The game of football has become an highly popular athletics over the old ages. It has two separate professional conferences. the CFL ( Canadian ) and the NFL ( National Football League ) . While the NFL is the more popular conference. the CFL is a really fast turning conference in its ain right. Football is played everyplace in Canada. particularly in high schools. However. the Avon Maitland School Board has banned football as an extra-curricular athletics. and stopped funding it. in its high schools. I feel that this is incorrect.

Football should be an extracurricular athletics in every Avon Maitland high school because it has many physical and mental benefits. and it can convey an full community together. How could the School Board say no to a athletics that is full of benefits? Football is a athletics that requires a batch of physical contact. This can do some jobs as hurts can happen. The most common and serious 1s are concussions. To forestall this. schools can implement tough regulations and punishments. which are similar to a professional conference for the safety of the student-athletes. The NFL has disciplined many participants late for violent and unneeded hits.

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They have created a regulation saying that helmet-to-helmet hits are illegal. I feel that schools could implement his sort of a system to protect the student-athletes. Students who do non follow the strict regulations that have been placed down will be punished. The badness of the penalty will run from a suspension to being kicked off the squad for good. With these. strict penalties being laid out I feel that pupils will follow the regulations. The pupils that choose to play by these regulations will derive many benefits from the athletics of football. both physical and mental. Playing the game of football comes with many physical and mental benefits.

It improves your strength. cardio. and velocity. Besides. due to the sum of physical activity it involves. it can take down the hazard of diseases such as bosom disease and diabetes. The mental facet of the game will do you mentally stronger. and an progressively better strategian. It makes you more responsible and a better hearer. Playing football besides increases the blood flow to your encephalon. which will maintain you more qui vives in category. This could profit your Markss. Calvin is a pupil from another school territory. He plays for the football squad at his high school. Calvin negotiations about his typical school twenty-four hours.

I awake at 6:30 am to acquire ready for my forenoon jog. I jogged from one terminal of the metropolis to the other in 1 hr. I so consumed my breakfast and sprinted to school. The school is about 5 kilometres off from my house. I arrive at the school with some perspiration dripping down my forehead. But I do non experience exhausted at all. I am on clip for my category. as usual. The instructor gives us an insightful talk. I grasped a batch of what he was speaking about. After tiffin. my friends and I play some football. I so head off to my last category of the twenty-four hours. I wholly understand what the instructor is speaking about.

We so have a surprise quiz. I breeze through all of the inquiries and experience really confident about my grade. The bell rings for the terminal of the school twenty-four hours. I so get ready for football pattern. Calvin is really physically fit and mentally strong due to the fact that he plays football on a day-to-day footing. He plays for the school squad. and with his friends. He is a premier illustration of the positive effects that football can hold on adolescents. The word subject is a word that gets thrown around a batch when speaking about football. Discipline is cardinal word to utilize when speaking about football.

You need train in order to play successfully and to listen to your managers. It can be really good. A typical football pattern can be barbarous. This is an mean student’s history of a typical pattern. The Sun is out and it is 30 grades outdoors. The manager makes everyone run self-destructions to warm up. Everyone is already dripping perspiration. We so run wind-sprints for 20 proceedingss. in the sweltering heat of the Sun. I. for one. am exhausted and ready to merely go forth and travel place. The manager motivates me to maintain traveling though. The grass is burnt to a chip and every member of the squad is drenched in perspiration.

We pattern a twosome of dramas. running invariably throughout. The manager so tells us to run twenty self-destructions and so hit the showers. I am puffing like a Canis familiaris during each single self-destruction. but I made it. That was a really arduous pattern. A media illustration of subject in football is the narrative of Camp Kilpatrick. It is a juvenile detainment centre for childs that are holding jobs with street packs. drug covering. etc. Statisticss show that 75 % of the occupants finally either travel to imprison or decease. Sean Porter is a worker at Camp Kilpatrick and he gets ill of seeing this stat over and over.

He decided to take action and comes up with the thought of making a football squad to learn the teenage inmates what it takes to be responsible. mature. and victors. At first. two of the childs from rival packs invariably fought and didn’t work good as a squad. This is a perennial event and one of the childs. Calvin Owens. gets shot by the rival pack and is hurt severely. Sean disciplines the childs and they finally get along together and organize a formidable football squad of adolescents. After the season is over. the childs go on to hold successful lives beyond the street packs that they grew up in.

If they had non played football and learned duty and become disciplined. who know what those childs could’ve gotten in to after they got released from the cantonment. 24 of the childs are now traveling to school. three of them are working full-time occupations. and merely five went back to gaol. That is progressively better than the 75 % rate. which is the sum of the childs at the juvenile detainment centre that go back to gaol. This narrative shows how of import the game of football can be. even to high school childs. It besides shows how powerful football can be. Imagine what it could make to disturb teens in Avon Maitland high schools.

It is so powerful that it can even convey an full community together. Football can besides convey a community together. which non many athleticss can make. Since football is an expensive game to play. it will necessitate fundraising from the whole school. This in itself can convey an full school together. The full province of Texas is a immense illustration of football conveying communities together. They have 13 different college football squads from every portion of the province of Texas. Every game is sold out and many people from different communities come to hearten the squad on. If college squads can convey out crowds like those. why can’t high school squads?

The same consequence can go on if a large Stratford squad is created. Not merely will a batch of the metropolis come to see them play. but nearby metropoliss will come excessively. Cities like St. Mary’s and Mitchell will come every hebdomad to see the local squad drama. Besides. if the school chooses to bear down money for tickets the school will bring forth a batch of gross. Concession stands can be opened up every bit good. with many local restaurants. The metropolis will bring forth more touristry every bit good. For illustration. if every Friday dark is a place game for the school squad. it will go a hebdomadal get together for the whole town. and other towns. to hearten the home-town squad on.

This can convey the community together. therefore doing them stand out from other cities/towns. In decision. the Avon Maitland School Board is doing a immense error. I genuinely believe that football should non be banned as an extra-curricular athletics by the board. Football should be an extra-curricular athletics in every Avon Maitland high school because it has physical and mental benefits and it can besides convey an full community together. The benefits decidedly outweigh the jobs. So I ask this. how can the School Board ban a athletics like football?

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