These functions add to the list of services that are necessary or beneficial to running a business. Google, Apple, Microsoft 1. Compare the business models and areas of strength? Apple and Google have strong platform and ecosystems. Apple uses their devices as part of solutions to service their customers. Apple is the greatest device leader, while Google is the leader in cloud computing services. Microsoft is way behind on everything, but still holds its corner with Office and Windows, those their fate is questionable. 2. Why is mobile computing so important to these firms?

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First of all, there is a trend towards mobile and computing is getting smaller, and more integrated into everyday activities. Secondly, the current ecosystem system of the current mammoth tech companies means that there’s a lot to gain and lose by trapping customers into one’s platform. For example, one person who joins Android and buys many Android applications will be more likely to buy a second Android system. In this area, again Google and Apple are market leaders, and Microsoft is a snail. 3. What is the significance of applications and the App Store.

As mentioned above, the app store helps create the ecosystem that traps users into a company’s ‘walled-garden’. The app store also serves at the gateway between users and developers with the device and OS being the platform that the gateway opens up. App stores also disrupt many business. For example, we foresee that Voice over IP technology will soon replace current telecommuncation, enabling users to make phone calls directly through the internet. 4. Which company and business model will prevail? It is impossible to choose one company as the high tech industry is hyper active.

However, based on recent trends towards mobile and Microsoft’s inability to innovate beyond its niche, we predict that Google and Apple will continue to dominate the internet experience and mobile computing. Each company has their strengths and please see our PPT for more details for those strengths. 5. What is one company dominates the internet experience. As previously said one company most likely will never dominate the internet experience. However, if this were to happen, the pros would include 1) standardization, 2) no switching costs, 3) no ‘grass-is-greener’ syndrome.

However, the negative would outweigh the positives with traditional effects of a monopoly. There would be a lack of competition, slowing of technological innovation, and increased prices. Additionally, because the internet is a force unseen in history, the power of that company would be unwieldy. This would compromise national and personal security as the company would hold too much political power. Additionally security risks from hackers would be increased as data would likely be behind one technology

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