Research Methodology.

The procedure of research will be carried out with the aid of the people found involved in the pattern. Data will be collected through analyzing the published stuff, responses collected through a simple questionnaire and personal observation by sing the location where this pattern is being carried out.

Cardinal words. Mysticism The attacks, Process, Socio-Economic Impact.

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The Concept of Mysticism.

The construct of Mysticism has been derived from the Greek word “ MYSTIKO ” which stands for Communion with GOD as consequence of certain patterns intended to ease the entree.

In Hinduism it is “ MOKSHA ” or SATORI ” which connotes a province of interior connexion with God.

In Christianity it is called THEOSIS and explains a province of complete isolation from worldly personal businesss for set uping brotherhood with God. Mysticism traditions are otherwise interpreted by each faith like in JUDAISM it is practiced as KABBALAH for intensive reading of TORAH. In Judaism mainstream patterns focus on MEDITATION. Here, excessively, the premiss is that of achieving the phase of visualizing the Reality, the Truth aiming at connexion with GOD. Although the ultimate finish in each way of such patterns has been the Godhead consciousness for brotherhood with God and that is the religious satisfaction yet the nature and sorts of patterns has been different due to differences in the spiritual traditions. Mysterious believes in entree to Allah and each mysterious adopts or adapts to his ain way of success.

Mysticism is usually considered to be the advanced phase of theosophy which denotes a spiritual system of idea that tries to cognize God by agencies of Meditation and Prayer.

If we take this account for granted so the mysticism is an attempt of happening the agency to entree God through religious practice.

In Islamic nomenclature mysticism stands for “ TASAWWUF ” or Tazkia-e- Nafs which denotes a phenomena where an single relinquishes worldly personal businesss and focal points on happening out the “ Reality ” taking to pleasance of ALLAH. It is, in fact, purification of psyche, purge of carnal passions, inherent aptitude and emotions so as to go God drunk adult male. Therefore in Islam Mysticism is a province of human being wherein one dives deep into the sea of holy secrets seeking the agencies to delight ALLAH for the intent of self religious satisfaction.

It can be defined as “ Heart Prayer ” which separates psyche from the secular personal businesss and diverts it to the religious sphere where ALLAH entirely rests.

Mysticism has, sometime, been considered synonymous with Occultism which is non right because in Mysticism object is holy secrets being searched for where every bit in Occultism the concentration is ever on human being for the intent of conveying him into one ‘s control through charming power. Mysticism is, no uncertainty, a province of human being wherein he/she prefers heavenly success over the a amenitiess of life and is achieved merely with extreme abstention and enterprise for procuring maximal pleasance of ALLAH through uninterrupted concentration, supplication and speculation. Prior to the accomplishment of the nonsubjective mystics take hurting to give the secular felicity and maintain lost in the procedure.

These concerted attempts are, in fact, the ladder toward success. The mysterious through this battle purifies his scruples, reforms his/her behavior so as to set in line with the commandment of ALLAH

Pir Zulfiqar in his work on “ Mysticism ‘ specifying mysterious writes “ Mystic is a individual who has since purified his behavior, is thoughtful plenty, with soul ALLAH searching, abstainer of secular personal businesss and negates self esteem. “ ( 1 ) Therefore mysticism is both a mental and physical province of a human being wherein he/she entirely devotes to activities which finally lead to accomplish extreme pleasance of ALLAH. It is in fact abnegation of the self-importance and individuality with the ultimate truth -GOD.


To make finish the fan defers worldly involvement and dressed ores on the Prayers, Meditation, Contemplation and Commitment.

1.Prayers. Every mystic is concerned with the hunt of world. This Endeavour finally enables him/her to happen out the way taking to end i.e. soul purification. Entire entry to Allah inquiring for counsel to the way taking to absolute consciousness of the world where the head begins automatically illuminated. It is a common pattern of mystics in every faith. The manner of praying differs from mysterious to mysterious depending upon the current traditions and counsel from the wise mans.

Mysticism of the UPANISHAD focal points on Yoga. The Yoga concentration is different from ordinary concentration. In Yoga head becomes fixed on a peculiar object during this period all other feelings are for the clip being ignored and one thing i.e. the TRUTH the ” World ” is sought through deep diving into the ocean of religious idea.

Mysticism is normally viewed to be a portion of faith because largely the spiritual people forego worldly happiness and strive hard to happen world for the exclusive pleasance of God.

Every individual adopts his or her manner to accomplish the aim. Therefore, every mysterious experiences the mysticism in a different manner. It was because of this really theory that W.T.Stace, a fame philosopher, during his survey of Catholic, Protestant, Ancient Hindu, and American Mystical exposures observed that the mystics normally have consolidative vision of the ONE, apprehensiveness of the ONE as inner of the life, feeling of satisfaction, joy and bliss and true SENSE OF REALITY ( 2 )

It is normally believed that mysticism is a spiritual pattern and is normally exercised by the people more inclined towards faith. However, the pattern varies with the head set. Those who believe in Monistic theory differ in detecting the spiritual responsibility from those who follow Theistism. The Monistic idea purposes at seeking the integrity and individuality of God because they believe in the ONENESS of God whereas the Theistic believe in mere integrity with GOD.

Here accent is being laid on Theist Mysticism, brotherhood with God. This construct although prevailing in Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism but in pattern differs from each other.

In the instruction of Islam Monistic isolation has been prerequisite for soul purification.

Numerous Qur’anic poetries emphasize upon the exercising of TAQWA i.e. purification of psyche. This aim is achieved by keeping oneself from the Acts of the Apostless prohibited and besides following with the renters of Islam for executing the responsibilities enjoined upon Muslims for the improvement of the world. More emphasis has been laid on the refraining from the forbidden. This is because of the grounds that Islam is faith for the public assistance of the whole of humanity and conformity of its commandments guarantee peace and repose by reciprocally looking after the involvement of each other.

However Muslims more inclined towards spiritual accomplishments put in excess attempts to seek the pleasance of Allah through more entree to world.

However, impulse for world is subjected to O.K. patterns. Unlike other faith instruction of Islam does non let Monasticism. As revealed in Qur’an “ But monasticism they invented -we ordained it non for them-only seeking Allah ‘s pleasance and they observed it non with right observation. ( 3 )

Mysticism from the Islamic position has its ain significance because of the nature and modus operandi employed in the procedure of speculation

In Muslim Ummah all out attempts are exerted on dark Prayers and Zikr when the psyche is free and head can be concentrated with least divergence. This is in add-on to the normal supplication and conformity with commandments.


1. Evelyn Underhill describes this procedure in five phases of which the following three have significance ( 4 )

1.The procedure commences with the phase of “ Awakening ” . It is usually independent but sometimes induced or ensuing out of the “ Demonstration Effect ”

Peoples inclined to religion strive hard to seek the pleasance of Allah and recognize the demand of achieving the Godhead world.

2.Once it is felt that absolute world consequences from soul purification the 2nd phase of “ Purgation “ harnesses the head to renounce from the Acts of the Apostless forbidden.

3.Abandoning instead abstaining from evil workss and following the way to truth determines the way to finish. This is infact the phase of “ Illumination ” .

At this phase the homo will takes a bend. Heaven and new Earth is envisioned.

Personal caprices and desires to subconscious. It is here that Gnosis establishes roots in the human mind of which the individual becomes witting. The end, the aim is Communion of psyche with Allah. This can be experienced as vision, dreams or disclosure and Miracles, The exposure of Miracles and messages coming down from heaven have been characterized as Prophet goon.

Christian mysticism seeks this integrity of psyche while in the organic structure through ageless supplication and intensive asceticism ( purification ) contemplation and speculation to accomplish Resurrection of the Christ self/nature in this life.

Mysticism is, no uncertainty, a type of worship which helps the mystics in seeking world and finally achieves Gnosis but in bulk instances it has been observed that one time the individual achieves the end he/she turns to follow monasticisms and offprints himself/herself from the remainder of people. So much so that the followings are seldom able to discourse. This technique is intentionally employed to affect the populace at big. This is so the point where superstitious inherent aptitude of the destitute is exploited with a stalking-horse to bring around diseases hitherto could non be treated by most sophisticated machinery and extremely scientific medicine.

There is another category of people who claim to be mysterious holding exhausted old ages in privacy and silence. They pretend that isolation is sufficient for speculation and the procedure decidedly leads to achieve the position of mysterious. This category of mysterious subsequently station themselves on monastery and by and large win in garnering around them a host of nuts. Their group is bit by bit enlarged with connection of societal parasites from the next countries. This phenomena has been root cause of advancing and distributing the addict civilization and unluckily cancerising a major portion of the society. Such category of people have no spiritual aim. They least fuss about Qur’anic commandment and Islamic traditions. Croping up of such a category is, in fact, result of deficiency of involvement in populating on gotten cogwheel. They shun difficult work. Lethargy and inanition has taken away the enthusiasm. Mere populating on others loaf and killing appetency has adversely been impacting the over all productiveness. Members of this category are bit by bit dissociated and left to populate at the clemency of nature. Apart from other facets this peculiar pattern has resulted in a really negative impact on socio-economic life of other people.

A sample research was conducted to asses the attitude of the persons refering mysticism

Summarized replies are detailed below for farther analysis and pulling illations thereof.

No. of Persons ( conspicuous mystics ) interviewed











S. No.

Nature of Question asked

No. of Answers




What were the grounds for pursing mysticism?




To delight Allah and achieve the felicity of life afterlife.

To get away the secular concerns.

It is safe and peaceable life.

Not responded suitably


What method you adopted to accomplish your aim?




It is every bit simple as waking up in the 3rd portion of dark. worship with devotedness and maintain on praying Allah who finally ushers and the psyche is purified.

Kept on the company of Pir sahib, he entirely can liberate. Need non making thing except functioning monk/ Pir.

No appropriate response received


How much clip does it necessitate to accomplish end?




Time non specified depends upon the degree of committedness and holiness of cause. Sincere devotedness with exclusive aim of Allah ‘s pleasance facilitates mind light.

Monk/ Pir seldom allows the followings to exert powers. It ever depends upon the life span of the Guru Pir. good one can set up his ain seating but outside the locality of the Guru Pir.

No response/Refused


Do you believe that the position you enjoyed is that of a mysterious and have been bestowed upon you by the approval of God/Allah?




No, Never

No organic structure knows that the worship offered has been accepted. this all is an attempt to salvage the psyche from evils & A ; that is all.

Is there any thing leery? Day and dark assemblage of followings and visitants of all ranks & A ; rates. Is it all meaningless? people foresee some good and are, hence, inclined to encircle the tribune of the monastic

No appropriate response


Is mysticism a end achieved everlastingly




No. Not at all.

It is uninterrupted attempt. Populating life in conformity with the eumundrant of Allah and instruction of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) .

The Monk/ Baba Pir directs to set up place at a peculiar location we mystic have nil to object. People ‘s religion nevertheless, sometimes causes a alteration in the manner. After all People ‘s will is deciding of their position.

No appropriate response


Make you hold that mysticism and economic activities can be carried out together?




Islam does non prefer monasticism instead disallows. More and more productive economic activities are infact the urgency of Islam so that upper limit can be used for the support of desolate, destitute and indigents non to last but enable to populate uprightly. forbearing from and forestalling immoralities and prophesying for good is infact the spiritual responsibility.

World has been abandoned. Let worldly people dig & amp ; honkytonk. Pir, Faqirs are non supposed to Plough & A ; Pile.

No response


What should be the most effectual manner of accomplishing mysticism?




Abstain from what has been forbidden. Comply with what has been ordained by Allah. In worship one submits to Allah who entirely guides him to the right way.

Those who have already surrendered to his Murshid/monk needs non to worry Baba is responsible.

Appropriate response received


Is exposing oneself to be pious non hypocrisy?



One must be optimistic. God knows the inners. It is Allah to forgive or take into history pray for all.

It is the people ‘s will. Why should other be worried?


How is it instrumental to actuate people for practising mysticism




Autonomous impulse is natural. However, mystics have been really effectual through moving as function theoretical account.

Besides supplying narcotics, musical posings, dancing & A ; Qawalies are the techniques which attract more & A ; more people to go followings of the monastics.

Appropriate response non received

The above information reveals that those in class “ B ” and “ C ” have non been practising faith on a regular basis in conformity with the instruction of Quran and Sunna and are taking life at the clemency of their Pirs. Almost all the dwellers are by and large barren of spiritual cognition and are resultantly depending on the advices of their Murshids. Thus alternatively of seeking “ Reality ‘ and “ Enlightenment ” they are sent to the lowest wane of darkness.

Socio-Economic Impact

Unlike other doctrines Islamic instructions guide every follower to achieve the position of a mysterious. None of the moral, societal or legal rules have been allowed to be violated. Peace for all and sharing fruits of economic activities has been ordained to guarantee a merely society. Neither wickedness and immorality nor offenses have been connived at. This province of head set leads human activities to be carried out in the greater involvement of general public and consequences merely out of the conformity of Quranic regulations. Driving force behind this behaviour is Communion with Allah the factor which helps in understanding the religious world. There in Islamic instruction, isolation and solitary is non the path taking to Mysticism. It is the “ Good CONDUCT ELEVATE MANKIND TO ITS ZENITH ” Let the people judge 1s usefulness for the humanity. Social parasites add nil to Socio-Economic public assistance instead advance a category of non productive, unenrgetic, and disgusted elements. Such people usually gather around shrines and monasteries in the camouflage of mystics and set up lasting inhabitancy which is so surrounded by their adherents.

During the research procedure it transpired that this type of mystics ;

I. Abandon societal life and confine themselves to a specific premises.

two. Their household members have usually been found endeavoring for two terminals meat and are frequently constrained to take a dole of imploring in their custodies

three. They by and large guise themselves into the attire of a superior personality who can urge any one to Allah for blessing and grace. Many of the weak believes autumn quarry and are deprived of their assets in the false of hope of going millionaire over dark.

four. In order to act upon their ain adherents and besides work forces of superstitious head they many a times seek expertness in the art of mesmerism and win in convincing of their marvelous art of exorcizing individuals of lame belief.

v. With a position to delight the mystic/monk the adherents besides dissociate themselves from the remainder of the community and maintain company with their so called wise man. The household life and relationship with the community is adversely affected.

six. Alternatively of moving as wise man, the monk/mystic makes all out attempts to convert the adherents of their miracle grace in expectancy of consecration.

Every true Muslim is a mysterious because he/she continues seting in attempts in conformity with the instruction of Quran which finally leads to and terminals in accomplishing the “ Reality ” a Sacramental manduction with Allah. Without exposing themselves to the universe around the true mystics have taken upon themselves to reform the society instead heal the socio spiritual immoralities of the whole world but runing within their ain legal power.

They guide people and take them achieve the ‘Reality ” through non get awaying immoralities but forestalling the forces which the cause the society to endure.

They act theoretical account for thee remainder of the members of the society and thereby reform them both socially and economically.

Refrain from Acts of the Apostless out and guarantee the society a peaceable life.

They and take stagnations and enable them to corroborate their belief in the monotheism.

Comply with the Quranic injunctions

“ O Ye believe spend of the good things which ye have earned and of that we bring away from the Earth for you and seek non the bad ( with purpose ) to pass thereof ( in charity ) which ye would non take it for yourselves save with contempt and cognize that Allah is Absolute Owner of Praise ” ( 5 )

Prefer religious success over secular achievement and hence all socio-economic activities are subjected to spiritual blessing. Merely legitimate and just covering make the footing of fiscal minutess.

Moral values rule socio-economic life.Corollary their traffics are immune from fraud, coercion and peculation.

It is suggested that ;

For the development of work force lying alongside monasteries and aging unutilized

is unluckily adding to the wretchednesss of the remainder of the population because of its presentation consequence. To better upon the attitude and behaviour of this category of people

a specially designed educational plan along with a accomplishment development strategy be devised so that this of import section of our human resources which is hitherto being rusted due to non deployment in the productive ventures can be brought into the mainstream. At the really outset it make job to draw them out of the bing environment. Therefore taking into assurance their Murshid /Pir will be more advisable.

At the really outset they may be exposed to light kind of preparation in handcrafts and public dealing concern activities. It will assist them suit themselves to the changed state of affairs. There after seting them to light responsibilities of the same accomplishment occupations will ease them in version.

In order to actuate the bing so called adherents shun their purposeless sitting and fall in the productive attempts of the active population, the households of these monastics and adherents have their ain function to play. Back-to-back guidance of the household members to make a soft corner and be given to be inclined towards these ignored portion of the society will decidedly assist them. Once the household members start encompassing them it will actuate them to fall in their households once more as productive members. Simultaneously changeless guidance of the adherents every bit good as those of Pirs is of much significance for reforming this peculiar category of people. However, this is non an easy undertaking to be tackled and needs huge importance to be attached. The wise mans will hold to blend with them so as they begin to believe that the wise man is their friend. Merely this manner he will be able to carry them depart from the bing manner of life and follow the true spiritual manner or accessing “ Reality ” alongside legitimate productive attempts.

Acerate leaf to stress that poorness is the worst type of expletive befallen on most of the people who are sometime beguiled by the free life and loaf. Therefore, poverty relief must be given top precedence. Besides normal development schemes independent investing in the little undertakings for the specific benefit of these people will assist in making occupation chances and income coevals. This will advance an optimistic ambiance and finally bring on the people to populate on their gotten cogwheel. Let the altruists besides play their function in modeling the society into a true Islamic frame.

Therefore proviso of employment chances will turn these defunct members of the society into productive factors of the development procedure. Therefore employment as instrument of poorness relief can be used for the long term alteration in the life of the people who are doing monasteries, shrines and lone inhabitancy as their resort.

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