When one both reads Catcher in the Rye and sees Rebel Without a Cause. he or she can’t aid but inquire if the authors. Nicholas Ray and J. D. Salinger. someway knew each other. or if one author copied the thoughts of the other. Jim Stark and Holden Caulfield. the two chief characters of the narratives. have so much in common that if they of all time met one another. they would instantly go friends. The chief subject that applies to both plants is adolescent rebellion. Holden and Jim seem to acquire into problem frequently. which affects many different facets of their lives. including their friends. household. school. location. and self-image.

Holden’s and Jim’s parents have really similar attitudes towards their kids. They both appear to botch their kids indefinitely. a common show of parents during the 1950’s. Jim’s male parent mentioned that he bought Jim everything he wants. including a auto and bike. Holden said that his female parent had late sent ice skates to his school for him. Besides. both parents show embarrassment of their children’s delinquent behaviour. Neither Jim’s nor Holden’s male parents are good function theoretical accounts for their boies. Jim feels that his male parent is cowardly. weak. and a poulet.

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Holden’s male parent isn’t of all time about. since Holden is ever at one get oning school or another. Furthermore. both boies feel misunderstood by their parents. The major difference between Holden’s and Jim’s households is that Holden’s parents trade with his jobs by directing him off to prep schools. whereas Jim’s parents seek to be more involved in their son’s life and travel with him from town to town. A minor difference in their households is that Jim is an lone kid. but Holden has three siblings.

Holden does non truly hold any friends. He invariably criticizes and complains about the people he interacts with. seldom has anything positive to state about them. and does non see anyone his existent friend. Jim tries to do friends with the childs at his new school. but merely succeeds in deriving two existent 1s. Plato. who is a societal castaway at school. leaps at the opportunity to go Jim’s friend. Judy. nevertheless. makes merriment of Jim with her friends until her fellow. Buzz. is killed. Then. she seeks comfort in Jim and they fall in love. Both the Jim and Holden feel like castawaies. which is a major portion of their rebellion. However. where Jim tries to suit in and is rejected by his equals. Holden does non do such efforts and he is the 1 who rejects his schoolmates.

Neither Holden nor Jim fit into their schools. Holden has a batch of academic jobs. although he appears to be a reasonably intelligent male child. Jim. on the other manus. has societal jobs. In his old schools. he had a inclination to crush up childs for naming him poulet. He besides feels the demand to maintain his award. and hence take part in the “chickie fight” against Buzz. which leads to Buzz’s decease. Holden seems to set in really small to no attempt in his school assignment and adjustment in. He doesn’t truly care that he flunks out of his categories. Jim’s academic life wasn’t truly portrayed in the movie. but he did seek to suit in. When he was scolded for walking over the school’s insignia. he felt really regretful about it. Therefore. Jim is non ever deliberately rebellious. but Holden’s rebellion is calculated.

Jim’s and Holden’s emotional confusion affect their lives likewise. Both are highly misunderstood by both the populace and their ain households. Although they appear to be rebellious and tough. both have a more sensitive inside. They suffer from disaffection from their households and equals. but Jim decidedly strives towards credence while Holden does non. If Catcher in the Rye had been made into a film. James Dean would hold been the perfect histrion to play the portion of Holden. since his portraiture of Jim was so precise.

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