The Olivet Discourse is a Bible transition bookmans study with great involvement and enthusiasm. The reading of prognostication, nevertheless, is non an easy undertaking. Without respect to their dissensions, we will foremost seek to accurately picture the Olivet Discourse as recorded in the three Gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke. This transition is alone to Matthew ‘s Gospel. It is located within Jesus ‘ Eschatological Discourse. This discourse contains a figure of smaller units that can split as follows: the anticipation of the devastation of Jerusalem ( 24:1-2 ) , expressions on marks before the terminal ( 24:3-8 ) , persecution ( 24:9-14 ) , the Desolating Sacrilege ( 24:15-22 ) , warnings against false Prophetss ( 24:23-28 ) , the coming of the Son of Man ( 24:29-31 ) , the stating about the fig tree ( 24:32-36 ) , the fable of the faithful and wise retainer ( 24:45-51 ) , the fable of the 10 maidens ( 25:1-13 ) , and the fable of the endowments ( 25:14-30 ) . This reasoning transition in 25:31-46 is non genuinely a parable. It ‘s more of an revelatory play with a parabolic component, the simile of a shepherd dividing the sheep and the caprine animals.[ 1 ]The Gospel of Matthew topographic points particular accent on the King and the Gospel of the land. The land of which it speaks is the hereafter, actual millennian land of Israel ‘s King, the Lord Jesus Christ. His millennian land will be the aureate age of the Earth. It will be the coronating dispensation in which the Lord Jesus Christ will govern as King of male monarchs and Lord of Godheads. All of salvation history will climax through the Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, in His millennian land.[ 2 ]

Christ Teaching on His Second Coming.

In visible radiation of the rejection, it was Jesus ‘ program to talk of His 2nd approaching and the subsequent startup of His land. The program of God for the Restoration of the Earth by agencies of the land of the Messiah will non be prevent from carry throughing a intent. Statements of His 2nd coming are made in the fable of the tares in Mathew ‘s records. In Chapter Sixteen, Jesus mentions His coming in glorification which speaks of His 2nd coming to set up His land. Jesus continued to talk of the land of Eden in legion fables. Many of these fables were land of heaven fables covering with the coming land and the King ‘s new plan.[ 3 ]Even though the land was non near, it was still traveling to come to fruition. The Church would hold a portion in the celestial part of the land. Therefore, the fables are applicable to the Church and these fables chiefly speak of service, judgement, and wages. Jesus uses the fables to learn his adherents how they should populate. He besides uses them to give trusters an thought of how He will judge them for their plants. Therefore, they are non soteriological but eschatological in nature.[ 4 ]

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Matthew, in Chapters Twenty Four and Twenty Five, nowadays ‘s Jesus ‘ celebrated Olivet Discourse. The discourse is offered to the adherents and is the longest prophetic message of Christ. The linguistic communication is strongly revelatory. The discourse is a consequence of the adherent ‘s enquiry ; state us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the mark of thy coming and of the terminal of the universe? The adherents were interested in the consummation of the age and the constitution of the land. The discourse moves in the way of this great event and explains the events that will take topographic point prior to the constitution of the land. The 2nd approach of the King in power and glorification to set up His land is the focal point of the revelatory discourse.[ 5 ]Three groups are dealt with in the discourse: Hebrews, Gentiles, and the Church. The prophetic part in Matthew 24:4-35 trades with a period of clip known as the trial a seven twelvemonth period of clip identified by Daniel and confirmed by Matthew and Revelation. The focal point of this subdivision is upon the Judaic state and the judgement it will see as a consequence of God ‘s wrath. The rejection of their Messiah will ensue in judgement so terrible that no 1 will be spared except by God ‘s property of clemency. Matthew focuses upon the adherents and therefore the Church. A ardent outlook and observation for the coming of the King and the land is reinforced. Believers are admonished to wait patiently and function the Lord. Judgment for fidelity and unfaithfulness while waiting is emphasized. Matthew besides focuses on the Gentile states at the King ‘s 2nd coming and their intervention of the Jews during the trial. The position of the Gentile states in the millennian land will be determined by the King ‘s righteous judgement.[ 6 ]

Implication Eschatology in the Pentecostal Church.

The topic of the terminal times is no uncertainty the most absorbing survey in the Bible because it is trying to understand the hereafter through the visible radiation of the Scriptures. There is a trouble nevertheless, when it comes to finding the exact order and inside informations of future events. While there are many facts that about all of Christendom does hold on such as a Resurrection and a future judgement, there are great discrepancies of sentiment as to the timing of them. Because of this, the topic of eschatology is non used as a trial of family amongst most Christians.[ 7 ]The Bible Teachs a autonomy of scruples that every adult male needs to be to the full persuaded in his ain head. Significant sectors of Christianity for much of church history have demonstrated small involvement in developing an luxuriant millennian eschatology.[ 8 ]The transition of old ages, including the transition of 1000 old ages, is merely an index of Christianity ‘s historical age. The term millenary has a particular significance for Pentecostalists, who have developed a set of theological classs which are both typical and controversial. Most of their precursors, deducing their philosophy from a fundamentalist reading of the Bible, declared themselves to be pre-millenialists who expected a 2nd coming of Christ to happen prior to the constitution of a one thousand twelvemonth reign of Jesus Christ described in Revelations 20:1-7.[ 9 ]For many Pentecostalists, this pre-millennial belief could be farther described as pre-tribulation. Attachment to a pre-tribulation position assures trusters that the ecstasy will save them of the panic and devastation destined to make full the Earth before the promised thousand twelvemonth reign of Christ. In contrast to some pre-millenianists who view the fulfillment of scriptural prognostications as bit by bit blossoming within the long history of the church, most Pentecostal pre-millenianists are futurists who expect the major fulfillment of scriptural prognostication to happen in the at hand hereafter. This elaborate millennian eschatology was particularly important for early Pentecostalists who focused on the 2nd approach of Christ instead than animal amenitiess and this worldly addition, utilizing their limited resources to distribute the Gospel in this clip of human history.[ 10 ]Although Pentecostalists shared their Restorations worldview with other fundamentalists, they differed in their belief that the birth of Pentecostalism with the fresh spring of the Spirit was itself a fulfillment of terminal clip prognostication, Christian Pentecostalists have continued throughout the twentieth century to proclaim the words of the prophesier Joel ( Joel 2:28-32 ) are now being fulfilled: An grasp of the significances attached to and operation of prognostication is an of import key to understanding Pentecostalism at the oncoming of this 3rd millenary. It is true that different groups have emphasized different outward marks of the Spirit baptism sought by Pentecostal trusters, but these diverse Pentecostal religious orders and denominations are agreed that such baptism will be accompanied by extrasensory experiences, including speech production in linguas, mending, diabolic rescue, miracles and prognostication. As the present millenary draws to a stopping point, it appears that the prophetic is increasing in importance conveying about noteworthy differences as theological differentiation in look about prognostication continue to turn within the many watercourses of the Pentecostal motion.[ 11 ]


There are assorted positions sing the millenary and the return of Christ. Despite differences, Christians have ever understood that one twenty-four hours Christ will return to judge immorality and set up His glorious land with His saints. The universe will non go on in its present province everlastingly, as one twenty-four hours Christ will come and set up His everlasting land in which decease and wickedness will be no more. This is the great hope Christians of every age can encompass. The Olivet Discourse and other instructions in Bibles are relevant for us today. It is non a prophetic clip agenda for us to cognize the hr of Christ ‘s coming and to tilt back until its near attack. On the contrary, Christ ‘s Coming is at hand. No 1 knows the hr.[ 12 ]The things Jesus taught about already happened in this coevals. Jesus ‘ words are fulfilled, and we have to be ready. Let us maintain ticker and non analyze a clip table Jesus ne’er gave us. Both single Jews and Gentiles in the present dispensation should first trust Jesus for redemption from wickedness. Then, every truster should seek a place of honor and ecstasy with Jesus in His coming land. Positions of heavenly honour alongside the King will be afforded those who love God, obey His commandments, and seek His land and its righteousness above all else. Possibly even more significantly, this eschatology continues to excite evangelistic and missional enterprises as it has with earlier coevalss of Pentecostal trusters. The Pentecostal worldview has ever been nurtured through personal experiences with the prophetic and progressively the announcement of Prophetss whose rise is regarded as another mark of the times.[ 13 ]

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