McDonald’s presently faces a crisis. as parents. who objected to the free playthings offered with the McDonald’s Happy Meal. sued the company. San Francisco passed a jurisprudence censoring free playthings with nutrient. In this paper. I will turn to how a corporation responds to a jurisprudence. which challenges the organization’s current policies. I will besides measure McDonald’s ethical quandary of the equilibrating corporate concerns and community concerns. and I will reason they can still supply playthings with their nutrient if they can do their nutrient healthier and the toys encourage kids to eat healthy nutrient.


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The determination of which eating house to travel to and which repast to purchase may be based on the quality of the nutrient and the service. To kids. free playthings are decidedly immense attractive force that informs their pick in eating houses or repasts. McDonald’s could be a great pick because the company claims they are working with the best providers. and supply the best quality nutrient for their clients. McDonald’s besides provides free playthings to kids with the Happy Meals which are targeted to kids.

McDonald’s started selling Happy Meals with free playthings targeted at kids in the seventiess. The Happy Meal is by and large a beefburger. French french friess. and sugar drink that is high in Na. fat. and Calories. However. to eat a Happy Meal makes kids happy. but the nutrient is non healthy to kids. In add-on. McDonald’s official web site doesn’t offer specific information on the Calories. Na. sugar. and fat in each Happy Meal bill of fare point. A group of consumers and nutrition advocators sued McDonald’s for utilizing playthings to market straight to immature kids in 2010. Following twelvemonth. San Francisco issued a jurisprudence censoring free playthings with nutrient for kids.

Ethical Dilemma

There is an ethical inquiry to how McDonald’s responded to the jurisprudence. That is. they followed the missive of the jurisprudence versus the spirit of the jurisprudence. In other words. the company changed the policy in order to avoid interrupting the jurisprudence. However. parents and bookmans argue the company should alter the policy non merely to follow the jurisprudence. but besides run into the public demands. The quandary is corporate’s benefit versus community concern. “Ethical organisations are accountable to their stakeholders in a responsible and antiphonal manner” ( May. 2010. p. 27 ) .

The company has the duty to be productive in order to keep or increase shareholders’ investing. The community is besides one of the stakeholders in McDonald’s. The community will experience satisfied if the company makes more attempt to care about children’s wellness. The community believes McDonald’s has the duty of forestalling child fleshiness because kids love to eat McDonald’s nutrient. The grade of the nutrient nutrition ‘s transparence besides brings a ethical issue to McDonald’s.


Children and by extension their parents are the clients who buy Happy Meal. The plaything in Happy Meals are taking kids to do unhealthy dietetic picks. High Calories high Na nutrient and high sugar drinks. which can do childhood fleshiness. are harmful children’s wellness. Furthermore. fleshy kids frequently become corpulent grownups. Harmonizing to Stephen Gardner. CSPI ( Center for Science in the Public Interest ) judicial proceeding manager. “McDonald’s usage of playthings undercuts parental authorization ” ( Watkins. 2011 ) . Normally. parents choose nutrient for their kids because they want their children’s to eat nutritionally balanced nutrient. But kids will inquire parents to purchase Happy Meals because they want to acquire the plaything.

If parents are non willing to purchase. kids may shout and shout. Parents’ governments are undermined because they follow their children’s determination but do non do determinations for them. For the Owners and stockholders of McDonald’s. selling Happy Meals brings a batch of money to McDonald’s. It might be hazardous to take the plaything in the Happy Meal because the gross might diminish. As primary undertaking of a concern is to keep or increase a company’s net income. in this instance. the company’s net income might be more of import than clients if clients will purchase the merchandise anyhow.

What McDonald’s Did

McDonald’s announced that the playthings are no longer free. The McDonald’s now charges 10 cents for plaything. and they donate 10 cents to the Ronald McDonald House. Besides. McDonald’s downsized the French french friess part. provided apple pieces. and removed the popular caramel dunking sauce in the happy repast. McDonald’s alterations didn’t influence kids positively. First. Charging 10 cents won’t make the playthings being less of inducement to purchase unhealthy nutrient. Children are still attracted to eat unhealthy nutrient enchantress McDonald’s sells. Second. beefburger. French french friess are still high in salt. fat. and sugar drinks are excessively sweet. McDonald’s downsized the potion and gave options of healthy nutrient in Happy Meal’s bill of fare merely to follow the jurisprudence. Scott Rodrick. McDonald’s Owner. explains how they are merely giving the clients what they want. “They wanted us to supply pick on the bill of fare. they wanted us to follow the missive of the law” ( McDonald’s happening. 2011 ) .

Besides. “ [ McDonald’s ] claims that its repasts are “right-sized for childs. ” and that it offers nutrient picks that are healthy. The company changed the populace to concentrate on the part of nutrient from the nutrition. The consumers and nutrition advocators didn’t want the company merely to follow the missive of the jurisprudence. Those alterations that McDonald’s made were little and useless. They wanted the company to concentrate on the nutrition of nutrient. Sara Deon. spokeswoman for Corporate Accountability International said. “McDonald’s has followed the missive of the jurisprudence but non the spirit. They’ve taken a misanthropic attack to the issue of the bettering to healthfulness of its kids’ meals” ( McLoophole? San Francisco. 2011 ) .

What Should McDonald’s Have Done

“ Accountable organisations view legal and industry conformity as of import but have minimal outlook. Rather they accept direct duty for any actions that negatively affect their stakeholder. and they seek to maximise their positive parts to those stakeholders” ( May. 2010. P. 27 ) The fairest solution is following the spirit of the jurisprudence which is taking kids eat healthy nutrient. There are three stairss of the solution. First. lessen salt. Na. fat and sugar of the nutrient in Happy Meal. Additionally. giving toys non merely happy image. but besides healthy image. Third. roll uping the 10 cents to keep healthy nutrient runs. McDonald’s should non merely give the options of healthy nutrient like fruit and milk. but besides decrease the salt and sugar in nutrient and drinks. If they did so. parents would non worry that they buy unhealthy nutrient for their kids. Peoples who have declined to eat at McDonald’s nutrient may take to eat McDonald’s because they know they can now eat healthy nutrient.

Additionally. the company can offer specific information on the Calories. Na. sugar. and fat in each Happy Meal bill of fare point. Even though to set the nutrient may dearly-won. the accommodation could be productive because to make so could convey more and more clients. Children will still desire to eat Happy Meal because of the toys whether or non they are free. However. the plaything is non wholly at mistake. The initial thought of playthings is good and positive. Bob Bernstein. who helped make the McDonald’s plaything. said. “ [ the plaything is ] to do a kid happy and to non be Mom any extra money “ ( Happy Meal. 2010 ) . However. the plaything are taking kids to eat unhealthy nutrient. so the playthings can take kids to eat healthy nutrient every bit good.

Once McDonald’s adjusts the bill of fare and gives more options of healthy nutrient. and so the playthings can be used to promote kids to eat healthy nutrient. Therefore. the plaything can be related to healthy nutrient alternatively of unhealthy nutrient. McDonald’s can roll up 10cents to make healthy nutrient runs. McDonald’s can hold runs to recommend the importance of eating healthy nutrient and the earnestness of childhood fleshiness. ” McDonald’s can aline with advocators like Jamie Oliver to assist develop alimentary. merriment. tasty feeding options. Invention is by and large how we break forms of things that aren’t working” ( O’Brien. 2011 ) McDonald’s is the world’s taking fast nutrient concatenation. The company’s alteration can do a great positive impact toward upon fast nutrient ironss.


To keep its place as the world’s taking fast nutrient concatenation. I believe McDonald’s will hold to cover with the crisis that was caused when the alterations the company made did non run into the public demand. In the long term. McDonald’s can construct a new image which can that demo fast nutrient is another pick of healthy nutrient. Then the Happy Meal will non merely makes kids happy. but besides promote them to eat healthy nutrient. The company will neglect to maintain clients loyalty if it won’t listen to the clients carefully. The clients bring benefit to McDonald’s. Therefore. McDonald’s can keep place as the world’s taking fast nutrient concatenation If they make the clients happy and supply healthy nutrient.

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