As worlds. we all have a desire to hold things that are beyond what we can afford. As a consequence. we start to hold strong feelings of enviousness and green-eyed monster towards that people who possess what it is that we can non hold. In the short narrative “The Gilded Six Bits” by Zora Neale Hurston. Joe rapidly became fascinated with a large speaker from Chicago named Otis D. Slemmons. Otis claimed that adult females gave him money and adored him. This involvement that Joe had with the gold accoutrements that Otis owned lead to jobs in Joe’s matrimony with Missy May.

Joe and Missy May will recognize that everything that glisters isn’t gold. and that they should be content with what they already possessed. When Joes tells his married woman Missy May about all the gold and adult females that Otis has. she feels as if she would do her hubby a happier adult male if she could supply for Joe what adult females provided for Otis. Missy May wanted to give Joe gold to turn out her love for him. Unfortunately. Missy May did non understand how much Joe cherished her even after he told her “Don’t be so desirous ’bout me.

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Ah’m satisfied de manner Ah is. So long as Ah be yo’ hubby. Ah don’t keer ’bout nothin’ else. ” Missy May knew that the lone manner she could acquire any gold was to give herself to Otis and exchange for it. She told Joe “Us might happen some goin’ long de route some clip. Us could. ” to perchance take him from any bad ideas that he may acquire if she did her obtain any gold. After several visits to the ice pick parlour that Otis owned. Joe came place from work early merely to happen his married woman in their bed with Otis.

After the incident. Missy May calls and apologizes urgently. in order to acquire Joe to believe that she merely slept with Otis to acquire some of his money. Joe found the gold coin that Otis left behind. and noticed that it was merely a aureate coin. Joe carried the coin around with him. recognizing that he brought this state of affairs upon himself. which is likely why he did non take to go forth Missy May. Day by twenty-four hours. the twosome drifted further off from each other. Joe’s penalty towards Missy May was soundless intervention.

Missy May suffered from great depression for months. but she refused to go forth Joe because she loved him excessively much. She no longer found it necessary to acquire out of bed to cook Joe breakfast or even rinse his apparels any longer. Missy May would non even acquire out of bed to acquire dressed until Joe was gone. Joe still felt the demand to penalize Missy May by go forthing the gold piece under her pillow. to demo that he can pay merely every bit good as Otis can for her love. After. carefully detecting the coin. Missy Mae realized that it was non echt.

She had thrown away her felicity for a adult male who was a prevaricator and a deceiver. Joe was a merciful adult male. and allowed the trust between his married woman and himself to reconstruct once more. When Missy Mae founds out that she is pregnant. Joe shows honest concern for her and the babe when he comes place and sees her chopping wood. Knowing what Missy May hold done with Otis. he was cognizant that there was a possibility that the babe could non be his. After Missy May has the babe. Joe’s female parent confirms that the babe is his by stating “You oughter be mighty proud cause he sho is de spittin’ image of yuh. boy.

“The Gilded Six Bits” by Zora Neale Hurston. is a great illustration of the effects that can ensue from being absorbed in material things. Joe and Missy May were fooled by Otis Slemmon’s gilded pieces. Joe wanted what Otis had. and Missy May wanted to give it to him. They realized that money is does non vouch felicity. and their instance it about destroyed their matrimony. After Joe and Missy May understood that everything that glisters isn’t gold. they understand that they already possessed the existent hoarded wealth. which was the love that they showed for one another.

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