The Intentions of the director was to shown how silly war was but put it into a funny and entailment way. There were to styles of acting were grotesque and naturalistic. The character Grusha gave the impression that she had lost everything her voice was weak but moving, her costume was rags which gave emotion of how much she has lost. The Nobel women used her voice to overpower other chat actors by her pitch of tone, she spoke to the poor as if they were rats or animals, and she tried bribing the judge for her love of the children but not true she wanted it as it was the only person who was next for the crown.

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The judge azdak came from being rags to a rich person who judge unfairly. His props showed a lawless state which by his own actions made. Himself was a bad action drinking, taking bribes, ET? These three actors gave an intent impression of watching the play, the use of pitch, pace, tone, pauses and accents gave the play a fantastic display. The costumes were all white which made the important parts side out.

This gave the directors idea out to the audience. Brecht’s emotions of imaginative, vitality was shown here, and, the corrupt, drunk, ?judge Azdak but even all this the end is the best as it goes like this Azdak, who sees more than the bribes he’s always willing to accept, devises a method— the two mothers will engage in a tug of war with the baby, the winner getting the right to keep poor darling.

The outcome, however, Grusha’s emotion can’t hurt the poor darling and lets go but the noble judge gives the baby to Grusha as she did not harm the baby. The use of middle stage was use full as all the audience sees different views of the play. This was an important as the actors had to change direction as the audience is all around the stage. I enjoyed the production from the two different seats the three main characters and the rest were white this helped to enjoyed entailment of the production

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