This essay is for the intent of officially saying my worldview as a Christian and showing how I perceive world when it pertains to certain issues. While this will non hold changed much from my original worldview lineation. it serves to spread out on the issues and give intelligent analysis to my beliefs. As this semester draws to a stopping point. and I re-evaluate my worldview lineation. I a consistence between my beliefs and those presented in the class stuff. After analysing the major inquiries. I have been able to happen academic support for each belief that I hold. The first inquiry we were asked was ‘Who is God. and what is he like? ’ my initial reply was that God is the Godhead of Eden and Earth. the supreme celestial being that oversees and influences mundane events. As to His features. I believe that he is perfectly merely while being full of grace. He is absolute power. under perfect control. He has intense emotions. but perfect reactions to them.

That is who God is to me. The 2nd inquiry was about worlds. what they were. and what happened when they died. A human is a being created in the image of God. with capablenesss for ground. and an unconditioned apprehension of right and incorrect. When a human dies. they go to one of two topographic points. Those who have chosen to follow God will travel to heaven. Those who don’t will travel to hell. The 3rd inquiry was ‘what is the nature of the existence? ’ When I hear that. I have to inquire what they mean by nature. I have to look around and state ‘is it the existent physical universe. and how it fits into a bigger image? I would presume so. and say that by nature. what God created was good. And was subsequently polluted by wickedness. The most confusing inquiry was ‘how do I know what I know. and how do I cognize it’s true? ’ I know what I know because of what I’ve been told. and what I’ve experienced. and how I apply it through the filter of my religion and values. And I know that I know because if I didn’t know that I knew I wouldn’t be able to analyse this inquiry about knowing.

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The following inquiry was the lone 1 that my reply changed somewhat. What is right and incorrect. or does it be? Right exists. but incorrect is merely the absence of right. non something in and of itself. And the lone manner we can detect it is through the experiences. of ourselves and others. and through the filter of God’s word. Is life pointless or is there a intent? If we believe God creates us. we must believe that there is a ground. I believe my intent is to assist people through difficult times. since I have gone through plenty difficult times that I can sympathize with them. Each individual has a alone property that helps them laud God in some manner. What nucleus committednesss are consistent with my worldview. and how do they impact my life? I’m still non precisely certain about what is meant by nucleus committednesss. but the actions and values that I hold myself to place cardinal facets of my worldview. I would state that the things I do are really consistent with my moral and religious beliefs.

My worldview is based a batch on religion. and I try to happen ground for what I believe. I do need to measure if the beliefs that I have really have base in world. scientifically and morally. I have really strong beliefs and sentiments. as a consequence of coming from a really opinionative household. My worldview is really consistent with the positions expressed in the coursework. I have a reasonably weighty background in scriptural surveies from other schools. and so hold been exposed to this topic more than the mean pupil. As a consequence. my worldview has been shaped by what I have learned. and there were few if any contradictions between what I believe and what was presented.

My worldview base on ballss ( to my cognition ) all of the four trials of a worldview. In the trial of grounds. my worldview draws from personal experience and scientific ground. and assumes ( if non proves ) the being of a God who embodies the features I have identified. In the trial of logical consistence there is no ground to doubt what I have seen or read. and I try non to move outside of my beliefs in a manner that would do any incompatibility to be apparent. In the trial of experiential repulsion. it is possible to populate the life that I am trying to populate in the ‘outside’ universe. Anyone can populate a moral life and follow specific regulations about how we should regulate ourselves. but non on their ain.

And the trial of human nature is consistent with my belief on the nature of humanity. Nothing about humanity suggests that we are non designed by a higher being. and everything points to inherent value that other animals do non and can non possess. My worldview affects everything about my actions. because I will non go forth that frame of mention without altering portion of my worldview. I can non move outside of my worldview. because I will ever analyse things based on what I assume to be right information. and will move consequently.

My worldview has stayed consistent throughout this class. and if it has changed at all it has been a subconscious alteration. I have had a good upbringing and a solid background in scriptural surveies. so I did non hear anything that was shockingly new or radical.

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