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If the south had won the war, American would not have achieved as much it has now, economically, politically and socially people living in the south were not ready to be governed by federal government, while people in the North were ready to co-operate for the benefit of their country, when amendment was done to the Americas constitution, it stated that any rights not already given to the national government, nor taken from the state governments by the constitution should remain in the hands of the state government. Most people in the south believed that the national government should never take over more powers than those given to it by the constitution. The south wanted it this way and did not realize that this would mean powerful states than the government that ruled out the whole of America. They wanted each state to be free and make its decisions even if the government opposed them, this would have need America one of these most dangerous countries in the world because the government would not control laws of its states and would no power over them. South would have destroyed America economically, socially and politically, it should never have won, the war.

South did not understand business, they were all farmers, a big country like America cannot live on farming alone. South disagreed with North over tariff,, when Europeans products were brought into America, they would cost lower, so the government put a tariff on them and the costed higher since most of the factories were in the North, many people wanted a higher tariff but the South people opposed it, because it made the pay higher prices fore some things.  South did not deserve to win the war, it just wasn’t capable of reaching America.

Southerners were cruel people and great racists; they were people who felt superior than others. When slaves were brought in America, they were mainly sued as laborers on the tobacco plantations, South America as their number increased, they also started working in the Northern America but mainly as house servants and others also worked in small Northern factories that existed than. However, the people of the Northern states passed laws against slavery. The blacks remained in the North and worked as freemen. The south felt they could not do without their servants and did not think about their rights, they worked in the plantations for no pay. Many leaders in American like George Washington opposed slavery, many other people felt slavery was wrong and as a result, the American constitution stated that slaves would not be brought into the country after 1808 but this did not stop buying and selling of slaves who were already there.

Then the Southerners invented the cotton gin and this caused a greater need for slaves, the south made more money from cotton, and so they grew more of it than ever before, the plantation area large and more and more slaves were needed to grow the cotton, this made slavery to spread all over south. The families who did not own slaves in the south were either opposed or could not afford them and slaves were in big demand in the south. Te Northern people declined a crime that had to stopped and formed a group opposed to it they called themselves Abolitionists, in the south, slave owners hated the abolitionists and passed laws making it a crime to sell any books or papers by abolitionists and when such material was found it was burned, most of the wealth slave, not in their lands, so if slavery was ended, they would become poor, a slave costed more than an acre of land in south America the southerners depended mostly on the slaves. This hindered developments because without the slaves, there would have been an urgency for the in the invention of macrines to replace the slaves, just like it happened when slavery was finally abolished, but if the south hard won the war may even today Americans would still be depending on slaves, hence slow developments and les achievements and America would be a country with nor respect for human rights and would never have been called and of promise.

South was ready to use energies in things that did not really help America, in 1819 eleven states permitted slavery and eleven had laws against slavery, then mis south requested to enter in the union as a slave state, this meant that the slave states would control the senate and free states could not pass any laws, it would also help slavery to spread since missionary lay wholly west of the Mississippi river. Abolitionists made speeches describing the horror of slavery and members of congress from the north demanded that no more slave states be admitted while in South, congressmen made speeches stating that Missouri had a right to enter to union as a slave state. The Southerners stop them, they did everything in their power to push for Missouri to become a state, when Maine agree state which had been part of Massachussers applied for admission as a state, Missouri compromise was given to the congress by the senator of Kentucky though not everyone was pressed by the compromise it helped to reduce the friction between the North and South America and still kept the fight of slavery going on. The North Fought the south in all means to try and slavery by south hated the North more for that government resources were used to fight the unwilling determine south this shows that south was not the ideal winner of the war, she had no vision for the people living in her, she didn’t care that no vision for the people living in her, she didn’t care that others were oppressed and if she had been granted victory, America would not be as it is today.

If the south had won the war, journalists and other writers would never write about the truth of the evils that perpetrates out socrent, unless one is ready to die. One is ready to die. One abolitionist wrote a book called uncle Toms Cahin, it told of the sufferings of the slaves in the south and the cruelty of some of the owners, it brought the civil of slavery forcefully to the attention of the people southerners demanded that the book be banned from their shelves, and much hated developed towards the north because of it. The Abolitionist started helping slaves to escape from the south using a method they called ‘underground vailroad’ they would hide them in their homes, and men taken to free states. As number of slaves who ran away increased, the people in the south objected to the help given the slaves by the abolitionists worked and much hatred grew between the states, but south was the wring because they, just did not want to let go this evil practice. South set rules that were against human rights, they made that congress could not charge their decisions and continued harassing them slaves,.

South never deserved victory, compared to the North it had no enough things to carry on a successful war, she was poor and had few factories, no navy and no army, yet south begun the war, she had a fighting spirit and did no believe in peace dialogue. South believed great Britain would to fight North and even raised the cotton which was used to keep the British mills going, hoping to  get important war supplies which she did not have. The North made it clear that the war was fought to save the union and not to conquer the south. The North wanted to make America one nation and hence all states to obey the federal government’s laws and also free the slaves. This shows clearly that south had no right to win the war.

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