The vulnerable populations are people who are or may be in demand of community attention services because of their age. disablement or unwellness and who are or may be unable to take good attention of themselves or are unable to protect themselves from the important development or injury. Those who can be classified as vulnerable includes people undergoing the chemotherapy or life with HIV/AIDS. the kids and babies. the frail aged. the transplant patients. pregnant adult females and their foetuss.

The vulnerable population people undergo several types of maltreatments which includes the physical maltreatment through striking. forcing. agitating over medicine or otherwise doing the physical injury. sexual maltreatment. which is unwanted touching. snoging or sexual activity or a state of affairs where the vulnerable individual can non or does non give their consent. psychological maltreatment. which includes verbal maltreatment. humiliation. intimidation or utilizing menaces. fiscal maltreatment which includes the illegal or the improper usage of the individuals money. belongings taking advantage of his/her present nature. disregard which is the perennial want of the aid or the attention that a vulnerable individual demands. and if withdrawn will do him/her to endure. institutional maltreatment which is the maltreatment. disregard and backdown of the rights or continually hapless attention in a attention place scene and discriminatory maltreatment which includes the racialist or male chauvinist maltreatment and maltreatment based on the person’s disablement and the other signifiers of torment. slurs or similar intervention. There are many barriers that are ensuing to the diminishing disparity in a vulnerable population. The general population tends to presume the vulnerable population to a point of non being interested to cognize about their demands and what they are undergoing through.

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There is widespread ignorance among the people that they forget that the vulnerable population demands attention and attending like any other normal individual could. There is ever small support from the budget allotments by the authorities to provide for demands of the vulnerable population. The small financess which are set aside for them and on many occasions it has been misappropriated therefore non profiting the vulnerable. There has hasn’t been good policies that are to put the proper guidelines that are meant to set in topographic point to protect the wellness demands of the vulnerable population. Most authoritiess have non been acute to implement the good policies that are to profit the vulnerable groups.

The wellness installations and services that are supposed to provide for the demands of the vulnerable population are ill managed and at times the services which are supposed to be provided are non at that place or they are offered ill may be because of the hapless equipments or low lesson of the workers. At work topographic point at that place a presence of barriers in understanding the exposure. There are fellow workmates who are disabled and need care and attending of other workmates at some clip. Some workmates do non care about them. Infact some complain that they are a load because they interrupt their work and frequently maltreatment and a talk negatively about them when they are non in the office.

Peoples have non been sensitized to the full to understand what exposure means and what it takes to be among the group and what the other people who are non like them are supposed to make to safeguard their well being. These people w should be good taken attention of because they are portion and package of the other active population. Peoples at the workplace do non see exposure as a existent job because it does non impact them and may be none in their household are non portion of the group. These are people who are unable to support themselves or take attention of themselves and so other people see them as a load and therefore could seek whatever agencies to avoid them.

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