Should girls play sports with boys? Females should not play sports with males. Young men have many advantages in sports than most girls, with their physical strength and their power to be on top. Females cannot survive under extremely heavy pressure without giving up unlike the opposite gender. Boys are rougher whilst playing and girls are more delicate, therefore it will increase the chances of girls getting injured. Statistics show those boys are known to be more athletic than most girls, so basically males sport levels will be extremely higher than females.

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Therefore, their sport levels are at different degrees. In addition playing with the opposite gender will cause the players to get distracted thus increase the probability of injuries occurring. Many boys can’t control their hormones. Harassment is a serious issue in many schools. If a dazzling girl joins the sport team and catches one of the young men’s eyes he can easily harass the poor girl without getting caught which can hurt the girl physically and mentally. This can become a huge problem in the future. Would you want your daughter to be put in this position?

A few may argue that girls should be treated the same as the boys. But the real question is do you want your daughter to be severely hurt? Boys have stronger bone structures and strength levels compared to many girls. If the young men get too absorbed in the game they won’t realise and unintentionally hurt the girl, which can result in something tragic to occur. Therefore, all intelligent people will know that the best decision is to allow the girls to play separately from the boys. This is because no one will want their daughter to get hurt. Would you want that to happen to you fragile daughter? By: Ali Al-Awady

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