Jenny took Algebra I in eighth grade. It was a pretty tough class, and they just started the factoring unit. Jenny knew that she was going to have to live through it. “Mr. Gurkovich, is this the answer? ” “Now class I want you to realize that Math is an art, not a subject. There’s a way to do certain things. You have to have a process. You cannot just concentrate on the answers, look at your process, that’s where the answer lies. ” After that day, Jenny realized that the answer lies within the process.

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But, in factoring if you get too focused on the process the result might turn out wrong. To begin with, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter displays how Hermione, one of Harry’s friends and a great student gets too involved in her process and the outcome is wrong. Hermione was creating Polyjuice Potion. It was a potion that turned you into a different person. Now, this potion takes quite a while to brew, two months perhaps. Hermione was very careful with each and every ingredient and how much to put in the potion.

In the potion the last step is to put a piece of hair of the person you want to change into. Hermione was too involved in the potion itself and how long she was supposed to brew it that when she put the girl’s DNA in and drank the potion she turned into a cat. Furthermore, Ruined, written by Paula Morris, demonstrated how Helena and her family, the antagonists had a plan or a process behind trying to kill Rebecca, the protagonist. They were going to get Rebecca off of her float in the parade.

Then, all the girls were going to be taken to “change. Instead Rebecca was taken to the cemetery. There she was hoisted on to a vault and they tried to kill her. Helena ended up being killed. When there is a plan and everything is organized events go smoothly and results turn out how they are expected. Succinctly, individuals are focused on getting the answer instead of focusing on how to get there. That’s the nature of the world and people have to realize that is not the way but, with being focused on the process the world will not be able to move forward as well as we do so now.

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