The first class concerns the words Allah and Muhammad looking in and onA a figure of objects. A Recently, the visual aspect of the Arabic words “ Allah ” and “ Muhammad ” in a tomato, caused rather a splash in the community. In the province of Assam, north-east India, a Muslim female discovered, while cutting a murphy, the names “ Allah ” and “ Muhammad ” inside the murphy. More than ten 1000 people have already visited her place to see this “ miracle. ”

This is surely non a new phenomenon. Similar letterings have appeared on seeds, stones, human existences, honey combs, trees and other objects of nature. Sometime back A the visual aspect of similar Arabic words were witnessed on pieces of meat that were cut by a Muslim household in VereenigingA and A on a tropical fish that was found in a pet store in Rustenburg.

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These letterings, now found in the tomato, are an avowal of the Oneness of Almighty Allah and of the conclusiveness of Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad ( sallal laahu alaihi wasallam ) . These marks are farther confirmed in the Holy Quran, in which Almighty Allah says: “ We shall demo them our marks on the skyline and within themselves until it will attest unto them that it is the truth. ” ( Chapter 41: Verse 53 ) These marks should do Muslims more witting of their duties that they have towards their Creator. The natural formation of the Kalima by the trees in a wood in Bonn in Germany is besides populating cogent evidence of the being of Almighty Allah.

A miracle happens to those who have received the disclosure from Allah. Miracles are merely for Prophetss and they happen to Prophetss to back up their call to Islam. Consequently, no 1 can discredit a prophesier by coming up with something that is similar to a miracle. Nebiims are known for their miracles, in fact at that place has non been a Prophet without one. A miracle is a mark certifying to the truth of the claim of Prophethood that a prophesier makes. Imam ash-Shafiiyy said: ” For every miracle Allah gave to the other Prophets ; He gave Prophet Muhammad a similar or a greater miracle ” .

ProphetA Nuh ‘s folk was bestowed with a miracle in the signifier of a inundation. The Prophet Nuh ( AS ) was sent to his people by Allah. They had distanced themselves from the commandments of the Lord and ascribed spouses to Him. The Prophet Nuh ( AS ) warned them that they should function Allah entirely and abandon the false worship which they had established in their community. Although the Prophet Nuh ( AS ) called on his people with great fluency and wisdom, and warned them against the penalty of Allah, they rejected the Prophet and continued to tie in spouses to Him. At this, Allah told the Prophet Nuh ( AS ) that He would penalize the deniers by submerging them. The Qur’an studies this incident in the undermentioned words: We sent Nuh to his people and he remained among them for 50 short of a thousand old ages ; yet the Flood engulfed them while they were offenders. ( Qur’an, 29:14 )

Similarly, Prophet Jesus ( AS ) boy of Lady Mariam was supported with Miracles when he called the people to the faith of Islam and to believe in the unity of Allah. The people at the clip of Prophet Jesus were renowned for their high degree of accomplishment in Medicine. The people could non fit what he did by the will of Allah as He supported him with miracles such as resuscitating the dead and bring arounding sightlessness and Hansen’s disease. These two diseases in peculiar were normally considered untreatable by the people of his clip who were adept in medical specialty. None of them were able to make what Prophet Jesus did, no 1 was able to resuscitate the dead or bring around the blind or remedy leprosy by puting their manus on the individual or wiping over his eyes. In the Qur’an Allah quotes Jesus ( AS ) by stating: Lo! I come unto you with a mark from your Lord. Lo! I manner for you out of clay the similitude of a bird, and I breathe into it and it is a bird by Allah ‘s leave. A I heal him who was born blind, and the lazar, and I raise the dead, by Allah ‘s leave. A And I announce to you what you eat and what you store up in your houses. A Lo! Herein verily is a omen for you if you are to be trusters. ( Qur’an 3: 49-51 ) .

Possibly the greatest miracle of all was presented to Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W ) in the signifier of Qur’an. It is a miracle that stood the trial of clip enduring for centuries and remains undisputed until the Day of Resurrection. Despite of the Arabs proficiency in the Arabic linguistic communication they were unable to come up with an Ayah which is similar to a individual Ayah in the Holy Qur`an.A

The Qur’an is an extraordinary book which was revealed to the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad ( S.A.W ) . It is a beginning of inspiration and true cognition. The book of Islam-no affair what subject it refers to-is being proved as Allah ‘s Word as each new piece of historical, scientific or archeological information comes to light. Facts about scientific topics and the intelligence delivered to us about the past and future, facts that no 1 could hold known at the clip of the Qur’an ‘s disclosure, are announced in its poetries. In one poetry, Allah says, “ If it had been from other than Allah, they would hold found many incompatibilities in it. ” ( Qur’an, 4:82 ) Every piece of information the Qur’an contains reveals the secret miracles of this godly book.

Amongst the many secrets which the Qur’an unfolds is the beginning of the existence when it says “ He is the conceiver of celestial spheres and the Earth ” ( Qur’an, 6:101 ) . This information is in full understanding with the findings of modern-day scientific discipline. The event known as ‘big knock ‘ proved that the existence was created from void as a consequence of detonation from a individual point. Modern scientific circles are in full understanding that the large knock is the lone rational and demonstrable account of the beginning of the existence.

We see the map of mountains spoken in the Qur’an in the undermentioned words “ we placed steadfastly embedded mountains on the Earth so it would non travel under them ” ( Qur’an, 21:31 ) . The fact that mountains prevent dazes in the Earth was non known at the clip the Qur’an was revealed. It was brought to visible radiation merely late as a consequence of the findings of modern geology.

The excellence of Qur’an lies in the fact that it has non ignored a individual facet of human life. It talks about the thought that our fingertips are a beginning of individuality in the words “ yes we are able to set into perfect order the really tips of his finger ” ( Qur’an, 75:3-4 ) . Emphasis of fingertips has particular significance to it as they are an of import cogent evidence of individuality. Modern scientific discipline has revealed that everyone even indistinguishable twins have different fingerprints. This find was made in the nineteenth century, twelve old ages after the disclosure of the Qur’an!

Therefore from the above stuff Brothers in Islam 1 must believe in the miracles of Allah and the Prophets. The Prophets ( may Allah raise their ranks ) were sent to learn us what is good/halal and to warn us against what is evil/haram. It is obligatory upon us to believe in all the Prophets, get downing with Prophet Adam ( peace be upon him ) to the last amongst them Prophet Muhammad peace and approvals be upon them all.

We besides see from the above readings and theories that the miracle of each prophesier has been in conformity with the prevalent conditions of humanistic disciplines and scientific disciplines of his clip.

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“ We will demo them our marks in all the parts of the Earth and in their ain psyches, until they clearly see that this is the truth… ” ( Surah Fussilat, 41:53 )


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