Jenny always says“Gump, you do not know what is love. However, I think he who is the most know what is love. ” Mr. Gump loved his father. Of course, his mother was indeed a great mother. She used her whole life to love his son, and she never grudge her love which he deserved. She made Gump have a happy growing, but also in this way, Gump with immaculate heart. Mother is the most moving word in this world, regardless of how the language difference, the pronunciation of the word of mother was also similar.

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Women were weak, mothers will be strong. SUMMARY) Gump loved his friend and children I In Vietnam, he risked his life rescuing his comrades one after another. In the most dangerous moment, he decided to return to the jungle which was going to be bombed. Just for“Buford is my best friend, I know the good friend is not so easy to find” . And then, he agreed with Buford, bought a shrimp boat to achieve the dream of his friend, and funded his family, Dan as the hero of Gump in his heart had always been firmed, and that was a strong belief finally let Dan muster the courage to live, Gump never felt something to help others. He just thought it was what he should do.

It is too complex that we think. And we always felt he made a mortal can not do the thing. Gump loved his children. He send his children to school bus, like his mother send him. Like so many years ago, only this time, the car would not have a little angel who called Jenny. In the eyes of Gump that his parents, his girl and his son are angels, in fact, he did not know that he is an angel. In this movie, one said to him“thank you”,but I believe that all the people who will have seen the film should honestly say“thank you, Gump”. Finally we know what is the meaning of the best love in this world.

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