Summer My summer started at, the last day of school. I had no homework. The next day I played outside. I was playing basketball with a hoop and playing with my brother and friends. A month past and a new boy just came to my block . Then we started to be friends he is good at soccer and his brothers. His name is Ezekiel he is 7 years old . It was night time an incident happen I was scared and my dad said not to play outside anymore I was so sad and shock.

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The next day I beg my parents to go outside and they let me play but ‘they told me to stay by the house’ and I said “OK” then the hoop was gone I don’t know what happened and it never came back . So now my friends, brother and I only played football. But the good thing is that no one got hurt and I learned, I played, My family came over, I went to go to my cousins house, I went shopping , I played with my old friends from P. s. 244 , and we ate good food that my mom made.

So this is why I think the summer turn out good. Winter In the winter I did not go anywhere my family and I drank hot cocoa we watch television as a family. I stayed home most of the time because it was really cold. Also during this time of year it snows. My family and I talk, laugh, and played games. It was cool hanging out with my family. The day was very long and very cold I wore a jeans that is black, a red shirt, gloves, hat, and a jacket. My cousin came over and stayed at my place for a few hours.

My cousin’s name is Rudy, he is a cool cousin, we had a snowball fight and we had a fun time in the winter. The next day it wasn’t really cold I went to my uncle birthday party. Also we open presents on Christmas day. I had a lot of cool gifts. Even though it was a cold season I still find a way to have fun. The Difference between Winter and Summer The difference between Summer ; Winter is that in the summer it is very hot and it’s sunny and in the winter it snows and it is very cold.

In the summer you can wear short clothes like short pants and short shirts in the winter you have to wear long pants, layers of long shirts, gloves, and a jacket to protect yourself from the cold. The season I like the most is summer. I like it more than winter because summer you can go to the beach when it’s hot. Another reason why I like summer because you can play sports, no school, have parties, family reunions, riding bikes, eating cold things without being sick, and climbing trees.

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