As all civilisations do. Athens and Sparta have provided many things for the modern universe. And as everything else. both have their strengths and failings. Athinais focused more on instruction and the humanistic disciplines while Sparta revolved around military strength and conflict. Because Sparta had such a massively influential military. we use tactics and schemes derived from them even today. They invented the Phalanx ; a military formation of standing closely packed and traveling frontward easy to interrupt enemy lines. Spartans besides conceived the thought of militaristic schools.

They were besides the first to implement muster. The Spartans would besides develop their adult females to contend for themselves so they would be prepared to support their places and lives if there was of all time an invasion. They besides had many more rights than in the other city states. They could have belongings. talk to other work forces aside from their hubbies. and be physically educated. Womans were non useless. This ideal planted the seed for our manner of society today. Athens. on the other manus. dedicated itself to the humanistic disciplines and architecture. Which we do see hints of in the plants of the modern universe.

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The Athenians besides practiced the first impression of democracy. Although. merely work forces could vote. Women. kids. nor slaves had that privilege. They were non citizens. Girls were educated ( cleaning. cookery. and run uping ) until the age of 15. when they were married off to an older adult male. Before Athens. Greece had no big architecture ; merely what was necessary. They developed the thought of holding big. ornate edifice built from clay. clay. terra-cotta. marble. and finally lapidate. Many of which still stand today. The Athenians used a system of terra-cotta tubing resistance to administer H2O throughout the metropolis.

This led to a encouragement in the economic system and the workings of plumbing today. They used test by jury and produced some of the best philosophers of both their and our clip. Despite being challengers. both Athens and Sparta ( and the remainder of the city states in ancient Greece ) came together for the Olympics. They put aside their differences for that short clip and honed their disfavor for each other into crushing them at the games. The tradition of the Olympics has carried on for about 2700 old ages from ancient Greece. In decision. both were colossally of import.

They both have their pros and cons. They’re so tremendously different but both prospered because of wholly different grounds. Sparta: strong. fierce. endeavoring for absolute flawlessness in their citizens and warfare. And so Athinais: philosophical. educated. and artistic. Their economic system was mostly different. As was their authorities. gender functions. societal construction. instruction. and many other things. If they had put aside their differences and worked together. they would hold been able to accomplish far more than they did individually.

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