Turn the Other Cheek

Sunday in the Park is a short narrative by Bel Kaufmann and was written in 1985.

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The narrative is about a household basking a Sunday in the park but all of a sudden another male child throws sand at the households 3-year-old. The household tries to halt the other male child but his male parent encourages him to go on and now there is a struggle between the two male parents.

The household male parent is called Morton and is a middle-aged adult male. He is an upper-middle-class educated adult male and works as a university instructor. He is a nice. city-pale adult male who seldom of all time is angry. and really polite and reads The Times. Morton tries to face the other boy’s male parent by cheerily stating “You’re rather right”…”but merely because this is a public topographic point. …” [ 1 ] But so he gets interrupted by the other male parent and Morton instantly gets insecure but he tries to go on talking courteously “Now. merely a minute. ”…”you must recognize. …” [ 2 ] but once more he gets interrupted by the other male parent and this clip Morton rises but so does the other male parent and he is both bigger and stronger than Morton. Morton gets really pale and thinks for a minute on what to make and make up one’s mind to go forth the park.

Morton leaves the park and avoids a possible battle. He leaves the battle possibly because he is an educated adult male who does non fight and it is non the right thing to make but likely largely because he feels that he would hold lost the battle. Morton is both physically weaker and besides weaker in the sense that he can non speak his manner out of the state of affairs. which could do him huffy since he is an educated adult male who should be able to win an statement against a more stupid adult male. The other adult male takes Morton’s best defence from him. his words.

The other male parents name we do non cognize but he is besides a middle-aged adult male. He is a working category likely non educated and we do non cognize his profession. He is described as a large. rude and impolite. ignorant. he spits and reads amusing books. When the struggle between him and Morton arises he seems really eager to do it a bigger struggle and battle Morton because he knows that he is bigger and stronger. Every clip Morton tries to talk courteously to him he is really hostile and replies with an nescient response as in “You go right in front

Joe. ”…”Throw all you want. This here is a public sandbox. ” [ 3 ] when Morton’s married woman says that other male child. Joe. must non throw sand. Even tough it likely. particularly since it is kids is true I would non state that it is a legitimate statement.

The female parents reaction is interesting. She is filled with fury against the other adult male becausehe puts Morton in a state of affairs he is non used to be in. “ . “She was suffused with tenderness for her hubby and an impotent fury against the adult male for affecting him in a state of affairs so foreign and unsavory to him. ” [ 4 ] . In this quotation mark we truly see how distant this state of affairs is from Morton’s regular life. we besides see how his married woman reacts to his efforts to work out the struggle. We besides see what his married woman thinks about his efforts to work out the struggle. she is suffused with a tenderness for her hubby. It seems as if she is a spot embarrassed by Morton but yet she understands why he does non cognize how to manage the state of affairs. The other adult male seems delighted that the state of affairs is acquiring more tense as if he truly wants a battle.

When both work forces are standing looking at each other she thinks that the state of affairs is awful yet astonishing. as if she wants Morton to contend the other adult male. She wants to see him move like a existent adult male and stand up for his household but she knows that Morton most likely get beaten. She knows she must make something but does non. Before go forthing she summons all the self-respect she could and here we truly see how uncomfortable the state of affairs has made her. she is happy that the battle has been avoided. Yet she feels that it is so uncomfortable because she felt it had something to make with her and Morton. something personal. familiar and of import.

As the household is walking she starts shouting at Larry stating that she is ashamed of him bespeaking that this state of affairs has made her irritated and ashamed but it might non be Larry she is the most ashamed of. Maybe she wanted Larry to throw sand back at the other child and non merely expression at her inquiring what to make but at the same clip she should be proud that her boy knows what is right.

The narrative ends with Morton stating ““Can’t you keep him quiet. for Pete’s interest? ”…”If You can’t train this kid. I will. ” Morton snapped doing a move toward the male child. But her voice stopped him… “Indeed”…”You and who else? ”” . [ 5 ] She repeats what the other adult male had said to Morton when he was seeking to work out the struggle. It truly shows how weak she believe he is. as if he is non able to train his ain boy. as if he can non win a “fight” against a three-year-old. The terminal besides shows how huffy and defeated Morton is of him self. since he reacts that violently because his boy is shouting.

The subject could be standing up for yourself and your household because that is what the narrative is approximately and we see the consequence when Morton does non stand up for him self.

Violence is ne’er the existent reply to a struggle but unhappily it is frequently the lone manner to happen a solution. Contending force with force is really hypocritical but you could see it being necessary in some instances. If the opposition will non listen to your statements and he starts assailing you it would possibly non be the smartest thought to maintain prophesying your statements. Violence should ever be tried to solved by communicating and that was precisely the job in this narrative. Morton tried to state why he believed the child should non throw sand at his son’s face but the other adult male did non listen. Morton so had three picks: battle. maintain speaking. which likely would necessarily stop in a battle. or running off. I think he made the right pick by running off. one must cognize his conflicts and this was non one of his. If he would hold tried to contend the other adult male it would possibly salvage some of his award but if his boy saw him acquiring round up it could do him believe that his male parent was weak and do him to free some regard of his male parent. His married woman might hold been more proud of him if he stood up for his household or it could do her even more abashed.

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