The Session Initiation Protocol ( SIP ) . is an application degree signaling protocol for puting up. modifying. and ending real-time Sessionss between participants over an IP information web. Fifth Main Bank can utilize SIP engineering to back up any type of single-media or multi-media session. including teleconferencing. The cardinal drive force behind SIP engineering is to enable Internet telephone. besides referred to as Voice over IP ( VoIP. ) Using Real-time Transport Protocol ( RTP ) . Fifth Main Bank can interchange sound. picture. or other multimedia content between session participants. There are some concerns that will necessitate to be addressed with implementing a VoIP solution. Routing traffic over the cyberspace is inherently less unafraid than puting a call over traditional circuit switched webs. The cyberspace is a unsafe topographic point. and package sniffers can catch unencrypted traffic. To get the better of this concern Fifth Main Bank could utilize Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) tunnels to link the distant companies to the office locations.

A 2nd concern that may necessitate to be addressed is gateway security. Gateway security options for VoIP are limited and present some challenges. Fifth Main Bank will necessitate to guarantee their firewalls are updated and understand many firewalls actively scan traffic packages as an invasion sensing / bar system. The package scanning can impact package bringing times. A 3rd concern the company will necessitate to turn to is the possibility of Denial of Service onslaughts ( DoS. ) A DoS onslaught could take down the VoIP telephone system. Without sufficient monitoring. VoIP executions may go forth TCP/UDP ports unnecessarily open. This along with other default services. could make a home ground suitable for a DoS or distributed DoS onslaughts.

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To forestall these onslaughts Fifth Main Bank will necessitate to guarantee that unneeded ports and services are shut down. and that the web is decently patched for freshly discovered exposures. Fifth Main Bank will necessitate to turn to several security menaces when implementing VoIP. Confidentiality menaces will be a major security concern for the bank. Confidentiality menaces occur when information can be accessed by unauthorised parties. Leaks of the confidential information of terminal users private certification. fiscal information. security information like watchword. transition content. transition history or form. etc. might do attackers’ occupations easier.

Eavesdropping of phone conversations with VoIP additions because of the big figure of nodes in the way between two preservation entities. If an aggressor compromises any of these nodes. he can entree the IP packages fluxing through that node. There are many more security concerns the bank will necessitate to turn to such as unauthorised entree onslaughts. unity menaces. company designation burlesquing. and more. Each security concern has countermeasures that if decently implemented will let Fifth Main Bank to accomplish their long scope ends. .

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