There are many number ones to be remembered in an individual’s life: the first birthday. the first bike drive. and even the really first twenty-four hours in school. First remembrances ever turn out to be of great import and can sometimes hold really great impact on an individual’s life. However. the importance and consequence a first recollection has on a individual is ever taken at a peculiar context. The individual’s mentality on life. his or her disposition. their value system. and besides the quality of that first recollection must ever be analyzed and considered when believing of how the person might hold been affected.

This paper will seek to analyse the impact of a peculiar first recollection on a person’s life. By using information drawn from five different interviews. the impact of an individual’s first clip to travel to the films will be assessed. What did they retrieve about their first experience in a film house? What were their feeling about it? What did they watch? How do they see traveling to the films at the present clip? How do they experience when they go to the films today?

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This paper hopes to demo that first recollections of traveling to the films straight affect an individual’s subsequently experiences of traveling to a film. It will be shown that the quality of that first recollection. its inside informations and niceties and the peculiar emotions it evokes. if any. will be the footing of how the person may experience and believe about traveling to the films at the present clip. Because of the limited clip given. merely five persons were interviewed and these came from a little population type.

They were all university of the same age group. late adolescence. Three interviewees were females and the other two interviewees were males. They belonged to the upper in-between category of society and three out of five. two females and one male. admitted to being frequent movie-goers while two. one female and one male. mentioned traveling to the films merely on occasion. It was clear from the interview consequences that what persons most remembered about their first trip to the films was the people they went with and the film they watched.

Of the five persons interviewed. all five said they foremost went with their household or at least one household member. Four out of five remembered holding watched alive films during their first clip while one. a male. remembered watching a kickboxing film with his male parent. The exact age at which they had this experience. nevertheless. was non distinguishable for most of the interviewees. They did remember. nevertheless. that it was during early childhood. For the females. traveling to the films for the first clip was similar to traveling on a vacation trip with the household.

It was a merriment and exciting experience which symbolized a particular clip they had with their loved 1s. Today. traveling to the films besides meant an gratifying clip to be spent with people they were close to. Dates or excursions with another female friend were most frequently causes for traveling to the films. When asked whether they would travel to the films entirely. all three asserted that they would non travel unless they had person to watch that film with. Movie-going was non about watching the film per Se but about disbursement clip with person they liked.

It was an experience with another person and non of the film itself. For the males. nevertheless. consequences were different. For the male interviewee who watched a kickboxing film with his male parent. movie-going was non an experience of great import. When asked how he foremost felt about it. he said he did non. in fact. experience anything about it. Today. movie-going for him meant merely a dissection of what was on movie. He saw films merely as moving that was non deserving his piece. He pointed out that it would be better if movie-goers went to watch real-life action and behaviour alternatively.

He said he would instead hold watched soldierly humanistic disciplines in individual than have watched the film. For the other male interviewee. nevertheless. he recalled traveling to the films for the first clip as an event with his household but one that was done for his sister. He recalled his sister desiring to watch an alive film and holding been brought along to watch it every bit good. Today. he feels that his movie-going is really much similar to that first experience. He goes for the interest of attach toing other people: a day of the month. a household member. a friend.

He said he would likely travel to a film entirely but merely upon another person’s recommendation of a specific film. The responses of the interviewees show that the first recollection of traveling to a film is so really much linked with present experiences of movie-going. The emotions and behaviour they most remembered about that first experience were really similar to their ain emotions and behaviour of ulterior experiences. It may good be that these persons based their ulterior reactions and mentality on movie-going on that first experience.

The baseline for what movie-going was to intend for each interviewee was set early on in their childhood and was likely reinforced by later similar experiences. It is clear that the truth of their first recollection is non of import. The existent events that transpired during their first trip to the films were non what was of import but instead merely their recollection. Therefore the first memory of an event such as traveling to the films is strong plenty to set up a long-run behavioural modus operandi and emotional disposition in an person.

Gender may play a factor and in the instance of movie-going it did. Females tend to hold more positive experiences and mentalities about movie-going whereas males tend to hold a less participatory remembrance of the event taking to less attachment to the memory and less invested behavior later on. Over all. first recollections of movie-going were seen to be straight related to later movie-going experiences. Persons with retrieving a better quality of a first clip at the films tended to hold a better quality of movie-going experience subsequently on in life.

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