As technology changes it is important for organizations and businesses to stay up to date and current. There are many benefits of having email access in an organization. Email is a quick way to correspond with another co-worker, client, or another professional by sending a message. Email offers a great paper trail for conversations so there is less note taking. Another benefit is that there is less time waiting for return calls or spending time tracking someone or information down.

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Email also provides a way to communicate with people who may not be in the office but have the ability to check their emails instead of waiting for their return. Limiting email access during working hours is important so that employees remain professional and do not abuse the privilege. Once an email leaves the “outbox” it is important that the sender realizes it will be delivered immediately and what they have sent is permanently out on the net. An email leaves the senders network and finds its way to the receivers network and email inbox.

Instant messaging on organizational networks creates a two way conversation without having to leave your desk, place a phone call, or send an email. One benefit of such technology is that it is a time saver. One co-worker can answer the question sent to them without leaving their office or interrupting what they were previously working on. Instant messaging has its drawback s and must be monitored for personal use. It is important when using technology to communicate, such as instant messaging and emails that employees remember to keep as much information confidential as possible.

Web page and search engines are very helpful and can provide a lot of information at an employee’s fingertips, however if these programs are not monitored they can be abused by personal use of employees. Managers and other department supervisors should monitor the use of email, instant messaging, web pages, and search engines because it is important to ensure professional behavior is being maintained while at work as well as time management issues.

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