that I will prosecute Him, love Him, obey Him and congratulations Him in all that I do. I perfectly owe Him everything. I ca n’t wait to see where Christ takes me throughout my journey in life.

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