Harmonizing to ( Augustine of Hippo ) described the construct of divinity itself as the survey of God or, more by and large, the survey of religion, pattern, experience or of spiritualty, it is the rational and systematic survey of faith and its influences and of the nature of spiritual truth, or the erudite profession acquired by specialised classs in faith, normally taught. ( Theology – Wikipedia on Ask Jeeves )

Since Christian divinity is merely hence an effort to understand God as He is revealed in the Bible. No divinity will of all time to the full explicate God and His ways because God is boundlessly and everlastingly higher than we are. Proper scriptural divinity is the instruction of God ‘s word ( 2 Timothy 3:16-17 ) . Who so is a theologian and what qualities must the would be possess?

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By and large, divinity is seen as concern of all God ‘s people that should non merely be limited to a theological module. ( Jurgen Moltmann ) Rather, should be the concern of all Christian religion, therefore all Christians who believe and who think about and pattern what they believe are theologists, whether immature or old, work forces or adult females. Since until Bible is expounded when prophesying made it the word of God. ( Jan,30. 2007, Mission and Theology )

However, harmonizing to ( Random House word bill of fare ) described a ‘theologian ‘ as one who is learned in divinity. I am rather more comfy with this definition because of many things to be looked at in this write up.

Meanwhile to be a practical theologian – All Christians should be consumed with theology-the intense, personal survey of God-in order to cognize, love, and obey the One with whom we will gleefully pass infinity with as the instance may be. ( Paul Enns )

Apart from the aforementioned, the features of the civilization in which the Gospel is expressed have long been recognized as an indispensable constituent in the theological undertaking ( Paul Tillich, ) . As the theological idea continually moves in a dialectical tenseness between two poles – “ the ageless truth of its foundations and the temporal state of affairs in which the ageless truth must be received ” even though one must non bury this statement of the state of affairs hides the world that even the “ ageless truth ” of our theological foundations is culturally embodied ) .

What has non ever been recognized, nevertheless, is that “ civilization ” is non a universal, homogenous Phenomenon. In the past few decennaries, release women’s rightist and Asiatic divinities have been instrumental in reaffirming the world that civilization is specific to peculiar groups or parts. They have besides raised consciousness of the extent to which most theological idea in this century has been filtered through a really specific cultural position, illustration is that of Western male academic theologists.

While these peculiar divinities have been successful in explaining other cultural positions non addressed by Western divinity, there is one of import cultural position that is still mostly ignored in theological idea and theological instruction, and that is the cultural context being created by national and international mass media ( Peter Horsfield, Feb 1988 ) .

However, this essay will critically look at several other human qualities that the will be theologian will necessitate to convey to the undertaking of theologizing in his / her local church:

Essay Plan

The essay will consist of the undermentioned countries of treatments therefore as described by Dr. Daniel – lector who treated this class with us in the category

Introductory portion – the construct of divinity and who a theologist is.

Some basic literature reappraisal on the construct of divinity with respects to the nature of Christian practical divinity, as it is powerful and prophetic, come oning etc.

Approachs to theological contemplations as it relates to theology by bosom as a human papers, stating God ‘s narrative. – what resources and methods are available to the sensible theologist.

Theology in relation to other subject and how of import to understand this nexus. Taking into the histories of anthropology, economic, political constructions, psychological science, history, humanistic disciplines and sociology etc.

To derive apprehension of why should theology hold some basic features as to fit the would be theologian.

Functions of divinity as it reveals in pastoral maps. Its application in steering single Christian, in topographic point disclosure map, applied map,

Becoming a sensible theologian – such as using humbleness, humanity, critical accomplishments, imaginativeness etc. in dispatching his /her responsibility at local church. Experience that relate to different dimension of life experiences

Critique / Critical contemplations a theologian in affairs of divinity

Summary and decision.

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