William Shakespeare was born on April 23. 1564. Record show that Shakespeare was baptized three yearss after he was born. on April 26. 1564. He grew up in a town called Stratford upon Avon. During his life-time. Shakespeare had three occupations. He was a dramatist. a man of affairs. and an histrion. Shakespeare non merely wrote dramas. but besides sonnets. His most celebrated sonnet would be “Sonnet 18” . Some of his greatest dramas are The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare was known for stealing the thoughts for his dramas from other dramatists during his clip.

But. someway he wrote brilliant dramas and became the greatest dramatist of all clip. Shakespeare was besides a man of affairs. merely like his male parent. His male parent was a baseball mitt shaper and a good respected adult male in the community. Although Shakespeare was non good respected. he was a successful man of affairs. He was a co-owner of The Globe Theatre. which was an amphitheater located near the Themes River in England. Unfortunately. The Globe Theatre burnt down and was non able to be rebuilt by the clip Shakespeare died.

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As an histrion. Shakspere did take portion in some of his dramas. Although he was ne’er known to play the chief functions. In some instances he would play a character that was of import to the show. Tragically. Shakespeare died on April 23. 1616. This is the twenty-four hours believed to be his birthday. Shakespeare was a really busy adult male during his life. He was an histrion. a co-owner of The Globe Theatre. and the greatest dramatist in history. The Calamity of Julius Caesar Act I The major characters that start the drama are Julius Caesar. Brutus. Cassius. Antony. and the forecaster.

Act I begins on February 15. when Caesar is observing his licking over Pompey. The forecaster warns Caesar. “Beware the ides of March” . but Caesar pays no attending to it. Cassius pulls Brutus aside to speak to him about Caesar and fall ining the confederacy. Awful conditions is boding problem. Act II The chief characters in act II are Calpurnia. Caesar. Brutus. Portia. Cassius. and the other plotters. Brutus joins the confederacy and leads it. He tells Cassius and the other plotters that there will be no curse. no Cicero. and no violent death of Mark Antony.

Calpurnia has a dream that Caesar is killed and convinces him non to travel to the capitol. Decius reinterprets the dream and alterations Caesar’s head about traveling to the capitol. Portia begins to worry about Brutus because he hasn’t been speaking to her recently. Act III The chief characters in this act are Caesar. Brutus. Antony. and the other plotters. Caesar is once more warned on his manner to the capitol. but ignores it. The plotters gather around Caesar in the capitol to discourse Metillus’ brother being released from ostracism. Then they all pang and slaying Caesar.

Antony meets with the plotters and make-believes to be friends with them. but his existent program is to acquire retaliation for Caesar’s decease. Brutus allows Antony to talk at Caesar’s funeral. First Brutus speaks and wins over the crowd. Then Antony speaks and turns the crowd against Brutus and the plotters by reading Caesar’s will. Act IV The chief characters in this act are Octavius. Antony. Lepidus. Brutus. Cassius. and Caesar’s shade. Antony. Octavius. and Lepidus are triumvirs. but Antony and Octavius are non certain whether or non Lepidus should govern with them.

Brutus found out that Portia has died from get downing fire. He is besides reasoning with Cassius a batch. Caesar’s shade appears to Brutus and warns him that he will decease at Philippi. Act V The chief characters in act V are Octavius. Antony. Brutus. and Cassius. They all decide to run into in the field before the conflict to speak. Cassius decides to run upon his ain blade and kill himself. This is dry because it is his birthday. Brutus finds out that Cassius is dead and decides to run upon his ain blade excessively.

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