Throughout Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Difficult To Find” . intimations are given to the readers that foretell what is in shop. boding the grotesque stoping that is to come. These innuendos of the extroverted become happenstances later in the narrative when they really do develop into world. making mocking sarcasm. The names within the narrative can be considered boding themselves. For illustration. the name of the town where the household is murdered is called “Toombsboro. ” The word “Toombsboro” can be separated into two words: Tombs and Bury. These are words that signify decease. The fact that the writer chose this as a name for the town. implies the disgusting event that will see later in the narrative. The first minute that foreshadowed the hereafter was the article about the Misfit that the grandma showed Bailey. She told him. “A Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed toward Florida…I wouldn’t take my kids in any way with a condemnable like that aloose in it. ” ( 368 )

This minute sets up a major happenstance when the household subsequently runs into the Misfit. Plus. it was an sarcasm because the Grandmother had attempted to carry the household non to travel in the way the Misfit was heading. Yet. unluckily merely June Star paid any attending to the remark. and the household did run into the condemnable. Additionally. a less obvious grounds of boding occurred when June Star announced. “She [ The Grandmother ] wouldn’t stay at place for a million vaulting horses. She has to travel everyplace we go” ( 368 ) This can be read as a direct prefiguration of the order and happening of the grandmother’s decease. When the household comes across the Misfit. and each household member is taken into the wood. the reader admirations why every clip Bobby Lee and Hiram return without the household member.

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Finally. one realizes they have all been killed. So. June Star’s remark that the grandma goes everyplace the household goes can be read as a signal that she will run into the same terminal that they did. Plus. the fact that she follows the household indicated that she would decease last. Furthermore. although the grandma did non desire to travel to Florida. she still erratically dresses up. The grandma wore. “A navy bluish straw crewman chapeau with a clump of white violets on the lip and a savvy bluish frock with a little white point in the print.

Her neckbands and turnups were white organdie trimmed with lacing and at her neckline she had pinned a violet spray of cloth violets incorporating a sachet. ” ( 369 ) O’Connor says that the ground for the grandmother’s proper frock was. “in instance of an accident. anyone seeing her dead on the main road would cognize at one time that she was a lady. ” ( 369 ) She hence foresaw her ain decease. or at least foreshadowed it. It besides shows how she represents the propriety and rich spiritual beliefs of the South.

Yet another prefiguration is portrayed when the household “passed by a cotton field with five or six Gravess fenced in the center of it. like a little island” ( 370 ) . It is non an accident that there are five or six Gravess. which obviously matches the exact figure of people in the auto. Five people and the 6th is the babe. The babe is non exactly a full complete individual. hence the ambiguity of the figure of Gravess.

Flannery O’Connor uses boding to give the readers slight intimations of what is to come. announcing the grotesque destiny of the household. Insinuations are made through rubrics. remarks. apparels. and sites. puting the scene for surprising sarcasm subsequently in the family’s journey.

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