Importance of Values 1. Valuess are ushers for our behavior. 2. It is signi? buzzword to our life and the society in general. 3. It gives direc? on to our lives. Its value are clear and consistent. 4. Valuess tell us the importance of people. What things are desirable and sa? sfying. 5. Valuess are principle by which persons are guided on their proper behavior in a society. 6. Valuess have something to make with the entire forma? on of a individual. 7. Value average whatever is really prized. esteemed. desired. approved. or enjoyed by anyone at a? me. 8.

Valuess allow the members of an organiza? on to interact harmoniously. Values a ( ect their forma? on and development as persons. and do it easier to make ends that would be impossible to accomplish separately. 9. Valuess is being itself or the profusion of being in every bit much as it has power to a+ract the cogni? ve and appe? ? ve poten? ALSs of work forces. 10. Valuess refer to the major priori? es that one chooses to move on. 11. Valuess are seen as turning from a person’s experiences. It is. hence. expected that di ( erent experiences would give rise to di ( erent values.

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Procedure of Valuing Louis Raths. et al. de? ned value or the procedure of valuing as holding seven facets and made it clear that unless all the seven are present. so what individual has chosen is non a value. Values possess standards which can be divided into three classs: CHOOSING. PRIZING. and ACTING. Hence: C – Choosing 1. To take freely 2. To take from alterna? ves 3. To take alterna? degree Fahrenheits a=er sing the effects of such alterna? degree Fahrenheits. P – Prizing 4. To care for and be happy with the pick 5. To be willing to a? rm the pick publically

A – Ac? ng 6. To really make something about the pick 7. To move repeatedly to a? rm the pick publically. In the country of pick. the value must be chosen freely and he individual is wholly accountable for the pick he made. The pick must see the effects of the alterna? ve evident. Essen? Al to the valuing procedure is that the pick must be acted upon and should go portion of the life of the individual. Finally. the individual must be happy with the pick. a pick that enhances the emo? onal and religious development of that person.

Valuess. therefore. are major priori? es that a individual choses to move on. that crea? vely enhances his life and the lives of those with whom he associates. Our unrecorded are mo? vated and guided by values. In the words of hall. all of life is deserving populating when we have unfeignedly commited ourselves top the realiza? on of our ends. Fr. Jaime Bulatao. a Filipino psychologist in his Ar? cle “ The Manilenos Mainspring. ” gave four big countries of values from the sum? old age of values: 1. Emo? onal intimacy and security in a household. In any society. the place ever provides love. apprehension. credence. a topographic point where. no ma+er how far or how wrongly one has wandered he can ever return.

The Filipinos are noted for manifes? ng near? Es in the household. As many Filipinos would state. “There is no topographic point like place. ” 2. The authorization value. This may be de? ned as “approval by the authorization? gure and by society. ” A portion of the Filipino tradi? on is that kids may get married merely with the consent of parents ; even when they elope. the parents are s? ll expected to work for reconcilia? on. Authority? gures must be respected and obeyed within the bounds.

Authority? gures are feared and served with awe. but some? Maines are non truly loved. One looks at authorization? gures for aid in obtaining a occupation and other bene? T. 3. Economic and societal be? erment. This value o=en refers to a desire to raise the criterion of life of one’s household. or of one’s hometown. O=en it is refund of one’s debt of gra? tude to parents and rela? degree Fahrenheits. 4. Pa? ence. su? ering. and endurance. This value has been fused with the spiritual value since it seems that God is called upon when other agencies fail. It is associated with adult females more than with work forces.

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