However, issues that are presented in a satisfying way are alcohol abuse and denial, all of which symbolises all the hard work the characters go through to make their relationship what they all want it to be. Religion is also portrayed, in both a satisfying and unsatisfying way. It is unsatisfying as some of the rules and morals are broken, but satisfying as they try to fix them. Lots of everyday issues arise in this film. It helps viewers to realise the many differences and similarities in people’s lives and traditions that make up this world.

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The film ‘Georgia Rule’ portrays the issue of a dysfunctional family with poor relationship skills in a hesitant, unsatisfying way. Throughout the film a sense of resentment and hate is evident, relating to 3 generations of relationships between a grandmother, mother and daughter. A lack of respect and trust is shown in the film, such as in the opening scenes when Lilly is driving along the highway at a slow pace, with Rachel walking along side. Rachel screams at her mother, saying: “You want me to go and live with some old bitch that you can’t even stand and I don’t even know.

I’m out of your life. You won! So just please get out of mine. ” This quote signifies the tension and uncomfortable behaviour breaking the bonds of this family. This issue failed to express the message of a close family through a lack of detail, as the viewer is still left feeling unsatisfied because at the end of the film it is unsure of what the future holds for the 3 generations relationship. One of the main tension breakers during the film that is brought forward is due to the fact that Rachel admits she was sexually abused as a child by her step father.

Rachel comes across like a very strong-willed, powerful person. She is confident and lets nothing get the better of her. While she was trying to comfort Simon at the 4th of July picnic she ‘accidentally’, but in a supporting way, blurted out, “Do you know I was 12 years old when my step-father started having sex with me? I loved him, he was nice to me. We all survive Simon; you just don’t have to be so damn sad doing it. ” Rachel tries to comfort Simon by telling him this, but also tries to reach out to him, in a yet sensitive yet kind of twisted way, for help.

Later on Rachel goes to see Simon and explains she was lying, that she made it all up. She was only trying to make a point and that she felt by saying it, would help her argument come across stronger and clearer. When Simon says ‘[he] believes her’, Rachel gets furious and walks away. It is believed she feels worried that the truth is going to come out and that she will no longer have control over the situation. Despite this, the issue of alcohol abuse displays a very touching, moving part in the film. Alcoholism is shown in a very powerful but controversial way.

Throughout the film it is indicated that Lilly suffers from sever alcohol abuse. It is suggested that, because of her drinking, Lilly is part of the reason why Rachel was sexually abused. She was never totally there; she was supposedly always suspected to be under the influence and leaving Rachel in the care of her step-dad, Arnold. The film is moving when dealing with this issue because it is actually the addiction that starts to bring the family back together. Georgia supports Lilly through her lowest of times.

This is evident during one scene, when Lilly is drinking the alcohol. Georgia enters with a tray of food and drink, saying she needs to eat sometime. Upon entering Georgia states: “Ohh you cut your hair. ” Lilly responds with, “It was getting in the way of my drinking. ” This quote shows the desperate acts that alcohol can make you do and later regret. Unfortunately an alcohol addiction is not as easy as just surrendering and saying you will not drink again, especially when you are drunk at the time. However, Lilly decides to take a major step into the recovery process.

Although this part of the film is moving and touching in some ways, it is portrayed in an unrealistic way, also. However, the audience is left slightly happy with the outcome. Another satisfying issue that is shown throughout the film is denial; it is shown and completed in a supportive, passionate way. Rachel is portrayed to look like she is constantly watching out for her mother and always trying to protect her. When it is revealed that Rachel has been sexually abused, Rachel goes into a state of denial and shuts down.

She dismisses all allegations and ignores anything that is said about the situation. Evidence to show the support is when Rachel and her mother have a few words. Lily wants Rachel to say “He never touched you. ” “He never touched me. He never climbed on top of me. He never put his hand on my thigh when your head was turned at the table for dinner. NEVER! He never put his mouth on my body. Never Mum – there I said it. ” Rachel says everything her mother wants to hear, just to keep her safe and well. Rachel does not admit her sexual abuse problems, but simply sends out little messages and cries for help.

Finally, she gets the support and trust she wants and needs by telling her mother a lie. A lie that her mother finally believes! This shows the length Rachel would go to, to keep the lie from her mum and keep things happy between her mum and step-dad, Arnold. Religion is another issue portrayed in both a satisfying and unsatisfying way. The film tackles the attitudes and beliefs of a Mormon family in a pleasing, mature, manner, but it also becomes a bit unsatisfying at times, when rules and morals are not shown and taken into consideration and/or broken.

Throughout selected scenes of the film Harlan proves his honour and beliefs, to everyone and everything that comes into his path. He shows his cultural faith by saying he will be going to a mission camp for two years, where he will then return and marry June, a pleasing, practicing Mormon girl of who he has planned of marrying since grade 6. This gives the audience the feeling, that he understands boundaries and obeys his religion. However, Rachel comes from a background where religion is not known nor spoken about.

On the boat she asks Harlan if he can have sex. She is being totally serious, of which Harlan can not believe. What occurs on the boat leaves the audience feeling that he has not upheld his honour and respect of the religion. As the film progresses, Rachel begins to ask more and more questions about the different religion and culture. Evidence to show this is when Harlan and Rachel are waiting for June to meet them in the college park and Rachel states; “I don’t get it, why belong to something so strict and boring. “Well, because it’s true … what you choose to believe is true, you know you’ve gotta have faith in something. ” Harlan answers back. This goes to show the difference of two cultures and their beliefs, and how it does not matter what you believe in because you are still human, which involves sometimes breaking rules or doing things you should not do, but always trying to fix them! In conclusion, as shown throughout this essay the film ‘Georgia Rule’ portrays a couple of issues, alcohol abuse and denial, in a satisfying way, which leaves the audience happy with the outcomes.

These issues shows that when you work hard you achieve, and giving up gets you nowhere; stand-up firmly for what you believe in. However, the issues of dysfunctional families and sexual abuse are viewed in an unsatisfying way. These issues made audience viewers feel unhappy with the outcome and not know when and how it had been finished. This film had great potential, however, audience viewers felt the director was too scared to portray the issues in a more realistic way, due to the impact it may have on some people, whom view the film.

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