Overpopulation People are everywhere. Whenever and wherever you go, there are crowded streets which are full of crying babies, walking people, homeless, and so forth. Everything has a limit, so even lands that we live on has a capacity which is limited. In some countries, the population is getting boundless; therefore, if you look at these countries, you will see legible problems such as economic problems, environmental problems, social problems, and criminal problems, and these are just several effects of the overpopulation.

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Economic problems are the first effect that happens because of the overpopulation. Lack of work, high prices, and low salaries are examples of the result of the overpopulation. In fact, the more we have overpopulation, the more we face the poverty because there is no work which can give you a chance to live a decent life. After all, these are the reasons which make you consider the overpopulation as a significant effect on economic. The second effect is environmental problem.

More people mean more air pollution, and the last leads to extent the pandemics and the diseases faster and faster. Furthermore, because of the economic problems, there is no insurance or health care about this situation. As a result of that, the country or the place that has the overpopulation becomes uninhabitable. Third, social problems are an outcome of overpopulation. The wisdom says, “Do not look at what people have. Look at what you have,” but if some people have nothing, and others have everything, that leads the poorest of poor become envious and jealous.

Consequently, the envy and jealousy lead those people to be averse to everything around them. That either makes them successful in order to live a better life or that just occupies them until it makes them have biggest problems! Criminal problems are the fourth and the most crucial results which cause overpopulation. When people do not have work, they do not have an opportunity to survive because without working they cannot earn money! Some of the poverty changes them from victims to criminals. In addition, they start stealing and destroying.

The country which has the highest overpopulation misses its safety, and people do too, and if there is no safety, surviving will be very hard as well. When there is no work, there will not be money to spend, and when there is no money to spend, there will not be a chance for eating, paying bills, taking care of health or family, and so forth. That all drive people to be there where is the law of the forest is prevalent! These are few examples of the effects of the overpopulation, and there are more and more, but nothing can control people to continue living!

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