In the essay the research worker was able to come up with the current position of the industry, that is, what the selling organic structure and the authorities are making to advance touristry. Furthermore, the survey includes the state ‘s Strategic Analysis in a chase to cast visible radiation on the chances that are unfastened for Lesotho ‘s touristry.

From there the probe entails what other states ‘ selling mix particularly Promotion involves and the research worker is non merely based on fellow Developing states but besides other Developed states.

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The probe besides looks at the undeveloped markets of Lesotho which can be a major encouragement to both the industry and the state ‘s economic system at big. These undeveloped markets are based on the Product portfolio of the state which has non yet been natured or in some instances, the merchandises that are non being promoted good plenty or at all.

In the decision there are recommendations on what the touristry stakeholders should make to guarantee that the state ‘s touristry industry performs at its optimal degree.

Lesotho ‘s touristry industry is presently ranked 180 out of 181 economic systems in comparative part to national economic systems and 150 in absolute size worldwide by the World Travel and Tourism Council ( WTTC ) and personally as a Mosotho this is shocking so sing the fact that fellow Southern African states like Swaziland and South Africa are ranked 167 and 101 in comparative part to national economic systems severally, but on the brighter side, Lesotho is ranked fiftieth in 10-year growing which shows that it has a high potency of turning.

Therefore the nucleus purpose of this essay will be how Lesotho ‘s touristry industry can be improved both in the long-term and short term. I will analyze the Product, Promotion and Place largely as it will be hard to acquire the consumers view about the Pricing. Furthermore I will utilize different Analytical tools as AIDSs in this essay.

What made the research worker, me, take this subject is the fact that I was born and bred in Lesotho and I have a close comparative actively engaged in the state ‘s touristry industry and the above mentioned grounds have evoked my involvement in touristry as a whole and has lead to this acute involvement of looking into possible ways of bettering this alone merchandise better known as the “ Kingdom in the Sky ” , hence the subject: “ CAN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY OF LESOTHO BECOME A MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO LESOTHO ‘S ECONOMY? ”

What Lesotho is making

The state ‘s touristry industry is chiefly marketed by a parastatal, the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation ( LTDC ) which is a authorities enterprise.

I find it suiting to foremost set up the current province of the state ‘s touristry industry so that I can travel on to raising applicable recommendations. To set up this I interviewed a Selling forces at the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation at the Maseru Information Centre, who emphasized that they as the touristry organic structure are in charge of advancing the state ‘s touristry and presently they do so by go toing regional and international exhibitions such as the well-known Indaba which is Africa ‘s top travel show held yearly in Durban and the ITB Berlin Convention which is the extremely respected and decorated travel conference in the universe ; they attend these exhibitions in order to convey to the attending of international circuit operators that Lesotho is the place of adventure touristry so that they include the “ Kingdom in the Sky ” in the around Africa or around the universe circuit bundles they offer to their clients which largely are “ large Spenders ” .

The mammoth challenge is that the international market did non cognize that Lesotho exists hence foremost the LTDC had to get the better of this challenge which they have made applaudable advancement with their enlightening run by go toing these sort of aforesaid exhibitions and others yearly so that the industry takes them earnestly and does non bury about them by seeing them often taking an active function and puting up award winning bases ( Lesotho ‘s base was dubbed the best base at the 2008 Indaba and at the 2010 ITB the LTDC ‘s base was amongst the top 10 best bases at the exhibition )

Apart from the one-year exhibitions, the LTDC hosts a monthly exhibition called the Maseru Bazaar at the Maseru Tourist Information Office which showcases local handcraft, traditional dances and local creative persons of all genres. Furthermore, stables are put up for all interested persons in the touristry industry to demo their merchandises to the populace and sing tourers who frequently make their first halt here when they enter the state. The nucleus purpose of this exhibition is to market domestic touristry, that is, to promote the people of Lesotho to tour their place state, they call this run “ Know your state foremost ” .

Their runs are focused on escapade touristry more than anything because of the state ‘s rugged terrain and its cragged geographics, hence most of their budget is apportioned to selling this type of touristry to their regional opposite numbers and the international market at big.

The LTDC has late developed a travellers ‘ web site[ 1 ]which provides information about where to remain, what to make and a list of upcoming events to advert merely a few.

One key facet in the concern industry is the merchandise, this is besides the LTDC ‘s precedence to do certain that what they are selling to the regional and international markets is of highest possible quality. They do this by promoting people to maintain the state clean although in this section they are non making that much as expected.

There has to be a ground why the LTDC is executing the manner they are presently, non being at their best. Like many other African states would state, and has become their “ anthem ” , the chief ground is funding, the authorities is non injecting sufficient money into the state ‘s touristry industry to let the LTDC to work at their optimal best. For the 2010/2011 Fiscal twelvemonth, the authorities apportioned M 53.2 million compared to M 69.7 million[ 2 ]for the old fiscal twelvemonth for the Ministry of Tourism Environment and Culture. This is a serious job which may be caused by the cultural background of Africans because they do non believe in touring themselves but they put attempt and money in agribusiness which late is neglecting them.

The private sector is the one which is making their degree best to seek and market the Kingdom in the Sky so that they as single companies can last, they have gone to the degree of puting up an independent organic structure called Lesotho Council for Tourism ( LCT ) which includes every concern related to touristry, circuit operators, adjustment constitutions, providing services and others. The nucleus purpose of this organic structure is to supply touristry preparation programmes, support for touristry development and aid to the touristry private sector to keep high quality touristry merchandises[ 3 ]. It aims to accomplish these by promoting local and international investings in the industry and by offering its members entree to rank international touristry organic structures ( Regional Tourism Organization for Southern Africa, South African Tourism Association ) .

Strategic Analysis

But what are the strengths and failings of Lesotho ‘s touristry industry? To reply these inquiries and others I will utilize the SWOT analysis.



Lesotho is home to legion unique landmarks which can merely be offered by Lesotho and Lesotho merely:

The highest saloon in Africa which is the Sani Top Chalet

The longest individual bead waterfall in Southern Africa

The highest lowest point in height in the universe

The highest extremum in Southern Africa, Thabana Ntlenyana

LetA?eng Diamond Mine which is the highest ( height ) mine in the universe

Apart from those alone landmarks Lesotho has the followers:

Rippling landscape ( brilliant and widely accepted )

Friendly and hospitable people

What Basotho call the Engineering Project of the decennary which is the Katse Dam, consists of a 185m tall double-curvature arch wall, and other Lesotho Highlands Water Project dike

National Parks and Game Reserves

Rock art which comprises of abridging[ 4 ]and therianthropes[ 5 ]

Work force

The industry has several passionate people engaged in different sectors of the touristry industry, circuit operators, information office forces, hospitable hotel staff and others.



There are assorted upseting factors about the merchandise that Lesotho is selling ; the defects include:

Several topographic points of involvement like stone pictures have been vandalized by untrained care-takers and villagers some thought they are continuing the plants of art ; as did one care-taker of the Bushmen pictures ‘ site who poured H2O on the pictures believing they will be more seeable merely to happen out that he was destructing the artefacts.

Maseru as the capital metropolis of Lesotho can non suit more than one 1000 tourers. On the reverse, even if more constitutions were set up, most of the clip the suites would non be occupied because this came to the attending of a circuit operator when he had to form a circuit for a group of 1000 invitees.

Tour operators do non hold large vehicles to manage big groups which forces them to engage local managers which most of them are non satisfactory because they travel day-in day-out as taxis therefore they are non looked after that good.

Work force

Customss ‘ staff at the assorted ports of entry does non handle visitants good at all, they do non hold client attention preparation. Numerous tourers have complained about this at the Tourist Information Office in Maseru.

Adjustment receptionists at several constitutions in the outskirts of Maseru besides have a job of holding non undergone a client attention class. This is a serious job because one circuit operator told me his anecdote of when he was at a hotel in Mafeteng where he waited for about half an hr for a receptionist to look and when she appeared she did non even recognize him nor apologized for being late, she arrogantly asked them what he wanted. This is shocking and is easy impulsive people off from the Kingdom in the Sky.


The universe is dominated by hi-tech machinery and technological progresss which cause emphasis to its users and this has lead to people desiring to tour original and cultural states off from their day-to-day busy urban life and Lesotho is one of them, hence the market for cultural and eco-tourism is fast turning and Lesotho should contend for its portion in this market.

Lesotho is investor friendly and for that ground foreign investors could be approached so that they build accommodation colonies and other installations to better what the state offers the universe and they themselves will be moved to advance the state for their investings sake.

South Africa ‘s adjustment rates have risen aggressively because of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and these monetary values are trailing tourers off now that tourney is over while Lesotho ‘s adjustment rates have non changed significantly intending more people would take Lesotho over South Africa.


Lesotho is wholly landlocked by South Africa ; hence healthy diplomatic dealingss between the two states are of extreme importance because South Africa is the lone route gateway into and out of Lesotho. This is non merely the instance when utilizing route conveyance but besides the instance when utilizing air conveyance because in order to make Lesotho one uses a connecting flight ( controlled by Airlink, an airways company ) from the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa and this is because Lesotho does non have an air hose company and its airdrome is excessively little to set down large planes. This proved to be true during the 2010 FIFA World Cup where come ining and go outing South Africa to Lesotho by route meant long hours in the waiting line waiting for your passport to be scanned and this was enforced entirely by the South African authorities entirely.

The figure of South African companies selling and doing money out of Lesotho based Tours is dismaying and worst of all, the state gets minimum gross from those Tourss. The biggest menace comes from Free State circuit operators because they do non engage local circuit operators to carry on those Tourss ; they conduct the Tourss in Lesotho themselves.

South Africa is the state ‘s biggest rival because it has about everything and more than what Lesotho offers and markets those attractive forces good to the international market.

At this occasion I will seek to look at what other states are making, both the developing states like South Africa and the developed states like Ireland and others.

What other states are making

The Developed Countries:

The first state that I will look at is Switzerland which about has a similar terrain to that of Lesotho as it is besides cragged and interesting adequate it is besides landlocked. It is graded 15 in absolute size and 47 in comparative part to national economic systems by WTTC.

Switzerland has different bundles and Tourss such as Food & A ; Wine, Time Travel ( which is fundamentally a historical bundle of the state ) , Shopping, Wellness, Cycling, Hiking, Adventure & A ; Sports, Family Vacations and Gay & A ; Lesbian oriented Tourss to advert a few.

They have a really enlightening web site[ 6 ]and it does n’t stop at that place, different metropoliss besides have their ain web sites which concentrate on their several metropoliss, for illustration Zurich[ 7 ]which has its ain web site which is rather enlightening and up-to-date ; it shows the different circuit bundles for different markets such as Smart Spenders and Luxury lovers.

This shows that the selling and publicity of touristry in this state is of extreme importance to the people of Switzerland.

Now, I will research Ireland, known as the Emerald Isle ; it is good known for its graphic verdancy of its countryside.

Ireland is a little state ranked 42 in absolute size and 135 in comparative part to national economic systems by WTTC. It exploits the honeymoon and romantic pickups markets ; that is why it is besides good known as a romantic pickup finish, from Northern Ireland to Southern Ireland you find suited holiday countries for the honeymooners and ordinary twosomes who want to hold a romantic vacation.

It markets different types of vacations besides including escapade Tourss for the escapade searchers, cycling, household bundles, angling, cruising, H2O based activities, wellness touristry and athleticss including Equestrian.

The Irish touristry sector is marketed by National Tourism Development Authority through the Failte Ireland[ 8 ]and its success is based on the fact that each touristry merchandise which is of great importance is marketed separately by a squad of executives, and the investing and development of installations in those sectors of the touristry industry is their duty besides. These Sectors include: Activities, Culture & A ; Heritage, Festivals & A ; Events, Sports Tourism, Business Tourism, Spa & A ; Wellness, Food and Accommodation[ 9 ]. Ireland focuses on Business Tourism besides as a cardinal participant in the industry so much that it has its ain web site[ 10 ]which deals with the corporate universe leaders in prosecuting them to take Ireland as the host of conferences and seminars. On the web site there is information about locales and their installations and registered corporate event organisers so that the concern people can bask their stay and the conference without any trouble.

Failte Ireland has made enormous advancement so because it has managed to make the followers:

Help better the accomplishments of people involved in the Irish touristry and assist those seeking a calling in touristry have been offered preparation.

Setup an Environment Unit whose function is maintaining the natural and reinforced environment at their highest possible criterion

Setup a programme of state webs which help little touristry concerns to turn

For bettering the scope and quality of the tourer attractive forces, they have secured a seven-year grant assistance through the National Development Plan

Caught the eyes of the universe market by organizing big events like the Ryder Cup, merely to advert a few.

Furthermore, the touristry organic structure in Ireland focal points on non merely to pull international tourers like most states do but besides they encourage the Irish population to tour their ain state and take domestic vacations.

Developing States

Now coming to states which the universe views them as developing states like Lesotho it would merely be just to see other African states, comparatively bigger and smaller than Lesotho geographically.

Once once more I will see Swaziland as it has a batch in common with Lesotho, it is a monarchy, it is little like Lesotho and landlocked merely to advert a few. Therefore, I believe it would merely be logical and just to compare the two states.

Swaziland has an attention-getting, enlightening and most significantly, an up-to-date web site[ 11 ]. Swaziland ‘s touristry organic structure, the Swaziland Tourism Authority, focuses on advancing different types of Tourss for different markets which range from escapade touristry ( like Lesotho ) to shopping and civilization oriented touristry because they are a state rich in civilization hence the ground why the King is still both the caput of province and the caput of authorities.

Sing South Africa which is a trendsetter and a function theoretical account of other Southern African states because of its success and influence, I will look at what it is making to advance its merchandise.

The Government of South Africa through the Ministry of Tourism injected R 631 million[ 12 ]into the South African Tourism ( SAT ) whose function is to advance South Africa ‘s touristry.

The SAT like the LTDC, promotes domestic touristry. Since 2007 they did so utilizing a run called the Sho’t Left Campaign, “ See your universe otherwise ”[ 13 ]. The run ‘s purpose is showcasing the myriad of low-cost and within range vacation finishs to all South Africans. Its executing is colorful and lively, designed to pull South Africans, more peculiarly those who have non toured their fatherland. The chief aim of this selling run is to demo South Africans the easiness factors and affordability of traveling around the state. The mark market of the run is three niche markets, Well-off twosomes and households, the young person and independent twosomes and households. The chief aim of the Sho’t Left run is sourcing and publicising a assortment of moderately priced bundle vacations. At its origin, it involved an aired travel oriented challenge which was broadcast on SABC 2. Although the Sho’t Left Challenge is no longer aired, SAT continues with selling and promoting South Africans to tour their ain state with Television commercials[ 14 ]which show foreign tourers, touring the topographic points of involvement and some shutting with a remark: “ They have toured our state, have you? ”

Apart from advancing domestic touristry, the SAT has an up-to-date web site[ 15 ]which covers all sectors of their touristry industry including Business touristry which is a good beginning of gross because the international and regional conferences are attended by well-established concern people who want nil less than top quality and are willing to pay for it.

Unexploited Markets

At this occasion, I will look at undeveloped markets which can be a hard currency cow for circuit operators and the industry as a whole.

First, like Swaziland, Lesotho still has rich civilization which can be a step tourer attractive force as it is in Swaziland. The international tourers are interested in the African civilization and are going more and more interested in sing traditional African culinary art. Another anecdote is of one tourer who was taken to one of these five star adjustment and amusement constitutions and emphasized that ‘they ( Western people ) are the 1s who brought this constitutions to Africa and they are tired of them, which is the ground why they are touring Africa ‘ . This has proved to be true because during the FIFA Soccer World Cup which was late held in South Africa, the international tourers particularly the Germans enjoyed remaining and booming in Soweto which is a large township made of different cultural groups of South Africa.

Second, adventure touristry has niche markets which have non been to the full exploited yet. For illustration, the off-road market is increasing and as a consequence an increasing figure of rockerss nines are looking for disputing paths which they can utilize for their athletics and Lesotho has an appropriate terrain for such people who want to sit on their motorcycles merely for the merriment of it, non for competitory racing. Therefore Tourss can be organized for this niche where a path across the mountain Highlandss can be set up for touring the Highlandss on motorcycles. Furthermore there is this biggest rushing competition of the twelvemonth called the Roof of Africa Rally. Presently the race attracts the rockerss ‘ households and their patrons, therefore the mass meeting should be marketed globally to pull foreign and local witnesss to come and see this race foremost manus. The LTDC can assist in by advertisement this event extensively at the one-year exhibitions that they attend and by organizing this event to guarantee its success.

When person is in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the inquiries he will be asked by people is, did you travel to the Table Mountain. Lesotho besides can do money from its “ Table Mountain ” , Thabana Ntlenyana which is the highest extremum in Southern Africa. A immense market exists for this because people would be able to do it to the top of the extremum utilizing a overseas telegram auto if one is to be set up at that place and escapade searchers would likely mount up the mountain if they are familiar with stone mounting. Although the overseas telegram auto can be really expensive to put up, it would pay immense dividends to the investors, authorities and the touristry industry as a whole.

One other possible hard currency cow is ecotourism, the ground being that Lesotho has an uncontaminated ambiance due to non being portion of the industrial revolution. Furthermore Lesotho has undulating landscape and rugged terrain which other western and Asiatic states do non hold because many of those states are level.

Amongst other ecotourism sites there is the Maluti Drakensberg, this country consists of many sole characteristics[ 16 ]:

Fauna and flora found in Lesotho merely

24 species of serpents

350 species of birds of which 40 are sole to Lesotho merely and 10 endangered species

100 grass types

Unspoilt ecology of the sites

It is one of the finest art galleries in the universe due to the stone pictures

Adventure touristry hot spot

The importance of ecotourism and its benefits can be summed up in Hector Ceballos-Lascurain ‘s words:

“ aˆ¦ the individual who patterns ecotourism has the chance of plunging him or herself in nature in a manner that most people can non bask in their modus operandi, urban beings. This individual will finally get a consciousness and cognition of the natural environment, together with its cultural facets, that will change over him or her into person keenly involved in preservation issues ”[ 17 ]


Having seen the possible income generators I will therefore focal point on other recommendations:

Lesotho has to:

Add more information on the travellers ‘ web site which includes circuit operators ‘ contact inside informations and more tourer attractive forces apart from the national Parkss.

Fit touristry as a high precedence: by puting in human, fiscal and other resources

Intensify selling attempt in the part so that the state benefits from the attempt that SAT has already embarked on which is already conveying tourer in the locality of Lesotho.

Put option in topographic point representative offices in three major metropoliss of South Africa – viz. , Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Government should deploy touristry attache in every embassy of Lesotho around the universe.

The authorities should besides deploy a touristry attache at South African International Airports viz. , the O.R. Tambo International Airport, King Shaka ( La Mercy ) International Airport and the Cape Town International Airport.

Empower local concern people who are involved with touristry so that they can better the public presentation of their operations.

Setup ongoing preparation programmes for the concern proprietors, directors and staff in the touristry industry.

Monitoring of all the programmes and doing accommodations increasingly to guarantee a changeless growing of the industry.

Improve and protect touristry merchandise, particularly particular attractive forces unique to the state.

The LTDC should refocus its schemes in order to accommodate to the of all time altering international market and competition by continually revising its action program and revising its touristry tendencies ‘ prognosis.

Market ecotourism extensively as Lesotho has universe category ecotourism sites and characteristics

In summing up, based on the undeveloped income generators aforementioned and my recommendations, I can safely state Lesotho ‘s touristry industry has a great potency of being a major subscriber to the state ‘s economic system as it is the instance for states like Zimbabwe and others.

With a fleet of enthusiast circuit operators that Lesotho has, the opportunities of the industry turning are dismaying because of the passion that they have as the interview[ 18 ]revealed but a batch has to be done to nature that passion so that they do non end-up losing hope and believe in the industry.

Appendix A

Interview with a circuit operator and Secretary of the Lesotho Tour Operators Association

Mr. Motlatsi Rametse

Q. What are some of the challenges you meet as a circuit operator?

“ The finish ( Lesotho as a tourer finish ) is non known therefore it consequences in little figure of tourers coming to this state although 7 million tourers come to Southern Africa yearly

Lack of support by fiscal establishments

Rigid insurance companies offering limited insurance merchandises, none of them able to cover touristry services

Lack of political will ”

Q. Do you believe the authorities and the LTDC has done plenty to advance touristry, if non why?

“ No, they have failed to associate up with South Africa although the state is wholly surrounded by it.

They have besides failed to escalate touristry selling in parts that predominately favours touristry to Lesotho. Merely 5.8 % that reach South Africa come to Lesotho. ”

Q. What keeps you traveling irrespective of the challenges you meet in the industry?

“ Diversifying by running other concern ventures in analogue with tour operation and my love for touristry ”

Q. Do you believe the touristry industry has a potency of turning given its province presently and what can be done to ease the growing?

“ Yes, what needs to be done is aggressive selling in South Africa through South African media to go agents and circuit operators based in South Africa

Develop a revolving fund to back up touristry related undertakings and concerns ”

Q. What seems to be driving tourers off from Lesotho or why are the Numberss of tourers who visit the state non increasing?

“ Lack of selling

Lack of standard adjustment installations

Lack of quality service ( client attention ) ”

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